Friday, December 19, 2014

How Quickly Progs Forget

While progressive Millenial whites are the only humans besides blacks thinking these anti-police protests are really important (MSNBC = humanoid), the libertarians are using it as a way to spotlight to the masses the militarization of police that they have harped on for years. The progressives though are terribly hypocritical. These silly protests about Eric Garner, Michael Brown and #BlackLivesMatter seem to be small in nature despite national media attention. They are also laughably segregated in nature, too. The big focus is on heavy handed police actions, police brutality and the uproar over our militarized police. Some protests have even been in Boston, Massachusetts. Let's look at some pictures of these. Let's review the pictures that inspired purse clenching and gasping by progressives.

Proper response to a riot of hundreds of people
These were heavily armed cops to control a riot of hundreds of people who threatened mass violence. This inspired tears from progressives and protests.

50 people tops?

"From Boston to Ferguson, cops are racist murderers"

Hey, anyone remember the environment in Massachusetts after the Marathon bombing? The city was on curfew and shut down. The police had gun fights in the streets with the bombing brothers. The police rolled armored vehicles through the streets. The police suited up in heavy gear. The curfew was lifted. When it was lifted, they found the surviving brother bleeding under a boat in someone's backyard.

This was all to catch two guys

Wow, so normal looking

Friendly neighborhood cop
Friendly neighborhood cop 18 wheeler
Let's also look at pictures of Massachusetts citizens applauding the police in April of 2013. This picture was from a friend who worked for a unit that responded to the bomber brother crisis.

"Bawstawn Strong!"

What better proof of the hypocrisy than seeing the liberals of Massachusetts line the streets and cheer on the cops. Let's check out some video. Look at the :30 mark to 1:30 for the crowds roaring for the MRAPs.

Massachusetts is ground zero for progressives. Progressives applauded the insane response and capture of two men. They applauded the SWAT teams, the armored vehicles, the city wide lockdown and the gunfights in the streets. Protesting for Michael Brown is idiotic considering the forensic evidence, but Eric Garner did die because of the world the progressives have helped create. Cigarette taxes, illegal sales, checking for any warrants at all times, blacks not complying with simple police arrests, police using aggressive take down methods; these are all progressive enabled. Don't protest just because this time the blade clipped one of your coalition members.
You asked for this police state.


PA said...

I saw one of those protests a couple of days ago. About fifty blacks marching down the busy street with several police cars slowly following behind. The chanting was a call-and-response thing.

Gotta give jigs this: they are good at the clappy-rhythmy thing. I couldn't get the chants out of my head for a while, like a bad Chumbawamba song.

To someone less savvy, the tone of the protest was righteous and angry. But we know better. It was self indulgence and theater. Not too different from a histrionic fat black girl channeling Aretha Franklin at "American Idol" tryouts.

There can be no anger among American blacks. As I've said before, America is nigger paradise. No group of people in history had so much privilege for so little merit, short of maybe old Egyptian sun-gods.

The march I witnessed was a festivity. Anger is the domain of the disposessed, once they become self aware.

Anonymous said...

Hey did you know that Twitter marks this site as "Potentially Unsafe"?

Anonymous said...

"No group of people in history had so much privilege for so little merit, short of maybe old Egyptian sun-gods. "

Bit harsh on my old friend Ra, but I shall use this line myself. Well done.