Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rough Foreign Policy Stretch for USG

The hits just keep coming for our foreign policy mandarins. Things just have not been rolling their way recently. The war party has been enjoying their expensive bombing runs in the Middle East, but how does everything else look? Climate "deal" with China that has no binding agreements, a target for reductions to begin in 2030, and Obama throwing Tibetan independence under the bus. Richard Gere and the Beastie Boys must be burning up at that. President Obama did get to go to the Asia conference and hang out with the wives club in the big photo op, not right next to Chinese premier Xi (that spot was for Putin). The punditocracy is not yet at a "Who Lost China?" realization moment yet, but it is coming. What has been going on out there?

Russia keeps growing their parallel system idea with the push for their separate banking transactions system. Russia and China inked another mega-gas deal. Russia and China also are fostering the growth of the SCO to cement the Central Asian region, pulling India and that little trickster, Iran. Middle Eastern sovereigns and representatives were hanging with Putin. Please sanction them more Victoria Nuland. Those sanctions isolate Russia so hard. Putin himself gave a speech, smacking down the West and the US in particular. It has been covered in the alt-media. While tougher and not humble in the face of the USG leviathan, his phrasing was defensive as in a separate world system for those not wanting to feel USG's wrath. No matter where client nations go, they will have a patron who they will have to play nice with, but right now, all China and Russia have to do is present a credible alternative to the elite of any client nation.

China has been busy. China inked some bilateral currency deals. Good God, man, they even inked one with Qatar. Deal by deal, fewer dollars are being used in global trade. Shucks, if the oil weapon, which is pushing oil down to under $80 a barrel means fewer oil export dollars to recycle, to wait, who is going to buy Treasuries? QE is done. China's Treasury buying has been flat. Russia isn't adding any. I guess that means tiny little Belgium can keep buying billions of Treasuries. Belgians just can't get enough. Some wonder about the Chinese UST hoard, but I would love to see them own up to the bad debt in their economy and clean it by using the UST hoard. Might be too Bond villain for reality.

Anyone remember Iran? Iran has played the geopolitical game masterfully for a few years now. The mullahs remain in control. They just got the Russians to help out with some reactors. They have the Great Satan trying to make peace with them, including love letters from President Obama. The Israeli wing of the American foreign policy political system is against any reconciliation with Iran (as is the Saudi wing). Because of America's delicate relationships with frenemies Israel and the KSA, a deal is difficult. In the meantime, Iran can keep inking deals with Russia and others since sanctions were partially lifted. Hey, how many negotiation deadline extensions can Team Obama ask for? It is getting rather embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as none of the Iran hawks saying, "We do not need to bomb Iran, but someone else should if they think it threatens them rather than ask us for help". Funny that America resorted to Saudi help with the oil weapon to use on Russia but not Iran if they wanted to make them suffer to negotiate away their nuke program. Not since the Germans from '33-'39 has a crew pulled off so much from such a seemingly disadvantaged position as the men in Iran. Here's a solution no one mentions that solves the problem for both sides: use all the thorium reactors you want Iran.

Some pundits are calling this a world without the west. I would not go that far. This is more like, "a world where the US is just another nation". It is not there just yet, but it is happening. That phrase is a lie itself as any other nation outside Russia and China are clients of the USG Empire. Just another nation means the end of the Empire or creation of an explicit supranational empire. The bipartisan War Party can chew their lips and thrash around, but this is the world their actions created. We are only at this slipping point due to running up massive deficits, placing our economic destiny in the hands of a psychopathic Harvard trained elite financial priests and foreigners with different interests. This is the world that progressives like Obama desired. One cannot clap along as a man at a podium says America will be a nation just like any other and then whine when reality starts to match the rhetoric. Do not fret American Exceptionalists. America has too much wealth, too many resources and too many smart people to be just another nation.


Anonymous said...

" Do not fret American Exceptionalists. America has too much wealth, too many resources and too many smart people to be just another nation. "

If you mean smart indio mexicans creating wealth by selling resources such as tacos and burritos at every street corner then yes i wholly agree with you. I hope you were saying all them things in jest.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Even if just 10% of Americans dependable that's 30 mil to create. US can always stay a regional power and its mineral wealth will give it influence abroad but it will not be the global hegemon.

Anonymous said...

In the end, it all comes down to attitude and springing from that, desire. If the west still has people with the right attitude to create opportunities and the desire to devise solutions, then the west will survive. Can't say the same qualities hold true for many of the places and systems you touched on in your article.

Most of those countries want to emulate the west, and America in particular in some way, though they may be puzzled how the most powerful country on the planet voted not once but twice for a man whose staggering ineptitude has driven the nation's stock down.

We may yet, bizarrely, see a situation arise where many countries start actively trying to prop up the US because while the west may not be perfect the alternative of Islamic deviousness, Russian nastiness and Chinese communism are too awful to consider.

Philemon said...

SOBL, what are your thoughts on the tales and predictions in this article?:

peterike said...

OT but back to the Maine post. Maine towns that give aid to illegals are getting a funding cut, via the newly elected Gov. Wow. This is serious business. Though I expect a Judge will put the kibosh on it.

If the gov has cojones, he'll tell the judge to go spank, and refuse to change. We are long overdue for a people vs. the Judges moment.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Philemon - 5 yrs ago I wouldve bought it but not after hearing china repeatedly say the sdr is not the answer. BRICs do want seats at the imf and world bank but sorry, that wont happen w/o us going to just a regional power. Something changed fundamentally with the american financial crisis and the Chinese see it as an opportunity.

The timeline seems right. Financial shakeup by 2018 sure. Financial change to econ change to political change to social change to cultural and then baxk to political. This will take time and change everything in the west.