Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Political Ends of the UVa Hoax + Renda

First, to catch up to speed: here's the big post connecting Erdely and Renda, how Jackie's tale echoes Renda's Senate testimony about Jenna, and Emily Renda's two years visiting the White House. Now to tie the politics behind it all.

The UVa rape scandal has now turned into a media hoax scandal. This has not changed the UVa president's determination to punish fraternities. Fraternities are still under her thumb for now, despite the cause of her actions being revealed as a lie. The finger pointing on the media-activist side is flaring up, as "Jackie", Sabrina Erdely and Emily Renda all take turns distancing themselves from each other and throwing each other under the bus. Erdely is in hiding or re-reporting. "Jackie" is being Jackie. What is Emily Renda up to? She is project coordinator for the Vice President of student affairs at UVa. Sounds benign. There is also one gigantic role that the media has glossed over whenever they have reported on Renda and her connection to the story. Emily Renda is the subcommittee chair of the "prevention" division of the Virginia Governor's Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence. The UVa rape story is a perfect illustration of the way politics works in America. Academia creates, the media pimps, and eventually the public supports what credentialed, unelected officials recommend to legislatures and regulators.

Renda center in grey

Let's follow the ball like the old Schoolhouse Rock "I'm just a bill". Academics like gender studies professors want funding. They also want to program our young daughters into good little careerists who vote Democrat all of the time. They can turn sex into a horrible event that can make nearly everything rape. How do we slant the field away from a neutral field towards the progressive allies. Let's criminalize sexual interaction. How do we do this? First we need academics to have ideas. They need to build institutions and campus resources to suck in young women who are in search of power and those who have been truly victimized (some maybe maybe not). Take young Emily Renda. Something happened to her that she considered rape. She enters women's groups, activities, and she catches professors' eyes. She might also be a bit hungry for power or to prove her progressive virtue. The academics can fill her head with their ideas to then speak when properly called upon, and the ideas are more convincing from a victim than an angry, lesbian Women's Studies professor. These academics and the grievance group connections can send little Emily to the White House where she can network, can be awed by the prestige and power of Capitol Hill, and most importantly, get her message broadcast to people with power. The victim can become the ruler! This is just the first step where academia plants the seeds and selects its spokesperson. The next step is important.

She even spoke at the signing

How do you and me find out about anything? The media; they select and decide what becomes a story. A person is killed every 30 minutes in America, but the New York Times decided you needed to know about Michael Brown. After her White House visits, Emily Renda is interning for the UVa president. Classes were a sideshow, right? Emily Renda spoke on campus, wrote in her school paper and was published by the Huffington Post. From there, young Renda gets invited to testify before the US Senate. She tells her story. She tells the story about "Jenna", who sounds a lot like "Jackie". Renda goes from intern for the UVa president to working as project coordinator for the Vice President of Student Affairs. Renda's warnings about this campus rape problem are now documented with the Senate, the White House knows about her and even HuffPo has published her tale. How do we get to the next step? Some people are pushing back on this rape talk. It's a slight road bump, if the media has something big to persuade the massses.

The media did have something "big", they always do. This is why Sabrina Erdely meeting "Jackie" through Renda in the summer matters. As Renda is testifying in front of the Senate, Erdely is just searching for the right school for her big expose. She just happens to get in touch with Renda, who introduces her to "Jackie". As Sabrina Erdely is crafting her story and talking to Jackie, Emily Renda is appointed to the Virginia Governor's Task Force on Combating Campus Sexual Violence. Look at the pictures of McAuliffe signing the task force commission. Renda is just over his shoulder. That is in August. The big expose comes out in November. There is shock and horror at such a vicious crime, not just from gullible progressives with biases but by normies. Notice how the media has reported Lena Dunham, Kesha and Lady Gaga all claiming they were sexually assaulted. The Bill Cosby story broke now of all years. Joe Six pack and Jane SUV hear about the Rolling Stone story secondhand from news reports that discuss the Rolling Stone article and just give bullet points. They see reports of angry young women on campus. They see celebs claiming past rapes. They start to think of how awful this is and that something must be done. We have strict rape laws and rape is actually down now compared to 1990. The nice lady journalist told me there is no radical feminist organizations on the UVa campus and that resources for rape reporting are deficient. Something must be done, but what?

Lucky for them, Emily Renda is on the governor's task force. Lucky for them, Emily Renda testified before Congress with some solutions to this dire problem that the public can be whipped into hysteria about for the moment. The governor's task force will deliver its recommendations in June of 2015. Anyone want to bet against me that the task force will make recommendations that line up with her Senate testimony recommendations? From her Senate testimony, she wanted federal oversight and "forced" re-allocations of funds. Taxpayer money to progressive programs.  If you think a governor's task force does not have far reaching effects, read up on the 1986 California Task Force on Self-Esteem. That task force overrode some of the evidence proposed, and took a different path that looks familiar to us in 2014.

"Self-esteem is the likeliest candidate for a social vaccine, something that empowers us to live responsibly and that inoculates us against the lures of crime, violence, substance abuse, teen pregnancy, child abuse, chronic welfare dependency, and educational failure. The lack of self-esteem is central to most personal and social ills plaguing our state and nation."
If you are looking for the origin of participation trophies and the snowflake Millenial generation's thin skinned behavior, look at that task force. It changed how California approached children from a social and educational standpoint. That point of view spread across the nation. We are dealing with the damage of that task force thirty years later. The Virginia task force on combating campus sexual violence will give the Virginia governor a guide for a new approach. This might, and most likely will, become new laws. If not laws, it might allow campuses to become grey zones where due process and individual rights are hampered all in the name of progressive ideas.

This is how it works. Read Moldbug. This is the cathedral in action. Academia creates -> media broadcasts -> laws and regulations passed. Are academics elected? No. Are they protected by tenure? Yes. Are media members elected? No. Are the protected by the first amendment and never fired no matter how consistently wrong? Yes. Is this task force elected? No. Is it a council that will recommend the governor and legislature? Yes. You have no say in any of those pieces coming together, and how incredibly convenient it is that academia and the media both lean +90% democrat (cutting edge progressive). This task force is staffed not just by activist Renda but by other academics. Is there a single voice for accused young men available? You have no voice here, the progressives stacked the deck.
Emily Renda has a conflict here. She is involved in a hoax perpetrated by "Jackie" or by Sabrina Erdely. She has supported the pro-narrative view in an NPR interview despite the truth leaking out. Please note that at each turn, each mention by the media of Emily Renda during this UVa rape viral piece and the subsequent truth pushback, no one mentions her role on the governor's task force. The media is protecting her by omitting her deeper involvement with a current governor's task force. This is an obvious conflict and shows that she has a biased point of view to be part of any recommendations to the governor of Virginia. She should resign from the commission. We all know the controlling powers will find a new Emily Renda, spitting the same academic jargon because 90% of academia is progressive, but at least they will not have been involved in a horrible hoax. Renda is a soldier and a vessel to carry their progressive policies to campuses across America.


cclarke116 said...

Yes, yes and yes. Renda needs to be brought to the attention of a prominent conservative UVa donor and/or Phi Psi alumnus.

DogoCanario said...

Keep the heat turned up high on Ms. Renda.

marko said...

I'm reminded of the movie "Election". If you understand the future and influence of people like Tracey Flick (Renda), it becomes a very dark movie.

GFC said...

SoBL, have you read Bruce Charlton? He has a few blogs, his main one but also one dedicated to an e-book he just published that talks about the media as the locus of power in the modern system. He has some interesting views on how the media create and manage issues like this, and why.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I have heard of Charlton but did not know that ebook or site. I'll check it out.

Stirner said...

Charlton is NRx-adjacent, but he is a must read. IQ, dysgenics, creativity and genius, etc.

Nice work on connecting the dots on Renda!

peterike said...

The Tracey Flick comparison is perfect! America seems remarkably good at taking genetically gifted girls and turning them into status mad harpies. I'm sure Renda isn't dumb, but she's morally and philosophically poisoned. She's corrupt and doesn't even realize how. It's quite a thing to be an agent of tyranny while conceiving yourself a beacon of freedom.

Pity, she's a cute white girl who should be married to... well, to a successful frat boy, and turning out a crop of attractive, smart white children. Instead she's devoted herself to a life of cultural demolition. The future cat lady is strong in this one.

peterike said...

So the guy signing the bill is the Governor of Virginia? Holy cow, that guy just radiates sleaze. Look at the way he's eye-balling Renda in the second photo. And in the signing picture I get the creepy feeling that my life savings are being stolen by the guy with the pen behind the desk.

I am endlessly astounded by how Americans just can't sniff out obvious sleaze-bags. I guess Big Willie Clinton was the Ur case of a blatantly obvious sleaze fooling millions of people. It took me less than three seconds the first time I ever saw the guy to think "wow, what a complete phony." I guess I have good sleaze-dar.

alexbpop said...

I've been following the UVA story closely but was totally unaware of this connection until I wandered onto your blog. Thank you for this post. Keep up the good work.