Monday, November 10, 2014

Switch Parties on LePage

The November wave election is done. The Dempocalypse or Demtastrophe or whatever the gleeful GOP pundits are calling it is behind us. The spectacle of our elections was on display. Few notice how little happened in the last two years, with the Congressional highlights being Sen. Rand Paul's filibuster and Sen. Cruz's filibuster that involved the government shutdown that was resolved, but really resolved nothing. Deficits are down thanks to a new stock bubble (cap gains taxes), and no tough decisions have been made about anything. As one commenter here remarked on an earlier post, what high flying industries from pre-2008 have really taken a hit after the 2008 hiccup? Forgetting the lack of bankers in jail or anything to fix structural problems, politics has descended deeper into tribal identification and "just win baby". A really nice display of this tribal identification and stupidity can be seen with a simple review of Maine's gubernatorial candidates.

Maine's Governor LePage (R) won re-election by several percentage points over US Congressman Mike Michaud (D). In the eyes of the progs, Governor LePage is a moronic, evil right wing, pro-business (spit), child hater, aligned with fat cats. Rep. Michaud is a cool guy who could be the first, openly gay governor (squeals). Local papers have been unkind to LePage, who has a habit of being Chris Christie honest combined with older guy blunt deliveries. Please check LePage's Wikipedia page for all the evil things he has said. The Washington Post even piled onto LePage from summer 2010, when he first looked like he'd win (going away). The first blow up was when LePage, campaign on the evils of Obamacare, told people he'd tell President Obama to go to h-e-l-l. Oh no he didn't! Michaud though is a cool guy, like totally cool, but we cannot quite figure out why we think he'd make a good executive. Simply being "R" or "D" is what shaped many people's views, but fortunately for LePage, Maine has enough elastic voters left who were fine with keeping him.

Did any good progressive bother to think of how things would look with parties reversed. Here's their biographies but given the cathedral washing with different party affiliation. Governor LePage (D) was born the poor son of French-Canadians like one fourth of you Mainers. He lived on the streets. At his first debate, he spoke French as part of one answer. Why? Because he is not afraid of his ethnic roots, he is open minded to multiculturalism, and he wanted to talk to the poor Franco-Americans of Maine to let them know, "He's one of them". LePage worked his way up from poor kid to leader of local industries because he had drive and ambition, and someone would not let his lack of English skills get in the way of him seeking an education. He uses colorful language as a charmismatic guy that you would drink a beer with. He is the kind of scrappy poor Mainah done good we need leading our state. Progs would weep. Rep. Michaud (R) is a former mill worker and union guy who went to Washington and turned his back on labor as many blue collar jobs have fled our state due to actions by guys like this evil, old white male. Hey, that Michaud guy never got around to marrying. I wonder if anything is wrong with him. Hey look, his Chief of Staff* loves show tunes and is also not married. What are we going to do, let an old white closet case run this state? Progs would be angry, maybe spit blood. Michaud could only come out as a Democrat; as a Republican he'd have to have a sham marriage (Crist) or stay in the closet. That is just with a switch of parties, because no matter what LePage did for the state, plenty of people went ballistic over anything the media had fun with at his expense. LePage knew who his real enemies were though. As he was at a drone pilot display, they got the governor joking, and he said he wouldn't mind flying a drone with missiles at the Portland Press Herald.

Neither of these guys would fix Maine's problems. Maine has a meh birth rate, and has the oldest average age of any state in America. It is blue infected culturally and suffers from brain drain due to its weak economy. Their manufacturing base is horrible, the environmental groups and Feds chased out much of the paper and lumber industry, and it's a nice quiet little place with long winters and a summer season that caters to wealthy citizens of Canada, New York and Massachusetts. Few people in the state (outside of school administrators) really see the problem, and even fewer see what will happen within the next ten years after mass die offs by their elderly population. Millennials in Portland will enjoy the new fusion cuisine spots in the Old Port. Millennials will work odd jobs related to tourism and then most likely leave the state. They will maybe get around to having, nah, I doubt they'll have time to have one kid. Without tackling any of these problems, Mainers will get a chance each couple of years to hate their political opponents, and follow whatever the papers and TV newscasters tell them about their candidates and opponents. The tribe can live on, as long as its managerial elite is at the helm. Since we can't fix any problems, just get me the win. That gumdrop of win will comfort me. My tribe won.

*Chief of Staff was Peter Chandler. I knew he was gay before I knew what gay meant. Mom was local teacher and politician. For some reason, her son would engage middle school kids 7 years younger  than him in debates. No one ever asked about Michaud-Chandler the whole campaign, and Chandler almost ran for Michaud's open seat but decided against it.


nikcrit said...

Never been to Maine; New Hampshire's the farthest north i've ever been ---- and 'I've been everywhere, man. I've been everywhere...'You know, been through, Northhampton, Mass? I had some friends from high-school who headed east for college and went to Smith, Mt. Holyoke and Hampshire; visiting them was my intro to WASP-Swipple-elitism, '90s style....At parties, it'd be like "Nikcrit, why do all of your friends from back home talk like David Letterman" lol..

What exactly do you mean by your implying new cap gain taxes are the 'new bubble?'

My 'culture-industry' friends who're into investing internet re-monetizing,' i.e., (creating pay-for-it markets for cultural product largely available for free the past ten years, is to be the real 'new bubble' ---- example: youtubes recent crackdown on mainstream movie piracy...details a bit vague for me, as i don't really see how they can police such a development in the long run, unless they simultaneously come up with lots of breakthrough monitoring IT as well.

peterike said...

Isn't Maine "helping" its birth rate by importing Somalis or some such suicidal thing? In any case, low birth rates would be a good good thing for Western nations if they weren't stuffing themselves full of dusky riff raff. But alas, the combination will be the end of it all.

I know nothing about Maine politics but it's nice to see a Republican governor, even if he's probably just another corruptocrat with his hand in the cookie jar dolling out goodies for his cronies. I mean, I assume that's what he'd be. But my pleasures these days are small, so anything that puts the Progressive panties in a twist makes me happy, like the recent Dempocalypse. Naturally the Republicans will do nothing with this. Obama seems intent on amnesty-by-pen, and the Corporate Republicans will likely say tut-tut and do nothing about this usurpation of powers, because after all the Constitution is just an outmoded document written by dead white slave holders.

Speaking of cultural psy-ops (aren't we always?) I just saw that there's a new film version of "Annie" in the works for this holiday seasons, and guess what? Oh, c'mon, you can guess!

Yup, Annie is a black chile. And the actress has such a name: Quvenzhané Wallis! How multi-cultural is that?

As usual, the message from Hollywood is: White people, nothing belongs to you anymore.

Portlander said...

[W]hat high flying industries from pre-2008 have really taken a hit after the 2008 hiccup?

I think it's more correct to ask what paradigms have taken a hit than what industries have.

Economically, they have all taken a hit. But oddly, they've all taken the same hit. They've all down-shifted more or less by the same amount. Instead of going toward the cliff like Nevada at 75 mph, we're now going at on the PA-turnpike: 55 mph. Obviously it's still the same cliff because the same mindsets (ie. cathedral) are still in charge, only now they are dressing up as "See, we've learned. We're so much more responsible now... 55 and stay alive"

Forgetting the lack of bankers in jail

I shall never forget. ;)

or anything to fix structural problems,

Right, we obviously agree. My argument is one of degree.

politics has descended deeper into tribal identification and "just win baby".

Being less politically-minded, I hadn't made this connection, but you're totally right about it and whence it's come. Since the destination isn't allowed to be questioned, all we're left with is zero-sum court politics and status games.

peterike said...

OT: More black men behaving badly.