Monday, December 29, 2014

Best of 2014

So someone left a comment asking about a reference I made to a hypothetical merging of HBD Chick's manoralism post and my Germanic kingship post into an ebook. It is a half-joke, but it made me think of collecting a best of post. These are not by page views or who read what. These are what I consider my best posts. Looking at what has happened with readership in the last year, there is a chance some new readers have not gone through archives.


Is Zero Hedge a Putin Asset - Just connecting some dots on Zero Hedge. I love Zero Hedge as a news source and for analysis, but something just seems odd how right they are and early they are about things that portray the US State dept and CIA in a bad light (often the correct light).

Forget Bronies, Latest Underground Fandom "Tankies" ... - I wrote this parody of what a convention of  adult Thomas the Tank Engine fans would be like. Scary thing is, I tricked one regular reader into thinking this was real. That's how weird fandoms have become and how pathetic Millenials have reached with children's shows.


They Don't Need It, but Defending the Manosphere - Remember when Mike Anissimov was in that manic phase of attacking people weekly for fights on Twitter. This was just a little defense of the manospherians. Since that Twitter battle, Roosh + Play Dangerously have since taken on SJWs and media entities and forced them to back down or draw blood. Mike's still scouting Idaho real estate listings.

USG, the Sinaloa Cartel and the System - With recent take downs of rival cartels' bigwigs, how much is the USG linked with the Sinaloas? How do they fit in with the system? The USG system admitted that for a decade they were working with the Sinaloas.


A Modest Crime Prevention Proposal - Take away the welfare of family members of criminals, and you would force the culture to shun criminals. Localize the costs. It might even help slow or stop dysgenic breeding.

Hypothesis on why Northwest Europe Started Outbreeding - Here is 6K words on why the NW areas of Europe began outbreeding when they did. It was like an alliance at the top of church and new kings to socially engineer lands where the loyalty bond was to the king and church.

Illinois 2010 Election Oddity + the Gangs That Run Chicago - You can't clean up the murdering demographic in Chicago because they provide the votes. Democracy!


Note on the Mechanics of Russian Looting - It was the connection of Harvard-US Treasury-Wall St that looted many of the hard assets and goods producing firms with connected insiders. Because his guys were so open to US pilfering of Russian assets, it was most of Clinton's rationale for supporting Yeltsin.

Programming the Party Into Identity - People support an idea, then find out the party it is created by, then change their minds because it is the other guy.


It's Not the Citigroup Clique, It's the Rubin Clique - Sen. Warren aid Citigroup almost had complete control over the Dems. I correct her to see how it is really the Robert Rubin clique, and that yeah, the Dems have been bought too.

Comment or No Comment from Obama - Seriously, this post gets funnier with each new stupid event he comments on and big event he skips.


The Democratic Invisible Primary - I'm still not counting out Bloomberg. He just spent 24 million on the midterms. This is basically how it stands for now and will stand until midway next year.

Documentary Review: Portrait of Wally - I watch SWPL docs so you don't have to. You end up wanting to punch people in the face through your screen by the end of this one.


Hidden History: Mockingbird, Murrow and McCarthy - Ah yes, the CIA had reporters on its payroll by the hundreds. Amazing what they did after WW2. This post set me on a reading frenzy of more early CIA and FBI-CIA information gathering. If I ever put all the Hidden History posts together, I would expand this by a couple thousand words with the other stuff I found.

Turtledove is an Idiot, a Failed American Revolution - It has grown common now for the media to go what if about the American Revolution, but few if any ever look at the colonies as colonies. They look at it as one political and social entity, which is a joke. Britain would have played one region off the other to never allow a large, strong nation to rise. Better to make it 13 or more.


Unified Theory on Watergate - My theory on why they took Nixon down.

Ferguson and Blacks Trapped Status - Amidst the initial media hype over Ferguson, I spent a week devoted to posts about blacks. This was the post explaining how trapped they are in our current socio-political set up. They shouldn't have gone 90-10 Democrat so fast and so reliably.


Great Resource: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America - This is a review of a fantastic resource for how the commies have spent a century trying to take us over using the schools.

Weimerica - How we socially, culturally and sexually are living in an American version of Weimar Germany. Honestly, I spent weeks thinking it up and reading up to find the parallels. Weimerica is from Twitter persona Flavia.


Dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as a Model - We may resemble Weimar Germany socially, but from an organizational, economic and ethnic standpoint, it is the AH Empire.

Secession Will Not be Clean - A break up, which I formerly though of as a long shot but have since thought more likely, will not be easy or clean. In a perfect world, we'd have a break up into 50 states with the option of states joining up after and free emigration to protect special groups for a 2 year period.

The Perfect Retro Horror Film for Our Era - In a month of horror movie reviews, this one I think was my best. It is amazing what Invasion of the Body Snatchers does with a limited budget, black and white film and a good story.


The $1,000,000 Victimization Pyramid - How progressive victim status seeking ends up being like rock paper scissors. Who is at the top of the pyramid though?

Rotherham Confirms the Fall of Britain - They couldn't even muster up marches and protests? National suicide. At least show some fight.


My Emily Renda-Sabrina Erdely-"Jackie Posts - Why Renda and Erdely would want to use each other."Jackie" being the secret supplier for Renda's US Senate testimonyThe White House visits for RendaThe political goals.

Media Megaphone Contributed to the Brooklyn Cop Killing - Tracking the NY Times August articles on Ferguson, black on white crimes around the nation they did not cover and two cops killed by blacks that they did not cover.

Thanks for reading.


peterike said...

It ain't braggin' if it's true.

A strong year.

T.A.WILSON said...

ARoss said...

I had known of FDR and the New Deal remaking America for the worse, and had always sort of viewed McCarthy as the west's last best hope against communism. However I never realized Nixon was trying to restore America as I had grown up conservative and conservatives I had known had always conceded the Nixon Watergate scandal. Which made me catch on that those who love America as it was originally really should have had the conviction to stick to our guns and call the communist/socialist cunts on their shit and sent them packing instead of beating around the bush while the left entrenched themselves as the establishment. Thanks for the Nixon history lesson and going more in depth with regards to McCarthy.

- regards from Canada