Friday, December 12, 2014

Images from World War One

One hundred years ago, the stalemate had settled in. The Race to the Sea was complete. The trench warfare of the next four years was in place. Here is a random collection of photos from World War One.
Belgian fighting in 1914
The Belgians performed admirably. Their King decided to put up a fight. His efforts slowed the Germans down just enough to help stop the Schlieffen Plan.
Frenchman shooting over the body of his fallen comrade.
These are the acts that training is for, and what I wonder is how they would feel about modern Basic Training and the modern rainbow flag waving, multikulti forces.
Mauser pistol with a broomhandle
A weapon of a more civilized era.

French troop with owl in the trench.
War had not fully mechanized so animals were still in use for the Great War. Horses would still play a role in World War Two before the Jeep and helicopter replaced them.

German mounted lancers wearing gas masks.
Lancers were a leftover from the cavalry days of yore with mounted men wielding long lances. Such mounted lance wielding men were extremely dangerous to the American troops in the Mexican-American war despite the arms the Yanks had. 

Dog wearing gas mask in 1917
An interesting contrast and reason for the laws against chemical and biological weapons is how we don't fear them on our troops now but on civilian populations.

Major Eisenhower in front of a tank in 1917
All of the giant military leaders of America in World War Two were involved in World War One. Eisenhower looks so young here. I decided to post this pic and not MacArthur with his dashing outfit. I'll save that for next year. Do not forget.


PA said...

Looking at the first photo, the Belgian with the machine gun. Nordic men are apex humanity.

Gary Seven said...

The first photo of the machine gun is staged (no ammo belt, as is the one with the soldier shooting over the supposed dead body.

PA said...

Most war photos had been staged. Any time the camera's vantage point suggests that the photographer is exposing himself while the solders are taking cover, you can be pretty sure it's not real action.

eah said...

Disgusting absurd pointless slaughter.

Albion said...

Strictly speaking, the trench warfare came after the Schlieffen Plan failed to punch it'd way to Paris in a few weeks and the war settled down to a stalemate, mostly in Northern France. Germany had the plan ready for at least eight years before hand, but didn't take into account the logistics of supporting a rapid thrust.

As they say, amateurs talk tactics and professionals talk logistics.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Albion - The problem was the German military leadership in charge at the outbreak was so worried about the Russians invading quickly that they pulled men and material from the far wing of the Schlieffen plan and sent them east. That ended up hurting them. That and the French commandeering taxis to drive troops out to meet the Germans quickly was unexpected in the plan.

Robert What? said...

What a waste. Great heroics by individual men on both sides. Crazy idea that peoples of the West should be killing each other.