Sunday, November 16, 2014

Rotherham Confirms the Fall of Britain

It is too easy to mock England or Great Britain as a dead man walking. There are entire threads devoted to England's decline around the Internet. England's decline is basically the West's decline, but it is made even more awful as they were the peak of European colonial reach. While the sun never set on the Spanish Empire before them, the British did it better. The Brits swooped in to improve former Spanish possessions that had suffered neglect like Argentina. England now can host the Olympics as long as they portray their capitol as a hodgepodge multicultural home and talk about health care and rock and roll not the historical imperial glories. Even Glenn Reynolds knows of England's long death march. The recent revelations of the Rotherham sexual abuse scandal are a fantastic example of the collective cultural death of the English because of the lack of public reaction.
For those not in the know, Rotherham is a label I am applying to the systematic rape, abuse and sexual trafficking of young white British girls by overwhelmingly Muslim men of Pakistani origin. The problem also involved political correctness to freeze politicians from doing anything, corruption is involved with bought off cops, cops who destroyed evidence of corruption and wrongdoing and a media that has been willing to brush much under the rug.  The parents who did try to do anything were hassled by the police, and public officials who wanted to do anything were hushed up. This long running event should be the destruction of everything about Labour and the modern Western left (PC, immigration, importing Muslims, hushing up anti-white crime), but because the media is in bed with the left, it will not happen. If I were a Brit, I would enjoy a cup of tea, put on "Skyfall" and then burn everything down run by these bastards. We will not get that, and to prove the destruction of the native British spirit, the British cannot even muster up the numbers and spirit of the White March.
Trash piled up during '70s strikes
The White March is nothing race based or anti-immigrant. The White March was when Belgians took to the streets to the tune of 300,000 to protest police and government corruption over the mishandling of the Marc Dutroux affair. The Dutroux affair and police work reads like the Belgian Keystone Cops or malicious bag men for the ring of sexual predators that Dutroux said he was linked to in the Belgian elite. It is rather Eyes Wide Shut stuff, and the part that gets spooky is the judge who was removed off of the case for doing his job that broke down crying over the pressure exerted on him by "higher forces". Dutroux was linked with a series of rapes and deaths, not thousands like in Rotherham. Dutroux claimed a conspiracy, but the Brits know there was systemic suppression of this crime (a PC conspiracy). Was there a wholesale cleaning of Belgium and revolutionary riots? No. It was all symbolic as nothing really changed. Like in True Detective, Dutroux went to jail but the  broader ring of conspirators, if they were real, was not brought to justice. Still, 1 in 33 Belgians took to the streets to voice their anger. The Brits cannot get 300,000 out on the streets for thousands of victimized girls by "citizens" obviously not of the native stock in an obvious race based crime. This is literally an attack on England's blood by outsiders, and they cannot muster up the fight.
Pardon me for going mythological on this fall of England, but the fall is just such a straight line from the fateful decision to align with France and commit ground troops in the summer of 1914. The Winter of Discontent and the dysfunction that inspired the punk album title "Anarchy in the UK" was real, and only truly saved by the development of North Sea oil. Alan Moore has spoken how his "V for Vendeta" was based on the horrible situation of '70s Britain, and how he saw total collapse coming. Alan Moore did not know about oil. Irony being that Moore wrote of a white supremicst fascist government in England when a multikulti, communist government was around him. That was the saving grace that stalled what we see today. The weird part of the 1914 choice was that England, despite hearing Germans say over multiple decades from different autocrats that the Empire could be "intact" if the Germans had a free hand in Europe, still had to play the game of not letting one power rule the continent. They had reached the top, and the danger of the German organization and civilization building skills was too much of a threat for them to just step aside. They probably saw through German pleas and realized Germany could export their model efficiently. Look around us today, German industry does well globally. It was a fight to save what they had, but in doing so killed them collectively. These decisions are much easier in hindsight.
I want to believe it is something poetic about Britain that is causing this. It cannot simply be socialist conversion of a nation with constant denigration of the core English identity. I lived in England almost 15 years ago. Even that far back, I was struck by the grade school kids charged at school for getting into a fight and yelling "Paki". I found it odd almost all their churches were tourist attractions or had been turned into gyms, housing or multi-use buildings. As fish in the water, they could not see that the only things that brought them together were alcohol or government organized events. At the same time, the NY Times was trumpeting the diverse, wonderful Leicester, England. Rotherham was ongoing as that Times article was written and would not come out for years later. If Rotherham had come to light in 2001, would the Brits have protested by the hundreds of thousands. Impossible to say. Looking at the paltry reaction to what is horrific in breadth and depth of corruption just a dozen years later, I doubt it. It was a dozen years less of immigration of foreigners and emigration of native Britons. Still, I doubt it. The rot is too widespread to save England. Good-bye Great Britain. May the last John Bull hand over the nukes on the way out.


Jamie said...

Guess big bad combat veteran Prince Harry is too busy running round town chasing skirt to worry about the welfare of his people...

PA said...

The mechanism by which people are demoralized beyond action is something I've been thinking about. This kind of outward docility was the norm in Communist Eastern Europe, though even there you had violent uprisings, most notably in Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia. That, and you had a robust inner resistance -- privately in trusted company people spoke freely, sort of like we do now on blogs.

Still, in the USSR people would cross the street to avoid being seen taking to a foreign journalist and reach of East German Stasi is now legendary.

Some factors that contribute to the demoralization of England (and not just England):

- Isolation. Even if 90% of adult English men privately hate the regime, most feel they are alone; in a way they are right. Not many would come to your side, I guess, if you stepped out of line.

- Rulers Look Like they Do. It would be one thing if most of the authority figures were sudden foreign invaders. It's another thing when your entire leadership class looks like a wealthier, happier version of you.

- There is no Free World as an Example. Dissidents under Communism knew that there is an America/West that opposes their regime and where people are free. That counts for a lot in terms of staying upbeat.

- Lots left to Lose. In the West, most of us have a lot to lose. In Milan Kundera's "The Unbearable Lighness of Being," the protagonist, a frivolous doctor accidentally gets mixed up in anti-commie activism and loses his job, becoming a window-washer and seducing the women in the apartments he cleans. But losing your job in England (and America) means you lose the means to support your family out of reach of non-whites residence. A commie-era Czech who lost his job would have no such worries.

- Disintegration of Extended Family. Extended family is a fallback means of support and identity. The importance of family ties vary by European national groups and the English were likely less reliant on kinship ties than others, perhaps. Under a hostile regime, you have no uncles to help you develop an identity as a boy, and no cousins to have your back when you are in trouble.

- Go after the Women. Invading armies generally inflicted similar suffering on the conquered people. Therefore, men and women have solidarity with each other. Modern globalist leftism, however, pretends to shower English (and more broadly white) women with privilege (unless your name is Emma West) and appeals to their baser appetites. Young English men therefore find themselves in opposition to their own females. I have no fucking doubt that a nontrivial (if not nearly all) of the Rotherham girls--and their single mothers--at one point thought Omar was such a charming fellow, whom they chose over English boys.

So that's my analysis. Is England dead? Larry Auster thought so, with the caveat that it can still come back to life. I generally agree. The English are mostly bund by "mind-forged manacles," as William lake wrote. They are demographically still solid, their elite is well capable of reversing course if they choose to do so... and there is a young brash prince in the wings. He showed some guts in Afghanistan. Will he step up?

Just a wild tangent about the brash young prince, BTW.

One thing is certain: whatever course history takes, the reputation of anti-racism will be soiled forever, thanks to Rotherham. Political systems seem like they're gonna be around forever while we're under the. And then they disappear with not apparent warning.

PA said...

A few uncomfortable truths, in bringing about anti-system protests:

- More Breiviks. A significant part of his manifesto was an honest description of his life as a poor Norwegian teenager on streets ruled by Pakis. It included scenes of Norwegian girls cheering those pakis on as they bullied a native kid. Breivik WAS a reaction to his own Rotherham. If such events, targeted at parties perceived as anti-white, were to occur in England, I suspect that this would make the English not feel quite so dead.

- No colored friends. I don't know how mixed the "Chav" company is. Do lower class English lads hang out with browns/blacks? Under a polutically correct regime, the presence of even one non-white slams shut any possibility of an open conversation on race. Yeah, guys may go so far as to ball-bust the black, but nothing of substance will be uttered if he's around. This is, by the way, why Diversity is pushed so hard in workplaces and private social gatherings, at all levels. Non-whites are deployed as modern day Stasi. You gonna start talking about Ferguson at work (beyond hand-wringing color blind conservative palubums) when that black admin sits in earshot?

peterike said...

Unlike PA, I don't have that shard of hope. I think Britain is done. The Cultural Marxists -- call them what you will -- have utterly crushed the Brits. There is no outlet for anything to spur change. The media is totally controlled by Jewish mind-worms. This is old, but I doubt any of it has changed:

Britain has always been subject to Jewish control, even back when they cut a deal with the vile Churchill and Co to extend WWI when Germans wanted peace in 1916, but the Zionists wanted and got the Balfour Declaration in exchange for getting the schmuck Woodrow Wilson into the war (and they got him, along with the Federal Reserve). London is now the multi-culti "global" paradise, the European New York, chock-a-block with oligarchs and parasites of every stripe, a hot bed of global finance demons.

If Rotherham didn't make the British native stock snap and riot in the streets, well nothing will. Really, what worse thing can possibly happen? If they took that without a murmur they will take anything. It's done. It's just a matter of time.

It's really amazing how an entire race -- in fact the greatest race of people ever to exist on earth -- can be crushed by propaganda in a few generations. The men have become useless chavs. The women sluts. All pride and dignity drained out of them. But hey, how about that Arsenal game! Or whatever the hell bread and circuses keeps them preoccupied while their birthright is taken from them.

epeuthutebetes said...

Will you explain this straight line? As an American I am unfamiliar with the whole thing.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Straight line of decline. Look at UK in late Victorian/Edwardian era before WW1 and look at England now.

sykes.1 said...

Prince Harry will never inherit the throne, Charles will have destroyed by then.

All-in-all, Britain is dead, as dead as Sumer, as deserves a decent burial.

ellicott said...

I was wondering around on my bike as a kid and ran into some friends from school and told them i was going to explore the park by their houses. I was told emphatically not to do that' faggots fucked in that park. i wasn't sure if they were serious or pulling my leg. a decade or so latter i'm reading the paper, a priest had been busted their. point being our press selectively covers shit all time and they try to pretend to be neutral, the brits at least have partisan papers. i have a funny feeling that our papers hide far worse than fags ruining a park for every one. i think they'd be willfully ignorant of rotterham type situation. (i was told not to go into the park in 93 i read about the priest in the early to mid oughts]

nikcrit said...

If Rotherham didn't make the British native stock snap and riot in the streets, well nothing will. Really, what worse thing can possibly happen? If they took that without a murmur they will take anything. It's done. It's just a matter of time.

It's really amazing how an entire race -- in fact the greatest race of people ever to exist on earth -- can be crushed by propaganda in a few generations.

I realize more and more how alien and faraway is my concept of human kinship and cultural identity. I too marveled during my trips to Europe, primarily London, Paris, Brussels and the main cities in the Netherlands, at the cultural listlessness of the host population.
I believe in European culture and its people are a vanguard for modern and post-modern culture, identity and technological society; i don't relate to the anti-white/whites-don't-exist mindset and aesthetic at all; rather, i look at it's civilizational influence, equipoise and dominance as a reflexive given to move into a form of universal emulation.

I think others do too, even if they're political defensiveness and jockeying imply otherwise.

I mean, what real hope is there for future societies, period, if no deference to European modernism and enlightenment via the core of Western Civilization?

nikcrit said...

My understanding of the overall issue may be a bit glib and for sure a gloss, but to me this epitomizes the mood of euro-cultural apathy via this little bit of charming political diplomacy:

HTF did that ever happen? You got to wonder.

PA said...

Vox Day writes that Europe will eventually see ethnic cleansings and re-creation of homogeneous nations.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has lived in Rotherham, allow me to comment. The town is unremarkable (with little historical attractions) and overshadowed by a city next door which has better communications and university status. With a long gone industrial base of steel making there isn't much hope there.

As is the desire of the nation's leaders, northern English towns are beset by hordes of immigrants (though large tracts of London are becoming third-world too). The Enoch Powell-feared invasion of Afro-Carribeans was soon to be supplanted by even more with first muslims being shipped in and secondly with east Europeans following the surrendering by Britain (via a generation of self-serving socialists, of course) of its identity, borders and laws to a socialist conglomerate in Europe. The results were much as any intelligent person might expect, though they have consistently surprised the politicians who boast they care most of all.

Back in Rotherham I have seen groups of white girls hanging round muslim males and it is hard to imagine what they might get from it. The white girls who marry into it all, perhaps thinking the Pakistani-originated young men were fun once, get to wear a head scarf all day and walk behind the swaggering males they once admired. Males who may have had a hand in the abuse so famously handed out to all those non-muslim girls in the town, but now they have to keep their heads down until the storm abates and then it's back to the old ways.

It is hard for Brits to contemplate what is happening to our society these days. The MSM has the 'moral high ground' in supporting the ambitions (oddly limited, as Brussels more or less runs everything now) of our feeble leaders and fully supports those anxious to maintain Britain as an independent country. The official mouthpiece of the socialists (and that currently includes Cameron) is the ant-UKIP and pro-Europe BBC. They see no wrong in running the country down and frothing wildly against any demand to reassert the nation's borders. Britain took a hammering in two world wars and came through it all only to find its own people wanting to hand us over to countries who enjoy controlling and invading other European nations.

I know someone who once worked in Rotherham and they told me one social worker in the town had been adamant a family who fostered children should have the kids taken away because the foster parents 'went to church.' It was deemed a 'toxic environment' which to many people even now would be a surprise. Not however to the socialists and would-be commies who run places like Rotherham council.

I also met someone who knew of a young woman who was murdered in the town for daring to say that she would tell her abuser's family just what their noble son had been doing. Part of the defence of the convicted was that 'the family's honour' had been besmirched, not by what the male had done but what the white girl might reveal. Fortunately the court didn't think that was sufficient grounds to quash the charges though the young man will be out of jail one day while the young woman will still be dead.

You can see the puzzlement of those Brits who believe in their country: so much has been given away and so little done to stop the tide of the abuse and fraud from the open border policy. sorry, I should rephrase that: the surrender policy.

Places like Rotherham will struggle along for now but it is not alone. The lid is being lifted on huge amounts of abuse going on elsewhere in the UK and though the BBC tries hard to keep it quiet, other media outlets are waking up to what's happening. It is too late of course, as we now know, and perhaps Britain really is lost. I hate to say it, but if that is the case then so too is much of the rest of the west and with it, any notion of civilised behaviour.

PA said...

With due respect to many commenters in the sphere, ejaculations like "all's lost" sound womanish.

What's lost? Are all the English or whites in general gonna be snuffed and blended out of existence? If you think so, then say so. But if you don't think so, then it's better to be clear about what exactly is lost -- 1950s style peace and good government, for example. Or traditional culture will be vulgarized for a generation.

It helps to step back and take a historic view of things. Long term, lots of things can happen. Unexpected things happen rapidly as well.

I get depressed about this shit too when I get wrapped up in some of the doomier discussions. But then I think of young white children (who have no idea that they are supposed to be "decadent," or that they suffer from "civilizational exhaustion"), and I understand that they need me to be a rock.

eah said...

Peter Frost over at is -- or was -- 'searching for answers' on Rotherham. I've been trying to help him at the end of the comment thread -- feel free to assist as well.

Anonymous said...

Maybe England is the biggest disaster in the West due to Anglo-Saxon rationalism and "common sense":
Nevertheless, for Fraser, the rational basis of the WASP ethnic defense was why it ultimately failed:

Lost altogether was the primordial understanding that Anglo-Saxon identity is inseparable from the blood faith of a Christian people. Once American political theology fell under the influence of scientific modernism, racial realists lost interest in the ethnoreligious traditions of Anglo-Saxon Christendom… . Scientific racism… bore the stamp of a soulless and self-defeating materialism. Racial realism was too cold and aloof to regenerate a sense of ethnoreligious solidarity among Anglo-Saxon Protestants. It left middle-class Americans unable to decide whether they were simply whites, or one of several more exotic breeds such as the Nordics, Aryans, or Caucasians. Lacking firm roots in the historical literature and popular culture of a folk religion, in ancestral myths of heroism, chivalry, and romantic love, Anglo-Saxon racial solidarity had little purchase within the collective machinery of social control that increasingly governed industrial America.


John O. said...

I say be proud of your ancestors, warts and all. Nonwhites worship the conquerors among their forbears, and so should we. The English have as many great conquerors of any race. Stop apologizing- the enemy never does and that's why they have the upper hand. Love yourself, love your family, love your nation, and love your ancestors. Be proud, Englishmen and Women! The game is far from over. Don't listen to those that have given up. There is still hope. We must give up on today's trash culture and go back to our great grandparents ways and religion. Get out of the EU and UN. All of Europe should. Get married, have lots of kids, and raise them with love of their people and their history. Organize and stop mass immigration. Deport any immigrants who commit a crime, speak treason, or are jobless for a year. Live around only other Brits for your children's sake. We shall return, I am convinced of it. Our ancestors feared nothing. We can learn much from them. Never EVER give up on yourselves or your people.

27 said...

This PA guy nails ispt so perfectly, eloquently. Fucking hat-tip, sir.

Johnny Caustic said...

What's lost? Are all the English or whites in general gonna be snuffed and blended out of existence?

Since nobody else will say it, I'll say it: yes, the English will be snuffed and blended out of existence. England will be 95% Muslim by 2300.

Just look at Syria and Iraq: the last Christians are being snuffed out now. Unlike the Christians in Syria, the English have neither religion nor culture to bind them together as a coherent force, and they will receive no assistance from the Holy Spirit. This will not change. Given enough time, the Muslims will behead them all.

Peter McLoughlin said...

If they'd protested in 2001.

They did protest in Oldham and Bradford (two of the epicentres other than Rotherham). Following protests by non-Muslims, protests described in the media as "by racists", "by white nationalists" (note the substantive issues over which they were protesting were never mentoned by the media). What happened to these protests? Muslims responded with ferocious violence, burning down pubs containing non-Muslims. Stories from Sikhs say that houses were pre-marked by Muslims for arson.

Even as I wrote the grooming gang book in 2013, data was being deleted from the internet. After 1st publication in 2014, more data cited was scrubbed. That's why the book exists -- it is a historical record, so that no matter what the media spin about pretending the rape scandal was only covered-up there, the cover-up is exposed for posterity. The organized rape of schoolgirls my gangs consisting almost entirely of a demographic who are 5% of the population - the schoolgirls came from the OTHER 95% of the population.

Here's the URL to learn more/buy the book.