Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rapes that the NY Times Avoids: Terry Bean

The press has been avoiding the rape accusations involving Terry Bean. Conservative leaning press outlets have noticed the mainstream press avoiding Bean's arrest, but the New York Times still has not written a thing about it. The conserva-media has harped on his status as a bundler for Obama. Obama thanked him, and even let him on Air Force One. Bundler means they collect massive amounts of donations for a specific campaign. Few have focused on how intricately linked he is to the entire gay rights movement. In a reversal of the gays just want to get married and adopt kids meme, Bean is accused of being the very predator that the media tells us is a horrible, false stereotype. His history is why the NY Times and big media avoid this story.

Bean does not shy from his political past. His Wikipedia page as well as his own political site mentions his founding of the gay Rights National Lobby and the Human Rights Campaign Fund. I wrote about the founding of the HRC, and how even in 1982, they were working on Walter Mondale. Bean was focused on fundraising. He would carry this over to push money to Bill Clinton in the 1992 campaign. Bean understood the importance of money in gaining a candidate's attention. Dukakis turned HRC money away in 1988 despite being cash strapped. The Human Rights program is a wonderful trick to make lower information people think this is about human rights like Amnesty International or political prisoners in third world countries, but it is just gay rights. The equals symbol should have been a hint, but is still rather tame compared to what social justice warriors wear on their sleeves now. Bean helped create all of that. The New York Times is not covering it, but gay media certainly is covering one of their heroes.

Bean's primary focus now is money, but how did he get his money? Bean is from a family of real estate investors. Here is their website, which reveals they target undervalued properties for rental. What does that mean? Well go to Rate My Apartment and type in newer acquisitions like Timbertree in Phoenix, Arizona, Copper Ridge in Albuquerque, NM, Allanza or Diamond Vista, in Las Vegas, NV. Those are subjective and can be gamed, but a lot of 2 stars out of 5 locations for Mr. Bean. Bean is a member of the group that benefited from the FIRE economy's growth.  Some of his investments were near the bubble peak in RE and in recent years. Those rising rents the media reports on in our sluggish economy are going to his pocket from the peasants. From the reviews of his properties, it does not appear he is fixing them up or offering superior service. The rentier class benefits, but hey, Mr. Bean just wants to see gays get some rights. Pay no attention to economic motives he may have for a president that has protected the moneyed elites and FIRE economy. Mr. Bean the absentee landlord investor is more like Mr. Potter.

The media could not be bothered with looking into any of this. They have done this before with him. When Bean has come up in the past, the media focus is laser like on simple arguments. Bean was incorrectly labeled a gay porn mogul in 2012 by the NY Post when Obama was thanking Bean publicly for his work and money. The HuffPo defense of Bean explains how Bean just managed the money of a dead gay porn producer. The weird thing is no one bothered to point out the comedy and disgust of money earned from gay porn being a large source of charitable donations to gay and HIV groups. How many large donors and charity maestros are close friends with porn producers and handle their estates? How many get busted for sodomizing 15 year olds with their boyfriends?

Moral relativists would say we all do this, but I'm struggling to find a bundler on the Open Secrets website accused of the rape of a 15 year old. Who/Whom, what fits the Narrative and what helps the progressive side are what matter. This cannot be reported by the Gospel that is the New York Times. God forbid, the Times readers might read one bad thing about gay men in the Times and start thinking that those flyover dolts have something to their arguments. Next thing you know people will look at the recent, giant surveys showing gay men make up 3% of men tops and wonder why more than 3% of male child molesters are gay. We could not have that or else Hollywood would have to produce a new prime time comedy, "Gays! They're Just Like Us!". Note that Bean is a bundler just like the conserva-media wants to push. This is not just about money but the message. Do note that Bean has been intricately tied to the creation of the LGBT rights machine since its inception. As the GOP establishment begins its embrace of Human Rights Campaign talking points, they are embracing the ideas and desire of a sexual predator. Big media cannot mention Bean because of his deep ties. The rot comes from the top but the managerial class will do its best to keep the stink off of page one.


Anonymous said...

OT: who would have ever thought the best way to put the media on their back heels is to hack it? The Sony pictures hack is a thing of beauty - reveal all their secrets, revenues, expenses, secret opinions, etc, and force it out into the open. Make the hidden justifications known. NYT might well be a more interesting target. That said, I think the scariest revelation will be the depth of true belief.

eah said...

giant surveys showing gay men make up 3% of men tops

The figure of 10% is in my head; do you have a link for this?

more than 3% of male child molesters are gay

Also for this claim. Which I don't find difficult to believe.

Son of Brock Landers said...

anon- Yes hacking the media would be great. The Journ-o-list email dump was big.

eah - Here's the giant survey saying less than 3%.

As far as molesters, just do the math on the number of perps that are men crossed with the number of victims who are boys.

Anonymous said...

"giant surveys showing gay men make up 3% of men tops"

Actually, gay men make up 50% of men tops. The other half are bottoms.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the history, talk page, and talk page history for Terry Bean on Wikipedia, you will find that information regarding this issue is being repeatedly sanitized and hidden in Wikipedia by high level editors with absolute power to block other editors and change info on a whim. In 0articular, all references to the civil suit which TB list (and any other sources that make him appear even slightly guilty), are being routinely censored. To me this gives the appearance of guilt and damage control, although I suppose it could be by some people who are just very against anything negative about a prominent LGBT activist. In either case I think such censorship and heavy handed suppression does more ha than good.