Wednesday, December 03, 2014

WW1 Propaganda for Women

Nowadays we need to lower strength requirements to make sure young lesbians women can play soldier in the US Army. Back in the day, women could contribute to the war effort, but they could contribute in a way that did not have them humping a pack. Check out this World War One advertisement. Ladies in the steno pool could feel they were a part of the giant war effort by working in the civil service. Note the beautiful placement of the shadowed machine gun barrel right over her typewriter. With her arm angled properly, hand clenched and face looking forward and not at her paper or buttons, she is right there, firing a machine gun. Her letter was a "shot at the enemy"!


Toddy Cat said...

We used to really know how to do propaganda - look at that look of hateful determination on that chick's face, like she just killed a Kraut herself. I used to have a girlfriend just like that.

PA said...

hateful determination on that chick's face

LOL, check out a Moscow girl screaming at a gay parade or a Polish girl in America when a fat black woman harrumphs "excuuuuseeee meeeee" at her. A woman with a clear moral compass is a thing of beauty.

Anonymous said...

Really no need for the homophobia or sexism...thanks