Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Erdely-Renda Connection

Narratives are collapsing at faster and faster speeds now. Trayvon took months, while Michael Brown took weeks. The Duke Lacrosse hoax took months, while the UVa hoax took weeks. These false narratives pollute the social environment, yet repeat themselves over and over again because the people who hold the megaphone all lean the same way and view the world through the same eyes. One thing not getting much play is how this UVa fraternity rape hoax fits together. The players involved show the corrupt connection between the media, activists and the universities. While Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone are rightfully being roasted in the media, no one is talking to the main fixer of everything, Emily Renda. Emily Renda and Sabrina Erdely used one another to further The Rape Hysteria Narrative.

First it would be useful to look at Sabrina Erdely. Erdely has a website that writes about how wild and independent she is. Occidental Observer and even Jewish convert Luke Ford have gone the extra mile to call her what she is: a Jewish reporter attacking the evil Gentiles at every turn. Here are Erdely's three big crime stories; charges of molestation and rape of a boy by the Catholic Church, charges of rape mishandling by the US military, and now charges of mishandling of an evil rape by a fraternity at the University of Virginia. Review those opponents: white male Catholic priests, US military that is a bastion for white (Southern) men, and a white male fraternity in the South. Miss Erdely should tone it down a bit or else Tom Wolfe might accuse her of imitating one of his creations. The Catholic Church article never held up in court as the accuser changed his story multiple times. Military men are now pointing out giant holes in Erdely's story that involved US military procedures that do not make sense. UVa is now folding like origami. Amazing how she missed any of the gang rapes on campus committed by men of a different hue. Amazing how she did not write about the Jewish rabbi sex scandals, and how they treated accusers. Amazing how she picked this fraternity because looking at other elite schools did not feel quite right.

What felt right? Well what felt right was that UVa was "genteel". Erdely mentions aristocracy in her essay. Another thing to keep in mind is the UVa is elite but is 72% white, and because it is a state university, 68% of students are from Virginia. I doubt the Jews of the Acela Corridor are trekking down to UVa like they flock to the Ivies, so whites at UVa are not Acela Corridor good whites. UVa has fraternities on campus, which many of their fellow elite schools have done away with. UVa also is down South, so the rather ridiculous details of the rape event with political projection (evil white Romney supporters raping young woman "crushing it" at college) can feed into a Rolling Stone reader's default bias. It does not take much looking to find media articles cursing the South or articles calling the GOP the party of white, Southern men. "See, this is where they go to be made into racist, sexist bigots. Woooo, scary." The other connector to UVa though is Emily Renda, and this is where it gets interesting.

Emily Renda was brought into contact with Sabrina Erdely, and this made Erdely focus in on UVa. I contacted Renda through Twitter with honest questions about how she came into contact with Erdely. No replies. Here is Renda's profile. She was sexually assaulted or raped as a freshman. She self medicated but found fulfillment working as an activist and focusing on women's issues. Renda worked as a witness assistant with Charlottesville. That is another way of saying Renda worked as a "rape victim advocate". Rape advocates are volunteers who respond to calls from the police when a potential rape has occurred. In some cities, these advocates work hotlines as well. There are counseling elements to the job, and there are simple these are your rights, do you want to press charges and have a rape kit done elements to the job. I know a former rape advocate so I called her. She worked in Columbus, Ohio. Working a hotline and visiting victims at a hospital involves explaining rights and talking to victims. My contact said hospital visits were to young, urban victims (African-American). The hotline was used by college students split between 35% "I'm uncomfortable about last night, 50% "Something violent happened", and 15% "We were drunk shenanigans from goofballs".

Even in her limited experience, Renda would have had plenty of contact with actual rape victims as well as women who experienced something that made them uncomfortable. Either way, she would hear a lot of stories with a lot of details. Since Renda's own attack, which she proudly has bounced back from and will mention immediately to anyone willing to hear or print it, Renda has been immersed in activist work. The witness assistance program is not crime specific, but if you went to the link it is all domestic violence and rape focused. Renda did this before she went to the special council at UVa for sexual misconduct. This was before she wrote her thesis on the challenges of adjudication of sexual assault on campus or a school paper article on the trouble of legalities with prosecuting campus sexual assaults. Renda is quick to push the 1 in 5 sexual assault statistic. Renda organized a Take Back the Night vigil and event in 2014.

The year 2014 has been a big one for Emily Renda, because she has had a full calendar for a senior in college. She has had great press. Renda had an essay published with the Huffington Post in April about her assault and how she took charge of her life to make a difference. Weird thing is in another essay she wrote for the UVa paper, she cites an unverifiable verbal attack by bros for her being a feminazi and a cunt just for giving a speech on campus. Did it happen? Unverifiable, but I doubt it. Renda also went to the White House to be a part of a conference on sexual assault on campus, and she even testified in front of the US Senate about the problem. Take a look at her testimony. She mentions changes that need to happen including better peer support, better resources and help from universities, and possible codification of law at state and federal levels. Renda was an intern for the UVa president, and afterwards is now a project coordinator for the VP of student affairs. Erdely was looking in June for the right college, and she just so happened to find UVa because of Renda. Renda had graduated but was still working there. Of all the universities for Erdely to select, she found this university that just so happened to have the one young woman who testified before the Senate and went to the White House about this subject.

How do their interests collide and reinforce one another? Erdely gets an activist hooked into the women's activism network at UVa. Some of the party girls in the essay were also women's rights activists on campus. Erdely also has Renda the former witness advocate to shoot "Jackie" her way. Renda could help Erdely out with a sensationalized story right out of a '90s Lifetime movie starring Tracy Gold,"Shards of my Broken Heart". There are so many weird details in Erdely's essay. Erdely shows students as callous, disregarding Jackie's damages and event because of party concerns. Erdely's article also falsely portrayed the university as shuffling Jackie off and sweeping it under the rug, which the university quickly showed was garbage.

Look at Renda's testimony again. Here are her big bullet points. There is even CSPAN video of her.

1. Mandated prevention programming must include education about supporting peer survivors to foster a culture of reporting.
2. Universities should ensure access to advocacy and/or counseling to increase reporting.
3. Colleges must maintain a range of sanctions so as not to deter survivors from reporting and respect the variety of resolutions survivors seek.
4. Resolution agreements should foster cooperation between administration and students to combat mistrust of the university that could deter reporting.

Renda's testimony also addresses how there should be more federal oversight of this issue. This is forcing a federal solution to local crime problems. Note that there is money involved, which is the lubricant to everything in the progressive tool kit. The important thing to keep in mind is that Renda was the student testifying in front of the US Senate before her visit to the White House. Keep in mind she stressed a "culture of reporting".

In a weird way, the UVa president's quick, rash actions against fraternities might reveal her involvement. Despite the Rolling Stone retraction, UVa President Sullivan still has the frat on the modern version of "double secret probation". She wants a "culture of reporting", so does Renda.The UVa president resigned a couple of years ago when a challenge from the board was going to push for a more efficient school, eliminating some programs. She won that battle. What programs were on the chopping block? The women or gay studies classes perhaps? What is a counterweight of power at a university? The Greek system with its alumni connections, housing and money. Think of the weird details in the Rolling Stone article. Those details played into Renda's concerns and items that she wants campuses to change. This article helps both of them by giving Erdely huge publicity in today's rape hysteria climate and giving Renda a reason to push reform at UVa. Emily Renda is currently the project coordinator for the VP of Student Affairs at UVa. What do you think she could do with those policy ideas and a big sensational attack reported in Rolling Stone on her campus? If Renda spearheads reform at UVa on sexual misconduct policies and procedures in the same year she was invited to the Senate and White House, how high is her ceiling in the women's rights political machine? Much higher than Sandra Fluke's.

It has fallen apart. The story was too rich. Renda has even stated that she does not know what to believe now. Erdely and the accuser Jackie seem to be lying to one another or accusing the other of lying. Jackie's story also seems concocted not just for Erdely but for her friends to get some other guy to like her. She comes across as a bit rape obsessed. Something even came out that Jackie wanted to back out of the story but Erdely still went for it. That is like journalism rape. No means No Sabrina. Sabrina Erdely will probably get work in the future, which is a symptom of our broken media system with its protected priests. Emily Renda should come clean about her involvement and connection to Erdely. If she cares so much about women's issues, she should see how this will damage her crusade, but more importantly, may cause some women on the margins harm. Renda's work as a witness assistant should have clued her into Charlottesville real rape statistics. In the last four years, they have had 108 rapes in Charlottesville. Charlottesville contains UVa, which has about 11,500 female students on campus. If 1 in 5 women were raped while in college, shouldn't the number of rapes be over 2000 for those four years? There are 108, not 2000. That incident rate is more in line with the real 6 in 1000 rate, not 1 in 5. If Renda is using that 1 in 5 line including the defintion of assault being someone kissing you when drunk that you push away, hell most men I know has been sexually assaulted.

This is not a laughing matter. This crap journalism will repeat itself because journalists are never held accountable. Emily Renda and Sabrina Erdely will never have to explain themselves. Rape is real. Fraternity brothers shoving bottles into vaginas is fiction. There are plenty of rapes involving students that the Rolling Stone could write about, but they do not fit the narrative. The UVa campus is still dealing with the rape and death of a student off campus. That guy happened to not be in any fraternities, and also happened to be black. It is interesting that Erdely did not hear Jackie's story, see the off campus rape at UVa and decide to switch gears and focus. It did not fit Renda's goals (on campus rape rules). It did not feed Erdely's drive to fight the evil, goyim in the woods. This is how a story is built. The drives and wishes of selfish individuals who go looking for a situation to fit their needs. When the situation does not present itself, they invent one.


PA said...

Speaking of narratives cracking, Bob Whitaker's mantra "anti-racist is just a codeword for anti-White" is in one way or another catching on. Here is a techno-like song and video, which many here may be familiar with:

We had a discussion about this at Gucci Little Piggy. Some thought it was poorly done and bad in various ways I think it's quite good. For example:

- the music is catchy as hell
- the campiness prevents a default liberal from putting up defenses against being preached-at
- dignified portraits of Africans and Asians in their own countries elevate the level of discourse

Anonymous said...

The accused frat was full of elite dual Israeli citizens including two sons of Rep Cantor (R-Israel), and Richard bradley of Worth magazine first questioned the narrative (who knows Cantor) .
small world.

Rubin erred in getting the wrong kind of frat, and jackie's father says now it was another frat

The frat hired a shysterlawyer.

go figure.

peterike said...

I smell a rat with Renda. Her so-called rape (a new Lifetime series: "My So-Called Rape") sounds a lot like she got sloppy drunk, hooked up with some guy, and regretted it. But she knew a good thing when she saw it and converted it into a career. (Her words: "I was a first year student out at a party drinking in the fall, and a guy who insisted on walking me home invited me to hang out in his room, where he forced me down and raped me.") (So he "invited" you and you went along? Wonder why.)

Let's face it: a rape story is the new hot internship. It gives you instant "moral authority," a phrase the Progs love oh so much. And you just don't question rape stories, like you don't question when a black guy says somebody once thought he was the waiter. Oh really? Ooops, sacred ground! Can't question that!

I don't expect Renda is any kind of dummy. She knew the lay of the land, and what better way to make her bones as a Professional Rape Victim then by, well, by becoming a rape victim. So I'm very suspicious.

She's a cute girl. No hottie, by any means, and who knows if she's got some grudge about not being hot enough to get the guys she wants. God knows. American women these days are so many kinds of crazy that you can't keep up. But I very much suspect that her "rape" was a perverse form of resume building and so far it's going gangbusters for her.

Anonymous said...

Who exactly are you writing this for?

see how this will damage her crusade,

no it won't

but more importantly, may cause some women on the margins harm

this is important to whom?

you're not writing for the MSM, so you don't have to couch everything in 'this is the wrong way to fight rape' terms like a professional conservative.

Anonymous said...
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eah said...

Leave it to Luke Ford to tell it like it is.

Is Renda jewish? That would make it oh so consistent.

Michael said...

Magisterial. Really.

Anonymous said...

>>but more importantly, may cause some women on the margins harm

> this is important to whom?

It SHOULD be important to white men who want to roll back the epidemic of black rape of white women. For modest starters.

But I guess white men lost their sense of identity long ago...side and identify more with the Negrofied culture...and cannot comprehend when a man stands up for those women who are, in fact, innocent and are, in fact, the victims of sexual assault without "having asked for it."

May you never have daughters.

eah said...

Speaking of consistency, Anna Merlan is Jewish as well:

Let me be clear: despite my age, gender, and Judaism,...

Anonymous said...

> That incident rate is more in line with the real 6 in 1000 rate, not 1 in 5.

1 in 53
1 in 53

Anonymous said...

She Dindu Nuffins. Need moniex fur dem programs.

Anonymous said...

Liz Securro arranged the Rolling Stone scandal, so your answer is: How did erdely find Renda? Liz Seccuro.