Sunday, November 09, 2014

Play with Progressive Support of Obama's Executive Orders

A really good set up is in place for fun with your friends. The GOP managed to not just win back the Senate, but come January 2015, should have a solid majority in the Senate to go with their majority in the House. Do not sleep on Senator Manchin switching parties and Senator King caucusing with the GOP. It will be interesting. It is interesting because unlike predecessors President Clinton and President Bush, Obama does not seem to be in any rush to work with the opposition. The messaging is he may take executive action to do what he wants to do with a pen, three chamebrs of government be damned. Let us all encourage this. It will lay bare any lie the rubes have about our system.

All Americans hate "America" except their thede specific America. All Americans hate democracy except when their teams wins and they get a legislative victory. Americans just do not know if yet. Some folks on the far right like to criticize the dumb prole whites who serve in the armed forces spreading democracy, sodomy, equality blah blah blah. The guys who enlist are enlisting to defend wht they conceive as "America". Southern BBQ, cute girls in sun dresses, God, SEC football, Merica, Carrie Underwood. They do not envision fighting for the goals of other thedes. This applies easily to SWPLs who absolutely hate America except their "America" of the laundry list of things on I do not need to go through different thedes or races, as tribal solidarity is a way of life in our multicultural nation. This is helped by our ability to cocoon now not just in the home, not just geographically, but culturally and socioeconomically through municipal zoning and financial apartheid programs. Does a Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire resident understand the problem of immigration over the Rio Grande? No way, but they get 6 senators and 11 electoral votes. Good thing the media is there to educate them *wink wink* in a neutral way *air quotes*.

Americans hate democracy by the simple phrasing of an opponent winning as having an agenda versus an ally winning getting ready to do good work. Election day expectations of a trouncing had the NY Times wanting to cancel midterms, and post-election propaganda had Ezra Klein pushing the idea. Bush had faults, but that president rubber stamped plenty of the second term Democrat held Congress' ideas. Clinton worked with the GOP to win re-election and even in his second term. I doubt Obama will do the same. Even hinting at executive action allows the foot soldiers and little people on social media to defend it. "It is to get the right things done!" It is to get done what they wish to see done. Do not argue with this. Encourage it. Support it. Just make sure to start mentioning the junk the system idea, scrap democracy and silly voting. Let an executive be an executive vested with proper authority and power. The Tom Friedman's of the punditry drool over China's ability to make things happen without messy politics. Let Obama proceed with trashing the Constitution with a pen stroke, and change the conversation.

Junking the entire system might be too much for folks, but pan-secession might not. We have a pre-set 50 unit breakdown to make things easy if the NY Times allowed a clean break. Let Secretary General Obama have that power for the Acela Corridor Soviet Republic. If you do not like it, you can move to Exarch Daniels protectorate in the Midwest or Governor General George P. Bush's Texas. When they scoff about such an absurd idea, mention the absurdity to clinging to voting and our current system while simultaneously bitching about everything in it that does not align to their exact desires. Junk a system where you have to live by what the majority desires and move to a set up where you can live in the system that aligns to your worldview. The other side of the culture war will have no effect on you. 

This is not a tough sell, and can be framed a lot nicer than other politically incorrect ideas you may kick around your head. It is not that different from blue city 30-somethings leaving for cities in red states to raise families. Massachusetts rainbow crusaders would love to remove the obstacle of Dixie from starting their progtopia. Dixie done right would be able to eliminate the "make my gay wedding cake even though I know you don't want to or I'll sue you out of existence" threats. It is an easier sell as progs gripe over one bad midterm even though no one can remember what the last Congress did. It is an easier sell as things continue to crumble with no improvement. It is a much easier sell when the enemy's tarnished, tired and disappointing Golden Boy is the one amputating an arm of the government.


Anonymous said...

I've always had faith in "Worse is better"

KevinM said...

I live in Texas.

Don't get me started on that carpetbagger George P Bush.

He has alienated the Tejanos.