Friday, November 21, 2014


I was checking my blog's analytics information last week, and I noticed a blip up from a site called mpcdotcom. It was a big enough blip for Google's awful traffic stats to catch. You guys found me. Actually, I found you guys through tweets by Heartiste and a commenter here who once in a while drops by to comment by the name GFC. The url in his name brought me to your site. A lot of the things Tweeted in my network usually originate from your forum, which true to the claim is 21st century American samizdat. After a while, I noticed some of you are either commenters here (GFC, PRCD) or in my Twitter network (cold russian, mpctxt). I have received two questions about y'all on, and I'll repeat my first answer here.

I find you guys funny often and insightful sometimes. I genuinely and consistently laugh out loud reading posts, and will gladly use specific statistics or charts from your forum with open minded people to help nudge people along the dark path (similar to using the Radish/Unamusement Park flyers). Poz is so brilliant that even my wife uses it for post-dinner or event analysis of our SWPL friends. Pozzed is a perfect word for a vegan wedding reception meal. You guys are heavy on blaming Jews for everything, but there are things on your site you can't find elsewhere. I think any criticism of the DarkEn should be evaluated on its grounds, and you guys do point out good issues. People who poke holes in arguments can make you see something you did not see because of your worldview. You guys also love to skewer the Dark Enlightenment or Dork Enlightenment as you guys put it. I'll get back to this, but here's the second question someone asked.

Anonymous Question: "What if I hit My Posting Career with a hammer?" I answered "They'd hit back and laugh about it". This is not a hammer, and I don't have time for gay Internet battles. I'm not Anissimov. You guys would laugh off any criticism because you're too cool for that. Play it cool and aloof, don't get too attached. It is similar to that lack of sincerity and snark that the left uses to never fully commit themselves to anything. "See I'm being ironic cause God forbid anyone think I am sincere in my belief or fandom and criticize it therefore dinging my status." I hate those progressives, but I dislike that attitude in general. It's why the left hated Tim Tebow so much. He wasn't an athlete thanking God for trinkets (wins), but a real, well spoken believer. Some enthusiastic members of the DarkEn might come across as a dark mirror version of Tumblr kids, but there is a heavy Millenial crew and that is just how that generation of whites will act (see Strauss and Howe). You guys seem a bit older and would also wield a sharp knife on anyone as you guys have a smart core of members. This specific post is not any type of fight, but instead an invitation.

Stop making fun of the dork enlightenment, and start looking at the things you guys already have in common with it. I'll refer to this MPC scale post, but consider themes elsewhere on the forum. Smaller political units, more homogeneous in make up, more traditional mindset to family and gender relations, anti-atomization, anti-DC-NY cabal, breaking up the massive concentration of wealth, Hollywood PC brainwashing, anti-white elite behavior and a need for lessening the complexity of things. Did you guys write that or did someone in the dork enlightenment? Those are running themes within the DarkEn as well as on your forum. Smaller units with ethnic solidarity sounds like the pro-secession or patchwork guys in the DarkEn, and the ethnats would be happy with the homogeneous idea. You guys seem to see differences within groups, religions, races, etc. but are not hard sold on the HBDbot messaging. Outside the autistic, most guys in the DarkEn believe in HBD but would say that the wider rules of society and environment matter. Incentives matter.

You guys lament the lost America, so do we. You guys hate the broken down modern world, so do we. You can read my blog, and others, and see that blame for the current state of things can be laid on a variety of groups, which does include the Jews. I try to be as specific as possible and factual to avoid an avalanche of SJWs as they chased me off of posting effortposts to Tumblr with dox threats due to this post (seriously, I don't get what was bad). The best description of our predicament is from a Tweet series where LB said the psychotic US set up is a mix of Protestant Universalism and Jewish Bolshevism. This is why I wrote about Tom Steyer a year ago (he just spent $76 mil this '14 election cycle). He and his brother are the living embodiment of this unified Prot-Jew elite pushing things.

Before you make fun of the dork enlightenment, think of these commonalities. It is really easy to make fun of Aurini drinking alcohol in a suit in the middle of the woods, Anissimov's bitchy gayness and Idaho plan or 10,000 word blog posts (how often are there 10K word count blog posts). Those items and people are not the entire DarkEn. Should anyone judge your forum solely on Eloh? Besides mocking the mockable, do you guys throw rocks at the DarkEn because it is close enough to look familiar? The DarkEn is not LARPing in medieval outfits. Check out Dampier, Land, Handle, Social Matter, Theden (spotty posting recently), and their blogrolls. Breakdown of the current system is coming. It's either a transition to Brazil Norte (US of Brazil) or a secession movement and possible civil war. Either way, there will be blood. Keep an open mind, look beyond the flamboyant self-promoters and read the analysis.

As far as the description of me, you guys pay attention to my biographical bits here and are correct. With all I write, why does no one think this blog has multiple writers? Thanks for the compliments, including the backhanded ones. I am a FIRE economy middler (great word) with a wife and kids. I am a lucky man and have a great life. If ever in my city, let me know and we can get a beer.

GFC, Shrill Kiners and PRCD: I appreciate the props. Thanks.


PRCD said...

"Thanks for the compliments, including the backhanded ones. "

There were no back-handed ones.

You're suggestions are great unfortunately MPC is too atomized to implement any of them. Also, Land is crazy but that Social Matter guy is someone I read. Don't count yourself amongst the Dark Englighteners.

Take care.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Hey PRCD! It was Shill Kriners "middler" term I was referring to. There is overlap. My hope is Anissimov and Aurini being self promoting and flamboyant figures doesnt blind the MPC crowd to different analysis.

nikcrit said...

I've often thought that if someone teams with Google and really creates a provable quantifying AND qualitative market assessment system, othen that software and method will bring in a new gilded age for marketing and advertising, i.e.; even today, there's still a lot of guess work to the yield that online advertising yields; basically, my last industry, the newspaper industry, has drastically cutback and in some cases folded specifically because there was a push to putting content online ----- but not yet a proven market for selling such a format to advertisers; when i left the industry in 2006 or so, a 'page' of online advertising cost about 1/8th what a page of hard-copy promotion did.

PRCD said...

Also, join us in the chat window sometime. Don't be a wallflower.

'Middler' is probably how I'd describe myself. I'm not a climber.

There is no economy but the FIRE economy nowadays. Even in engineering, everyone is always fretting over 'shareholders' (institutional investor string-pullers), stock prices, 'ROI' and market share. I wished I lived durign simpler times.

where are you?

Scott's Bluff said...

Damn, you got this in before I was gonna ask if you’ve finally hopped on the SCALE and MASS SOCIETY bandwagon. In truth, those two concepts are easier to get across to someone’s dad than NRx. They’re simpler to present; don’t need a lot of backstory.

Quick thought on the side remarks about impending liquidation in the US. Vox Day has you beat on presentation. Not that I think you’re going for that. But reading his stuff, he really gets you pumped by the end of the post. Try going more descriptive.

“There will be blood. There will be bones broken. There will be brain matter upholstering your kitchen wall, and at the end of it all, atop the piles of slain corpses, one man (Scots-Irish, natch) will stand with his arms up in the air, decapitated head of the loser tribe (Mexi-muds, natch) held in hand, and yell up into the heavens, ‘CROM!!!!”

Shrill (a sub-middler, financially)) said...

I didn't mean it dismissively, Brock Jr, I just heard you talk about FIRE without sounding like you were a full-on Master Of The Universe, to use Tom Wolfe's term.

I thoroughly enjoy the blog here, and second PRCD about how much you'd probably enjoy MPC. The real fun is in chat, which only members can see.

Man I'm going to look stupid if you've got Jodi Arias in your basement!

nikcrit said...

As far as the description of me, you guys pay attention to my biographical bits here and are correct. With all I write, why does no one think this blog has multiple writers? Thanks for the compliments, including the backhanded ones. I am a FIRE economy middler (great word) with a wife and kids. I am a lucky man and have a great life. If ever in my city, let me know and we can get a beer.

I take this is as this essay of yours was in part an olive branch to SWPL-ism; your attempting to reach out to your professional if not political peers. And that's noble, imho.

More controversial, you even at times feel, dare i say, a tinge of guilt for at times, at least rhetorically, shirking your connection to larger humanitity (i.e., that that includes NAMs). Dare I say you even feel a bit negligent for at times not picking up your share of the White Man's Burden....I think there are a lot of Dark Enlightenment torch bearers who hold mixed feelings about their allegiances. And in fact there IS much that is morally questionable and outright shameful, the Cathedral's withering sanctimony and outright tar-and-featherings of those who don't ascribe notwithstanding.
This, of course, is too big a topic to handle with a few pithy (or not-so-pithy) lines.
The biologist and philosopher HBD blogger "Chuck" at delved into these issues with unparalelled depth IMO; unfortunately, he just recently locked up his blog and comment archives. But if it reappears as open to the public, i highly reccomend it.