Sunday, November 02, 2014

Ezra Klein's Fake Concern, Gamgergate, and Election 2014

The fools at Vox released an article that mentioned what many of us already know. Everything has become politicized, and politics are now a tribal battle. Ezra Klein writes about this as if it is a bad thing that he and his ilk did not foster in any way, shape or form. Such a shame that democracy has led to this horrible situation where everything becomes an expression of our religious political beliefs. Ezra cites some historical events where political identification was not such a marked split in opinion of something while conveniently leaving out how smearing one party continuously throughout the media system has created a situation where people like an idea but then abandon it once they learn its party affiliation. Klein is writing about Gamergate, but if he were not a progressive lieutenant, he would see it fits in perfectly with the 2014 midterm elections.

First off, Klein is being completely disingenuous about the changes within parties that have occurred since historical events compared to 2014. The parties of old with the elastic, persuadable massive white majorities are long gone. We have the majority of whites and minorities who have the stuff together vs. the non-whites and self-hating whites (Haters of Western Civ). Reactions to events, especially any event with a racial connotation, is going to have a tribal element to response. Klein, and his fellows in the media, have created this situation with the ever expanding culture war and never-ending immigration. Klein is also omitting that the Democrats of yesteryear were completely different because the New Left had not yet destroyed the Northern-Western GOP + Dixiecrat alliance in their quest to capture all presidential elections. Klein's Silent Generation and Baby Boomer forerunners destroyed the variability within the party with the New Left takeover and massive fundraising that made politicians representatives of the party's core interests over their specific regional interests.

Having read about Gamergate, it appears that someone was criticized for ethical problems, then they fell back on the sexist/racist/homophobic canard, and now it is a classic "we're the poor underdog despite going on Colbert and having the NY Times have our back" garbage while simultaneously acting in a shameless, goon fashion. There is a political reaction to this because Chick-Fil-A, Ezra, do you recall that? An executive made donations to an anti-gay marriage charity, and the puritanical outrage from the left was focused on a second tier fast food chain for a month. People are tired of the politicization of everything, especially when it is garbage, phony outrage from one of the left's pet groups. It is hard for me to take feminist outrage of misogyny in video games when I can find any degrading, misogynistic pornography I want on Google. Video games, chicken joints, this is all the left's making. They are the prime movers. They interrupt the norm to create a crisis. They are continuously attempting to sever ties that one tribe feels to its traditional ways in the name of progress, but in reality for political power.

Missing the bigger picture, look at election 2014. Normally, a midterm is a reflection of the public's attitude towards the president's performance and behavior. Clinton saw the GOP win in '94 while the Democrats improved in '98. Bush saw his party expand power in '02, while they were trounced in '06. Obama saw his party lose big in '10, and uhh, it does not look great for '14. This may surprise Ezra Klein, but he is most likely just not discussing it, but the Democrats are using tribal messaging for their get out the vote efforts. Steve Sailer has documented the shameless racial imagery in states with sizable black populations and the Michael Brown fiasco as ways for the Democrats to crank up turnout. The days of Jim Crow and slavery will return if you do not vote for Kay Hagan! Sailer is missing that in states without blacks, the Democrats are relying on the uterus approach with Senator Udall of Colorado going overboard with female genitalia focus, as well as tiny little Maine seeing appearances by Debbie Wasserman Schultz to speak of how anti-women Maine's system is as Maine for the last twenty years had two female US senators.

That is all the left has. Klein knows it, and possibly is concerned because with racial lockstep voting, who needs credentialed, Jewish pundits to persuade the ever shrinking elastic voter pool? All the media needs it agitprop sensationalists. The left is out of ideas. The right has few ideas, and honestly, freer markets is not going to get us out of our jam. The right can campaign on getting rid of Obamacare and fixing the economy, while the left campaigns on "Hate Whitey!" and "Vote with Your Vagina!" The culture war combined with population displacement has created these tribal political identities, and it will only get worse as time goes on. Eventually, enough people will see that the system is doomed and the serious questions will begin to be answered. At that time, no one is going to listen to the likes of Ezra Klein about a new system when he willfully lied about the state of the current dilapidated contraption.


Anonymous said...

funny thing is - if the republicans win on tuesday, they will pass immigration reform which pretty much guarantees the end of the party as we know it.

PA said...

The asymmetries of the right/left (to use that shorthand) conflict are stark.

One, this is an aggressor/prey conflict. Every cultural or demographic battle involves a leftie attack on a non-aggressive aspect of righties' elementary needs of cultural and territorial integrity.

Two: righties are politically homeless. The Republican party is a false friend, particularly on the national level. Its support of my immigration is the number one reason. This is why I no longer vote.

However, some advantages of the asymmetry go to us, the righties (aka whites, normals, core Americans). One: we have the truth on our side, they have lies and political mechanisms to suppress the truth. One thing is a historic constant-- lies have a short lifespan. It's really a Truth and Beauty advantage, to borrow that conceit. We build, create, sustain. They destroy. In the long run, sociopaths self-destruct and the better people among the lefties lose faith in their cause.

Our second natural advantage us that, however beaten and in retreat we seem to be at this time, our cause is our survived and thriving. Their cause -- "they" being liberal whites and factoring out their colored footsoldiers who are common opportinusts without much capacity for leadership and political agency -- leads to their doom as well. At some level they know it.

Toddy Cat said...

Ezra Klein is human filth. I actually have more respect for the rioting blacks in Ferguson. They obviously have IQ's down out of sight, and they have been shamefully lied to by the Obama Administration, but they at least are open and clear about what they want and what they are doing. They are pro-black, and anti-white. A lying lefty like Klein complaining about the politicization of everything is so hypocritical, it's a wonder the earth just doesn't open up and suck him into the bowels of Hell. Klein relies on his side having no memory, and a non-existant sense of fair play and justice, and he's never disappointed.

eah said...

Ezra Klein writes about this as if it is a bad thing that he and his ilk did not foster in any way, shape or form.

He's a ridiculous hypocrite, that's for sure.

I also have to laugh when I see "partisanship" mentioned as if it is a bad thing -- politics has become 'too partisan' etc etc. Hello!? The purpose is to give people a choice between two clear alternatives or directions, something which is seldom enough to be had in elections nowadays. No matter who is elected the federal government just grows and grows.

NZT said...

Great post. I think normal people are beyond exhausted with the constant 2 Minute Hate drills every time some public figure, in a moment of frustration or anger, makes a non-PC remark (or every time a black person gets shot in the middle of criminal antics and RACISM!!! gets blamed). It's more and more obvious that the outrage is faked for the purpose of beating up on political opponents, and the natural willingness to give "victims" the benefit of the doubt is wearing thin. I think we're fast approaching the time when MSM accusations of racism/homophobia/sexism whatever lose their sting from massive overexposure (as long as the person accused shows some backbone).

That said, how dare you call Chick-fil-A a second tier fast food chain? It sits in regal majesty above all other QSR's from the summit of Olympus.

PA said...

"I think normal people are beyond exhausted with the constant 2 Minute Hate drills"

Many people are still demoralized by those drills though, especially people of average intelligence. We here understand the big picture and understand these drills for what they are: enemy agitprop.

But blue pill people who meekly grumble about these things, and begin their statements with "I'm not racist but..." are still East Germans. They are still living inside the Narrative

The number one task of Red Pill bloggers and com enters is to deconstruct the narrative, and disseminate it high (to influential people who read us) and low (to the average man and woman).

PA said...

Chick-fil-A rocks. It's the only fast food joint I take my sons to. It's always a blast when we get there and my school-aged boy's classmate is there.

Incidentally, blogger Agnostic (akinokure blogspot) is an interesting analyst of cultural trends and he writes really well about the 80s (my teenage decade), even though he was born circa 1980. He once had a post about how during that decade, fast food places like McDonalds and Burger King had homey atmosphere, nice decor, etc. It rang true to me. I recalled how for example, a friend'som would stop with us at a MCD after a soccer game, and how .... American the place felt.

Fuck. We really did lose our country. I hope we get it back in my lifetime.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Nzt - I love ChickFilA. It is 2nd tier due though compared to the majors despite its food being superior. My wife's friend and her husband own one so every party at their house has the best food stocked with CFA stuff.

PA - Agree on McDs in the 80s. You could go there to sit down and eat and it was okay. Fussel would call it prole drift where McDs went down market at the same time proles expanded and prole behavior infected others. McDs was the postgame spot for youth football in my town.

peterike said...

Everything has become politicized, and politics are now a tribal battle. Ezra Klein writes about this as if it is a bad thing that he and his ilk did not foster in any way, shape or form.

Lolz! Yeah, the very people that gave us "the personal is political," that politicized EVERYTHING in life, that brought EVERYTHING under the gaze of Big Nanny... so now they're saying "oh that's terrible"??? We need a new word because "shameless" just isn't strong enough.

@ PA We really did lose our country. I hope we get it back in my lifetime.

I hope so too, but I have zero -- literally zero -- expectation that it will happen. Some like to forecast the future of America as being Brazil. Maybe, but it will be Brazil via East Germany. You will have the multi-cultural mish-mash combined with the comprehensive surveillance state. The nomenklatura will live lives of wealth and prosperity while the bulk of people will grind out an existence while preying on one another.

The interesting thing is that there's enough wealth in America -- still, but for how long? -- that the elites bring along a vast army of servants (e.g. yoga instructors, fancy restaurants, artisanal chocolate shops, etc.) to do their bidding and make their lives entertaining. And global wealth parks itself in certain key districts: New York, San Fran, a few other places.

Some like to predict that NY will unravel into chaos (the idiot Mayor doesn't help), but I continue to say that NY will be the last livable city in America, because that's where the elite meet to play, and you can't play without safe streets and a massive supporting cast. You might be better off being a cute waitress in New York ten years from now than any other non-elite job in America.

peterike said...

OT: This guy might make an interesting subject for future blogs.

Another Jew looter, but one specifically looting Africans. Yet you never hear about the guy. He even looks like a demon.

eah said...

Chick-fil-A is not available everywhere. That said, I was in Dallas a while back and ate at one -- thought the food was pretty good.

nikcrit said...

Chick-fil-A rocks. It's the only fast food joint I take my sons to. It's always a blast when we get there and my school-aged boy's classmate is there.

NAM-free artery-clogging rules, dude!

nikcrit said...

Oh-oh, I came across this while i was perusing some political sites...... looks like your white fast-food chain is going multi-culti; move-over, Jared from Subway. Alton's the new puffy poster-boy for public gruel...

nikcrit said...

PA says: "The asymmetries of the right/left (to use that shorthand) conflict are stark.....One, this is an aggressor/prey conflict. Every cultural or demographic battle involves a leftie attack on a non-aggressive aspect of righties' elementary needs of cultural and territorial integrity.

This quote of yours conjured memories of a comment of mine that I made a few years ago at a blog called Guy White; I think we both are commenting on the same left-vs-right tension.

GW commenter who, IMO, somewhat echoes PA's above remark: “One of the things that I find attractive about race realists is that they are able to cite scientific arguments to support their case. Now it may be that these arguments are wrong, but liberals are unable to make any effective counterarguments against them. Instead, liberals resort to ideology, repeating the same slogans to deny the reality. If this were Europe, of course, they would simply have race realists arrested.”

Nikcrit's reply: "This is true and I share the frustration at times. But there is a reason for this contradiction that , I believe, relates to the core differences between liberalism and conservatism themselves: If you look at American politics as an axis of influence, it’s always rested on a theory that posits that conservatism, while perhaps taking the harsher and more practical look into human affairs and the business of the state, was more deferential to the real world as it is; meanwhile, classic liberalism has always been more an ideal, stressing collective hopes, aspirations and ideals rather than the functioning reality of the here and now; this, of course, is a less realistic but still at times useful perspective."

Do you see a similarity in perspective?