Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Evidence of Complete Progressive Takeover

Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose. Winning or losing is all one organic mechanism, from which one extracts what one needs.  - Rosie Perez as Gloria in White Men Can't Jump

This is not a consolation to the left. This is just simply to point out how complete their hold on the current political climate is. There are conservatives, who supposedly are on the right hand side and value tradition blah blah blah, who are trumpeting their first black female congresswoman, their first openly gay elected congressman, the youngest congresswoman ever, and then there is South Carolina.

South Carolina was the first state to secede a little over 150 years ago. John C. Calhoun hailed from South Carolina. It was a hotbed for rebel fever that would not subside even after all hope had been lost until Gen. Sherman and his forces stomped through there after his march to the sea. Just last night, South Carolina elected three Republicans to state wide office. The GOP is associated with all that old hateful, Confederate imagery (at least in Democrat campaign flyers and in the media).  Those conservative voters re-elected an Indian (Asian) as Governor, a black male as US Senator, and a confirmed bachelor as US Senator; all representatives of the coalition of victims the left cobbles together.

Dominance: When your opponent still has to find symbols to vocally boast about to meet your approval instead of electing the symbols they would prefer that reflect their core identification.


Scott's Bluff said...

Oh not this again.

Look, I am a white cis-gendered Republican man in my late 50s, happily married with three kids, and I happen to agree with my daughter that America has made a lot of progress in recent years and I’m happy that Republicans have finally embraced diverse candidates that truly REFLECT the changing American electorate. It’s inevitable, there’s nothing we can or SHOULD do to stop this change. We are a nation of immigrants.

For many years I was quite frankly embarrassed that our roster looked so comically anti-delluvian. I do not feel any shame voting for a Black man, a Hindu, or a faggot, and we shouldn’t let these LIEBRALS smear our party as racist. This nation tore itself apart to eradicate the sin of racist slavery, we fought and WON a freaking world war because of racism, and its conservative policy that will finally fix Detroit and help the black poor people we saw on TV during Katrina. So I’ll be damned if I let the DEMONcrats try to pigeon hole me as a Klan member.

Martin Luther King was a conservative hero, racist Margaret Sanger was a democrat, and never forget that it is REPUBLICANS who are the party of Lincoln!

PA said...

We are unpeople. This is a pretty rare condition for a population of this relative size, in terms of historic record. Will we be human again? will our liberation include cathartic Ceausescu-style trials and executions of a few of the most repellent anti-whites?

Liberal America is a curse on humanity. May it die in my lifetime. Nikcrit thinks it's wonderful, though.

Mike said...

Excellent point and absolutely true. I'm tired of how defensive R's have to be in public. When will they learn that nothing will ever be good enough to placate the opposition? It does double damage: it emboldens their enemies and demoralizes their base.

What the GOP needs is a heavy dose of brazenness and IDGAF attitude. Chris Christie has it but I can't think of another high-profile R that has it. To borrow a Game term, their frame is weak.

Btw, that wikipedia photo of Lindsay Graham SCREAMS homo.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Mike - That pic aint hiding shit. You know he's taking it up the ass. Total gay face.

peterike said...

SoBL: Strong, short post. The Left really does own the discourse and by doing so owns the minds. It's a combination of bogey-man words (racist, homophobe, etc.) and disappeared-words, like "nationalism." Has there been an American politician in fifty years who even uttered the word? A pundit? It doesn't exist in our discourse. We play by their rules.

PA - Powerful as always. I'm afraid I don't see any sort of revolution ahead. The only place it might have come from was the military, and the elites know it, hence the massive purging of field officers and old school generals. It's all MBAs and company men (and women) now.

Scott's Bluff - I seriously can't tell if you're doing a pitch-perfect mocking imitation of a Hannity-style Republican, or if you're just a big dunce.

One of the great problems of "Republicans Incorporated" is that so many are really stupid, heads filled with Progressive Straw while they dweedle over tax rates or other nonsense. I love all the buzz phrases you throw out (making me think it's a put on).

"We are a nation of immigrants"! No genius, we aren't. We are nation of settlers and colonists. Go figure out the difference, that's your homework.

"its conservative policy that will finally fix Detroit"!! Har!! Yup, that's all it'll take to get 'er done! A few tax cuts, a dip in welfare checks, and the darkies will be totin' barges and liftin' bales in no time flat.

"and never forget that it is REPUBLICANS who are the party of Lincoln"!! Yup, sure is. In other words the party of a shyster railroad lawyer who ginned up a war resulting in the deaths of millions of his fellow citizens -- indeed he deliberately waged a war of extermination on some of them -- and oversaw complete abandonment of long standing freedoms, all in the service of Northern business interests. Such a role model!!

Portlander said...

Scott, for real? You've proved the point.

Do you identify as a Boomer? That attitude is what's given us 40 years of RINO's, and all but destroyed Western European civilization.

In irony of ironies, it seems Putin is the last best hope for a return to Euro-exceptionalism.

nikcrit said...

Liberal America is a curse on humanity. May it die in my lifetime. Nikcrit thinks it's wonderful, though.

Wonderful? No, I don't think it's that. Far from it. But child-like fantasia and denial doesn't get me too far, either.

Actually, I think we might have a similar perspective in our lib-vs-con view of things. Mine may be more detached, while yours more a polemic: I posted some thoughts on this earlier tonight at the end of the Ezra Klein comment string; check it out and tell me what you think.

But if your triumphalist mood has you too giddy to converse as peers with a lib nam, see your fellow white crusader's sobering message to you a few comments up.... ok, bracie?

PA said...

"I'm afraid I don't see any sort of revolution ahead"

I am not in the business of predicting the future but history shows that extrapolating the future by extending current trends in a straight line consistently turns out wrong. In the 1960s people were certain that by the 1990s there would be no breathable air and no drinkable water by the 1990s.

Will there be a revolution? I have no idea. Revolutions take many forms. One such form is to collectively stop to pretend to believe anymore.

But American liberal power structure depends on smart white men to buy in to the system. Big finance, military and three letter agencies, big government contracting, much of it concentrated around DC, makes the system seem invincible. And below that, you have the quintessential white male competence making all the infrastructure run, Take a look at Metro subway employees: all are black, doing a job that can at any moment be replaced by a Casio watch-grade computer. But when you look at ongoing escalator repairs, it's all white redneck contractors commuting in from West Virginia and southern Maryland. Even fru-fru shit like bike-share stations is the brainchild of white male hipsters.

But white men are getting angry. Across class lines, and especially young white men. When the growing negative feeback loops created by the present system overwhelm its positive feedback loops, it's game over to everything that hitherto seemed to be destined forever.

I.m not in it for me. Alone all I need, after my well spent youth, at a bare minimum at this point in life, is a quiet place to sleep, beer on weekends, and pretty girls to look at occasionally. I have that, and much more, right here in Murka. I would also have that are minimum in North Korea, so on an individual level, I just don't give a shit. What I'm in it for is for our posterity.

The white man and woman have always been about forging new communities (like American settlers moving west) and then sustaining them for generations. We value our own piece of fertile land, we like animals, hard but meaningful work, our stores and songs, our delightful women, we love our children and our God. And some of us are restless and reach beyond the commonplace to conquer new frontiers.

America is a destroyer of all of that we value. All of the things I just listed are a natural historic baseline, a constant of our nature. It's liberal America that is a historic anomaly. I hope to live long enough to see it perish.

PA said...

I posted some thoughts on this earlier tonight at the end of the Ezra Klein comment string; check it out and tell me what you think.

I don't necessarily disagree with what you wrote there.

But if your triumphalist mood has you too giddy

I sounded triumphalist or giddy?

Anonymous said...

Nice spoof. This is a joke I hope.

nikcrit said...

Take a look at Metro subway employees: all are black, doing a job that can at any moment be replaced by a Casio watch-grade computer. But when you look at ongoing escalator repairs, it's all white redneck contractors commuting in from West Virginia and southern Maryland.

I could come up with over 100 anecdotal recollections to the contrary ------ but then, what would be the point? In a way, I'd only be dignifying an absurdity in place of the point you were trying to make.

Question: why does your poetic justice and its exalted human manifestation need an 'other' to be its foil? It's like you don't trust the merit of your own race unless it has its opposite to compare itself against; perhaps that's why you left an all-white homeland only to arrive in a foreign land and demand it conform to what you ran away from. It's sort of puzzling, your simultaneous racial absolution and its darkside codependence; a true Conrad character ----- the 'nigger' and 'the narcissus' in one!

Contaminated NEET said...

SB above is definitely doing parody. Read his profile.

fnn said...

I think we get fooled by the zeitgeist's fixation on the "race thing"(in both its HBD and postmodernist SJW variants)-the South has been mostly a tool of the worst Jews and Yankees for a long time. Vardaman of MS was an exception-his opposition to US entry into the Great War even inspired some (unauthorized by him) isolated armed resistance to conscription in Mississippi. Lindbergh spoke to huge crowds at MSG and Soldier Field in 1940-41. Meanwhile, not a single AFC chapter existed in the South.

The real right(to the extent that such a thing can exist in a liberal commercial republic like USA) died at Pearl Harbor. McCarthyism (the real thing, not HUAC investigations of Hollywood) was too brief and narrowly focused to amount to much. And, as Rothbard points out, McCarthy himself was an internationalist, though many of his intellectual and journalist supporters were isolationists
looking for revenge for the repression they experienced during the war.

peterike said...

PA: "our delightful women"

Indeed! Here's a couple to lighten the mood, two lovelies back from when it was a white nation.