Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A Note on Houellebecq

In the anticipation for Michel Houellebecq's new novel Soumission about France going Islamic, there has been chatter about what it will be like. Houellebecq gave a fantastic interview promoting the book. He once again demonstrates his grasp of the establishment as well as his grasp of human nature and reality vs. the establishment. Read as the interview keeps substituting women when she means feminist, and how Houellebecq performs verbal judo on her. He knows women will follow a strong lead and what the media tells them, so an Islamic turn for France might not be horrific for women but it will be for feminists. Steve Sailer expected Soumission to describe a bottom up French embrace of Islamization instead of a top down imposition. I did not. Looks like the book is top down. Houellebecq knows his world, which is why it is top down.

Houellebecq writes about a West in decline best exemplified by a West devoid of passion expressed through his analysis of Western sex lives. Strung throughout Platform and The Elementary Particles (better translation was British marketing as "Atomized"), are bits that show the elite's betrayal of classic Western ideas and appeasement of Islam. In Elementary Particles' ending, the transfer from normal life to the weird genetic creations and reorientation of life to go immortal is somewhat voluntary but enforced by the government. He explicitly writes that the government cleans up religious hold outs. That is what the modern establishment does. There is no choice; it is their decision for the weird, commie sexual utopia. This is all at the end of a book where Houellebecq rails at the unoriginal Boomers who did not rebel as much as recycle and sold out at the first chance.

Anyone else actually read Platform? At the very start of Platform, the lead is called in by the police over the death of his father. It is quite obvious to the reader by what Houellebecq writes that the death is a murder. The follow through is how the Muslim girl related to the man who had a confrontation with the lead's dad was sleeping with the lead's dad. Sacre bleu! The police do not follow up. Nothing will be done about it. At the very end, Muslims go nuts and attack one of the resorts that was set up as conducive to sex tourism. The Muslims inflict horrible death and carnage on the locals and tourists. How does the media report it? They blame the insensitive company that had started the pro-sex tourism hotel system. The lead's love is dead, and her former boss has his career ruined because of the insensitive tourism idea. America just watched as the media cajoled blacks into rioting in a suburb of St. Louis and then excused it away as acceptable since a warped idea of justice.

What a week for this book to be released. Paris suffers a Muslim mad man crew attack on a rag that satire everyone, even the prophet. In a month of Allahu Akbar being shouted from cars as they ran over French pedestrians, cars lit aflame by the score by Muslims on New Years and this, the media is nervous about Houellebecq's book. The reaction from the media mandarins of "Oh Gosh, please no Islamophobia" plays right into Houellebecq's hands. They are acting exactly as he has written. I am sure Jean Pierre Silverburg will be penning an op-ed soon on why Frenchmen have not accepted the Muslims enough, which is causing these outbursts by random Muslims.

So Michel Houellebecq wrote a novel set in 2022 France. Anyone thought he would write of a LePen victory and rejuvenation as they removed kebab? Anyone thought that he wouldn't write a novel about the elites doing everything to screw over the one nationalist pro-France politician? Anyone thought he wouldn't write of the elites and media selling out, being handmaidens to Islamization and forcing it on the French? This is Houellebecq. His leads often commit suicide. His leads, while sometimes rebels, still are products of their culture. Even when they find love, they still go to swingers clubs or they kill themselves. Muslims are presented realistically. The elite and media are traitorous. They will force what becomes an offer because it is easier for them to do so when the population has lost its passion and will take anything shoved their way with enough media persuasion.

*** I am posting here a comment I left on Foseti's blog years ago about Platform.

Anyone commenting read the book? I read it years ago and enjoyed it more than the Elementary Particles, which I loved. Platform allowed Houellebecq to really sink his teeth into ripping on Western decadence as well as the Muslim inferiority complex that they still use as a crutch to say they are superior. It’s one of the best anti-globalization novels ever as it focuses on both the terrible assimilation of Muslims into the West and then the insertion of libertine Western things into the East.

Houellebecq has been writing on the decline in passion and sensual contact between Western men and women in his books. In Elementary Particles, which rips the post-68 worldview, his 2 leads eventually find loves that connect and are wonderful French lovers. In Platform, Houellebecq expands on that, taps into the sex tourism idea, and shreds the oddity of Islam and France’s lack of a spine when dealing with Islam entirely. At the end of the book, the negative actions of a Muslim terrorist are not the focus of the media obsession but the resorts that cater to sexual desire by the company become the negative that the media trumpets.

An interesting point in the book is how Valerie gives Michel crap for his Asian sex tourism, as well as challenges the standard BS the white woman gives for having a black boyfriend. I wouldnt sell the entire idea short on the stereotype of Asia for men and Africa for women as Valerie’s boss comments how the women on the come to Africa ads are a bit too blatant in their advertising. I found Valerie’s boss a fantastic commentary on the modern corporate male. His high powered wife is the model for what Roissy warns against marrying. Even when Valerie’s boss is enjoying a sexual reawakening and living, he still has to remind Valeri and Michel how each promotion gives them more stock and more money.
I loved the small touches that Houellebecq inserts into his books. He had a great line where he contrasted the wimpy euros like himself to the masculine Americans and Aussies looking with fresh faces as they were to take over the world, but that all of them answer to the siren call of Asian pussy. He writes a slightly utopian relationship with a western woman, but it’s the passionate touches she puts that Western men want Western women to exhibit or enjoy. There’s a specific passage where Valerie performs wonderfully on Michel and he expects a negative reaction to an ending that most Western women would say is degrading or a feminist would say is a power move, but instead he is rewarded with a more passionate connection. There is submission + tradition, contrasted wodnerfully witht he awful S&M club passage. Within those traditionally sexual bits, they find great love in it.
Just in case his blog is shut down forever. At least I am consistent with asking if people have actually read his books or just claim to in order to sound smart. "Sting, I love Sting, not that I own any of his music, but that he makes it, I love that."


PA said...

I've read Whatever, Elementary Particles, and Platform at their respective times of release. While I have near-perfect recollection of the first two, my memory of Platform is hazy. I ascribed that to my sense that Platform is a rehashing of EP, which said all that needs to be said.

Top-down imposition of Islam.... sort of like Christianity displacing European paganism. Why would the "top" do that? I get the population replacement angle (the very real and ongoing white genocide) but we have to keep in mind that race and religion are different things. If Europeans/French mass-converted to Islam, they would still find a way to work the fir tree into their new winter holiday.

Dennis Dale said...

I've read all his fiction and find distressing how many conservative readers don't get it. The New Criterion did a feature on him years ago focusing on his personality and degeneracy. There's a blog post on Vdare today where Derb offers a condensed version of a review from years ago: Houellebecq is a Gallic creep. As in, that's all you need to know.

PA said...

" anIslamic turn for France might not be horrific for women but it will be for feminists"

Feminists by and large understand that that tbey are tools in a bigger game. Only some didn't get the memo and think that this actually is about women.

Hillary got tossed aside for Barry. Feminists voted Barry.

GFC said...

I've often thought about the spread of Christianity by top down imposition by the elite, and the parallels to today. But the elite of that time believed, and did not hate their own kind. The elite today believe in nothing, and are in this solely to destroy others out of spite. Perhaps this is the devil's evil mirror image of what God did in Europe 1500 years ago. It's a pity so many people today are atheist can't bring themselves to believe in God, but if they think about, they can use the example of our elites to bring them to belief by the negative route. If you really look long and hard at our elite class and consider their doings, I can't see how you can't come away believing the reality of the devil.

Kevin Michael Grace said...

My own published thoughts on Houellebecq are similar to yours, as you can see here:

People make the same mistake about Houellebecq they made about McLuhan--an honest description of the way we live now is not the same as an endorsement.