Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Gov. Brownback Won Hispanics

All the gloating over election 2014 is over now that Obama is trying to push through Shamnesty and the GOP is fighting confused as to how to act. The progressives are licking their wounds, and the big question remains: does the progressive coalition have enough in the river of meat to just win regardless of what they do? They might, and probably do considering the turnout scams they can rig on election day. One thing that is a bizarre oddity was found in Kansas and not discussed much. Governor Sam Brownback, whom liberals thought they had on the ropes, won reelection and within his winning coalition, he won Hispanics.

This was an election where nationally, the GOP won around 35% of the Hispanic vote, so Brownback is a bit of an outlier. He won 47% of the Hispanic vote. This isn't Chris Christie's Hispanic win in a giant landslide; tight race with a slight Hispanic win. He might not be such an outlier because California saw Hispanics break Democrat in the governor race 73-27, NY governor Cuomo (D) won them 69-27 while Greg Abbott in Texas earned 44% of the Hispanic vote. Both candidates for governor and senator in Georgia topped 40% with Hispanics. Florida saw Hispanics go for GOP governor Scott at 38%. One thing to keep in mind is that if we are heading even deeper into symbolic candidates for identity games, it will be tough for the Democrats to play on that if they do not get some Hispanic candidate in a statewide office. This is why Julian Castro was made a presidential nominee. The Democrats know they are a generation or decade away before statewide success (if we get there).

No one bothered to look at this. The only mainstream article I read was a Huffpo article that dismissed Brownback's outright win of the Hispanic vote as a way to say "Har har, >takes selfie< this means the GOP did worse with Hispanics everywhere else" >sips mocha<. Lumping Hispanics all in as one vote is rather ridiculous to begin with, but deeper checks could help explain the oddity. Is there something peculiar about what Brownback did? Is there something to the theory of California and NY skewing nationwide results for Hispanics? We often hear the 70-30 D-R split number, but how much is jacked by California? Does the progressive side need a longstanding Hispanic community and urban machine politics to keep the number down below 35% for GOP support. I could not find questions that dug deeper into the Hispanic answers, as the exit polls are still limited by the small Hispanic turnout. Illinois saw Hispanics make up 6% of the electorate, yet NBC had no data on them.

This is not to say the GOP has a glimmer of hope with Hispanics. This could be a function of the midterms having a higher percentage of energized high information voters unlike the American Idol presidential years. It would help to have more data. Are rural and suburban Hispanics outside of California not as sure of a thing for the Democrats? If so, how much can be made by playing Hispanic households off of black voters that live in close proximity? We may not see a Willie Horton advertisement again targeted towards whites, but a Dontavius Johnson raped and murdered Marimel Lopez might hit the screens. Have the progressives just not figured out how to tap into that vote outside of California? I don't have an answer, but someone should look into it. This makes Kansas all the more interesting because Governor Brownback has long been a bit tougher on immigration than normal GOP establishment candidates. There is most likely nothing to this, but the press could investigate it. Even if they do not, the Big Data consultants for both sides will.


Anonymous said...

We may not see a Willie Horton advertisement again targeted towards whites, but a Dontavius Johnson raped and murdered Marimel Lopez might hit the screens.

this is retarded. Blacks and Hispanics will always be in a coalition with faggots and Jews, because their coalition is defined by their enemy. In the future, Blacks will be increasingly ignored as their 13% becomes less and less important.

Vanishing American said...

Back in 2006, National Review called Brownback 'Amnesty Sam.' That's my recollection of him from that time period: he was a 'Hispanderer.' If he changed his tune in recent years, with the growing opposition to amnesty among the average Republicans, then he was just working both sides of the street, angling for the White vote. He is a liberal who occasionally makes conservative noises around election time.

And I agree with 'Anonymous' above; Hispanics and blacks will always be basically on the same side though they don't like each other much. For Republicans to court this elusive 'Hispanic vote' is to guarantee that we will be further marginalized -- ''we'' being the neglected majority.

Son of Brock Landers said...

VA - Yeah, Brownback magically changed once he became governor and left DC. It is the money they pour into DC politicians to be pro-amnesty and forgiveness with immigration. That money dries up when they go back to their states.

Black-brown can last as long as large number of whites for the villain. as that changes, just wait for the first time the media tries to make a fuss over a Hispanic cop shooting a black angel.

PA said...

"just wait for the first time the media tries to make a fuss over a Hispanic cop shooting a black angel."

That pretty much describes the Zimmerman shooting.

PA said...

As a group, Hispanic will always vote gibsmedats and culturally they will be easily manipulated toward anti-racism.

Individually though, they tend to despise blacks, look down on Hispanics from countries they consider lesser than their own, and if they have ties with Whites (esp if hisp daughter is married to a white man) they tend to be friendly.

Toddy Cat said...

I'd be willing to bet that Kansas attracts a more conservative type of Hispanic, at least at the margins. Welfare bennies are not very high in Kansas, it's socially pretty conservative, and a large part of the Hispanic community has been there for over twenty years, and is none too fond of illegals taking their jobs either.