Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tales from Weimerica: Bestiality Can be Romantic

What is next for Weimerica? The media jumped on the trans* thing, but that is rather small in scope and can incite female pushback. My money is on polygamy. It is a bonanza for family court lawyers from creating 2nd marriage contracts to the divorces it will cause. Pedophilia is a possibility already tossed out there by the NY Times, and will get a boost as long as Lena Dunham is around. If progressives will defend her incestuous pedo acts as part of the spectrum of normal, it will find its way into your neighborhoods. How about a new one? Are you ready for zoophilia (bestiality), because the media is.

New York Mag ran that interview with the horse lover, and then Gawker called the interview incredible and a must read while Medical Daily did not mention a negative when covering the interview. As trans* person Justin/e Tunney tweeted, that looks like some nice media coordination to destigmatize and normalize bestiality. When a trans* person is calling you out for coordinated normalization attempts of the deviant, it might be time to slow down. Note that the Medical Daily mentions how the DSM does not call zoophilia (note the gentler term) a disorder anymore unless it causes the person distress (forget the horse). This is exactly what they did in the late '70s compromise to stop calling homosexuality a disorder. They determine what is deviant vs. normal and everything must be considered okay now since to call into question one deviancy calls into question all others. These people are sick, and this is degeneracy and deviant behavior. That slippery slope has a steep angle in Weimerica.

The man's interview in NY Mag is a work of art in delusions. He stresses that he has a job, pays taxes and is normal in between explaining how he calls his mare partner Sexy Knickers, performs cunnilingus on his horse and has his wife of 19 years be the lookout for him. He bought the horse for $100. I am sure Jeffrey Dahmer had a job and paid taxes, but no one would call homosexual cannibals normal. Please read the interview for how he started his awakening as a young lad, was gay for a while (he states he is "90% heterosexual with horses and humans" now), and sees his therapist regularly. He has had sex with 15-20 horses and 6-7 humans. He lost count of the number of horses he has banged, revealing just how normal he finds it. At no point, does NY Mag make a judgment or portray this man and his sick subculture in a negative light. In fact, all media outlets mention how the illegality of the act pushes everything underground and makes things worse. Let us bring things into the open, educate people and then enlighten everyone about this love. Love is love.

Here is a simple question. "In a nation where the largest state just passed laws requiring verbal consent repeatedly through sex acts for human women who can talk, how does any sexual positive, progressive think an animal consents to sex acts from deranged humans?" What type of communication is going on? If a guy pays his taxes, has a job but is an alcoholic, society wants him to stop with the drinking. Same should go for horse fucking. The attempt to portray these relationships as romantic is rather comical and horrifying. The deviant speaks of the animal lovers talking of death leading to the animal waiting for the human in the afterlife on the rainbow. Please read the interview; I am not making this up. I couldn't make this up, and by now, you don't need to read it to believe it. You live in Weimerica. Anything goes.


Steve Johnson said...

Nothing as is corrosive as acceptance of gays.

Everyone really knows that catamites are weird, sick losers so the openness acceptance of sodomy is corrosive through associating non-catamites with it. It destroys the relationships between men and poisons the culture because normal men will avoid anything associated with catamites / sodomites.

Some loser who fucks horses? Yeah, he's sick but nothing in the NY Times is going to make anyone think that he's not sick. In itself it's not even that culturally corrosive - just a sign that your culture is already degraded. Implying that someone else is a horse-fucker isn't even plausible for most people and that's where the damage comes from in sodomy acceptance.

Anonymous said...

Disturbing, to say the least.

I think your point on Weimerica is interesting. I was thinking about the journalist's choice of interview targets, and how this was presented. Largely judgment free, and choosing a person who presents as the most deeply in denial practitioner of animal abuse on the planet.

I assume this was an email exchange, and I don't think the questions were all "real" - they were added afterwards to statements to look like questions and answers. Partly, we can see this as the decline of journalism in the internet age - perhaps it was an edit of someone's forum posting.

Since I assume this was done by email, you really have no idea what is real or not in the interview - this person gets to craft the perfect narrative for their situation - and it gets printed. Did this lady visit the farm? Interview the wife? Have a veterinarian inspect the horse? "Unreliable narrator" comes to mind.

Even if we assume this narrative is 100% true, just based on the asides he throws out there about "other" people who do this - having sex with chickens, etc - I would guess, "on balance", the average practitioner of bestiality is a pretty heinous individual, committing sex crimes on animals.

nikcrit said...

Implying that someone else is a horse-fucker isn't even plausible for most people and that's where the damage comes from in sodomy acceptance.

yes, and it's also a bio-meta form of self-victimization; a truly 'self-annihilating' act, as the Nietzsche-ite man-o-sphere commenter Thordaddy would relentlessly point out.

Sometimes i wonder if it could be argued that homosexuality is a evolutionary facet that keeps overpopulation down, given some sort of purely natural selection social model; but i have hte feeling that view could be easily disputed and shot down...IDK; given my meta-existential bona-fides, and ergo sort-of confined to centrist-left mythology and social ties, I sometimes feel conflicted about my reflexive pessimism and resistance to gay culture creep on society writ large; there's just something too reactionary and self-negating about it IMO; I have an easy enough time conjuring hypothetical rights and 'tolerance' of said group; I just can't form a reifying ethos and essence for such a lifestyle.....must be the streak of Rustbelt Episcopalian in me.

Steve Johnson said...

"Sometimes i wonder if it could be argued that homosexuality is a evolutionary facet that keeps overpopulation down, given some sort of purely natural selection social model; but i have hte feeling that view could be easily disputed and shot down."

Cochran explicitly shoots down any kind of group selection argument for male same sex attraction. The numbers don't even work for near kin like nieces and nephews never mind for more distant relatives like "everyone else in your tribe".

If that type of effect could exist male same sex attraction is also a weird way of doing for several reasons - if you're looking to limit the population of a group you make females infertile not males and making males attracted to other males rather than actually killing them is a weird way of neutering them if you're aiming to help out with overpopulation.

Anonymous said...

A lot of conservatives try to predict the lead degeneracy, like Steve Sailer with his World War T.
Why bother ? I think we all know that it will be pretty general - all perversions all the time.

What this stuff really shows is the limits of logic and ratiocination. Once you get over the difficulties with the horse giving consent (which the interview sidestepped quite easily) then you can pretty much arrive at a 'no harm to anyone' position on this. Why not allow it ? To which the answer is because it is fucking degeneracy and the guy should be shot.

Why not allow it ? Because it is not part of the deal, end of story. Why not allow gay marriage ? Because we never have and it is not part of the deal.

BTW love the Weimar analysis.


nikcrit said...

BTW love the Weimar analysis.

I can't recall specifics; but while in grad school, i recall seeing some similar Weimar comparisons, i think to the '70s ---- a decade that was considered as decadent as the '60s but lacking the 'social commitment' of that more 'revolutionary' decade, or so the folklore goes...

peterike said...

Shakin' muh haid.

There's just no end to it, is there? And what's worse, the ratchet is going ever faster. It took a relatively long time -- multiple decades -- to fully normalize homosexuals. Yet the normalization of Trannies is happening within only a few years. How long will it take to normalize bestiality?

At the same time, however, animal rights types are more strident than ever. Will these two branches of Progressive Warriors be able to find common ground? Then again, the animal rights types got all crazy over Michael Vick's dog fighting (and rightly so), but will never EVER connect the increase in animal fighting with the mostly immigrants who engage in it. Huh, all those border jumpers seem to have no problem with animal abuse, but open borders yay! So very likely the animal rights people will cave in the face of "diversity" of sexual desires.

Toddy Cat said...

This country is now officially beyond parody. Is it any wonder that ISIS and groups like it are frantic to destroy any Western influence on their societies? When the think of the West, they don't think of Aquinas, or Washington, or Botticelli, they think of horse-f**kers. Inaccurate, to be sure, but one can hardly blame them...

Bruce said...

Christopher Hitchens was always out there as a pro-bestiality advocate. Innocent people who just loved their pets sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

Bestiality is good, polygamy excellent and so is pedothingy as Islam approves, and as Islam is going to be the new religion of the West it follows you better get used to it.

However this leaves a huge future problem for the gays. Although Islam indulges -- unofficially, naturally -- in such things it would prefer to stone (or hang) those of that persuasion. The current frantic efforts of the Libtards to use protests about 'islamophobia' alongside campaigns against any discrimination of gays is destined to end badly.

As usual with the left, these intense passions and 'cares' usually end in tears.

Anonymous said...

The fear of any male in a romantic situation that goes wrong is a swift kick in the nuts.

Imagine the kick a horse has.