Monday, November 24, 2014

A New Trick for College Sports Boosters

Something weird happened in college sports off the field that no one in the sports media is bothering to follow up on or even check for reality sake. If followed up and fire is found, it would hit the holy of holies Notre Dame football hard. A teenage freshman on Notre Dame's football team went on a date with a porn performer. It hit the sports and even TMZ new cycle for a quick moment then died. I hope the guys at Yahoo Sports go after this one because uncovering booster involvement would get Notre Dame football in the sanction zone. Why do I think boosters are involved? Just circumstantial, but something is not adding up right.

Let's review the official story.

1. Woman in the sex industry that travels nation manages to bump into a teenage football player while traveling in his area. How the 40+ year old and an 18 year old cross paths is uncertain.
2. Same teenager from humble background is being recruited by major college football programs, and enrolls at Notre Dame university.
3. During the football player's fall break in college and off week from the football season, the football player flies from Indiana to New York for a Knicks game with lower level seats with said porn performer.
4. Confirmation of an overnight stay in a New York hotel is known via Instagram.
5. It is just a date, and the well known porn performer has her eyes on other college players.

Sounds honest. A woman over 40, who vehemently denies ever escorting, would just treat a young man she has her eyes on from one random meeting to a date at a Knicks game, paying for flight, hotel stay and Knicks tickets. That seems legit. What if we looked at this in another way?

1. One of the top names on the most viewed porn sites in the world involved in a sleazy industry (pornography) with massive overlap with prostitution is on a teenager's wish list.
2. Teenager from a humble background is being recruited by major college football programs, a corrupt industry known for providing players with special gifts to go to a specific university.
3. Booster finds out about teen's wish and says he can make it happen since porn performer was linked with another college athlete previously.
4. During the football player's fall break in college and off week from the season, booster arranges for the football player to fly from Indiana to New York for a Knicks game with lower level seats with said porn performer.
5. Confirmation for the booster of an overnight stay and what it implies in a New York hotel is known via Instagram.

I'm not a detective. I do think it would be pretty easy to poke holes in the stories of a porn performer and a teenager who mostly can't read well. The performer involved denies escorting, but if you snoop around The Erotic Review boards, they'll mention how it can happen with her, but you need an in. She is a business savvy member of that sleazy business, so this could be a new revenue stream for her. Her real luck was in looking like Sarah Palin at the right moment (Wikipedia, safe for work). On the other side, this is actually far better for a booster. A booster could in effect spend thousands of dollars that would make a recruit starstruck and it is not a direct payment. The booster could pay for everything directly or better pay the performer to cover all expenses. What would the NCAA approach the booster with? "You sent money to X and X spent a night with a player" is tougher to prove without exact texts, phone calls, etc. It is tough to prove without intent. This is probably part of the reason this died down quickly. Even if a booster were involved, it is not the worst thing a booster has ever done. It seems fitting if major college sports have progressed to the point where they neatly meet with adult entertainment. Young people used for physical abilities and traits that are often discarded within 5 years.
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Steve Johnson said...

The Knicks game and stay in a nice Manhattan hotel seem like inducements but considering what's on offer on a campus why would a college football player think of sex with a 40 year old woman as a reward?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Steve Johnson - I'm with you, I would just want some sweet women 18-25 like the Miami U boosters use to set up by the hotel floor for football players. She's popular with the bruthas. An 18 year old will probably want whatever fantasy porn is telling him that he wants, and she has done plenty of scenes with blacks.

nikcrit said...

3. Booster finds out about teen's wish and says he can make it happen since porn performer was linked with another college athlete previously.

IMO, doubtful: The booster would look at 'ho's previous involvement with college jock as a trouble siren rather than cover.
Also, i'm not clear if the kid is enrolled at Notre Dame; if not, i'd think no way would the booster give such bait to rival boosters, recruiters and NCAA watchdogs, or however you might label these competing interests.

It'd be in all the gallivanters' best interests to keep it among themselves; then, even if the personal details are revealed, no one can really do anything about beyond register their Victorian frowns and disdain from afar. But once a booster's involved, especially at a procurer level, then there's personal and professional gain to be had by all those aforementioned interconnected interests, etc..

Son of Brock Landers said...

Nikcrit- you could take my word for it aboutthe student athlete or i can google that for you

nikcrit said...


I take your word for it.

I got into my reply and needed to check something in the post ----- but couldn't easily get there at that point, etc. .... my bad.

nikcrit said...


it wasn't clear to me in the moments i was writing my comment whether the kid was already enrolled at Notre Dame, or at that point just a prospect, when he went on the date.

But: While interracial sex is a evergreen hot-button issue in the MAN-o-sphere, aren't we going to defer to tonight's hot news re. the decision in Ferguson??? lolzz.

Pvt. Jaybird said...

Google "Lizzy Seeberg"

I don't get ND, cover up rape charges, then bench the starting QB for failing grades.

eah said...

She is disgusting.

Mike said...

OT: Another example of "They're just like us!"