Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thanks for 2014

The year is ending, and it was a pretty awesome year. My wife gave birth to our second child. My family helped me get through a horrendous work environment of too many hours and too many coworkers leaving for other jobs. For the blog, it was an interesting year. Something happened pageviews wise. I'd like to thank the people that helped.

First, where's Foseti? I had one last link from him. His Moldbug project started off like a race car and then died. Hell commenter asdf, where'd you go?

Thanks to Nick Steves for promoting me on Twitter and at his site. The praise is appreciated.

Thanks to the Vulture of Critique for linkage and feedback. I genuinely laugh at the images you select to go with posts.

Thanks to Outsideness for the blogroll spot and linkage here and there, usually those poists are of the geopolitical variety. I fully agree with my slot under More Liberty. Hard to shake old libertarian tendencies.

Thanks to Matt Forney for Twitter promotion of posts. It is quickly becoming a troll world, and he does amazing troll work.

Thanks to Freenortherner for inclusion in his roundups. It is an honor to see so many of my posts nabbed for those posts.

Thanks to Steve Sailer for the occasional link and moderating comments by others that post a link to 28sherman. Being added to the iSteve blogroll was a Holy Shit moment for me.

Thanks to Heartiste for Tweeted links and an in-post link. If he ever cleaned the Walking Dead that is his blogroll, I'd gladly take a spot. Looking at that column to the right is like a who's who of people who used to write regularly two years ago.

Thanks to the MPC guys. Always fun to get linkage and some constructive pushback. You guys are real talkers and a proper label for your philosophy might be "nostalgia conservatives". That is appealing, but I don't think we can go back, and what came directly after was the 1960s.

Thanks to Randall Parker for Tweeting links. In between being condescending about anyone who may own a television, he did read this humble blog.

Thanks to Henry Dampier for linkage as well as a positive energy boost from his activity.

Thanks HBD Chick for one specific link. We should pool your "manor" ideas with my legitimacy social engineering ideas into an ebook. Not joking.

Thanks to the Captain for linkage and a blogroll spot. He had a killer video recently on black women using black men. That would never make it on a "Black Dysfunction" special on CNN, but it should.

Besides thanks, you now know the places I check regularly after a day's work. Hope 2014 was a good one for you and good luck in 2015.


Portlander said...

Thanks to you and happy New Year, SoBL. You've come to be my favorite non-professional blogger. Cheers.

Portlander said...

Oh yeah, what's the HBD chick's "manor" ideas with your legitimacy social engineering ideas?

(FWIW, I've never been able to stick with HBD Chick. I think it's 50% tl;dr, 50% too narrow a subject matter to hold my interest to the end of a post.)

PA said...

I'm thankful to have discovered this blog in 2014. This was on peterike's hat tip when GLP was closing. I was vaguely familiar with you as an Eradica commenter, but never visited here until that point.

Your range of subjects aligns with mine (except pro sports). Nice balance of polemic, original thought, and researched material here.

MuadDib said...

Thanks for the blog, SoBL. Like PA above I'm thankful to have found 28 Sherman in 2014. (I think I got here from a link in a comment thread at iSteve.)

Congrats on the second child. My wife and I are expecting our second in about six weeks.

Pangur said...

lol at MPC being "nostalgia conservatives" . . . you haven't read much there, I'm thinking, particularly in the scale thread.