Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Ukraine Narrative Fell Apart

Exactly how much of the Ukraine propaganda is being flushed down the toilet? The media appears to be pulling the plug on this propaganda campaign. It has been a little over a month after the truce was enacted that Putin designed. The EU is backing away from a trade pact with the Ukraine. The NY Times released an article that the Ukrainians did use cluster bombs as Putin alleged. The Germans just cleared the Russians of downing MH 17. Another leak shows that Putin did not offer parts of a carved up Ukraine to Poland ("overinterpreted") as the former Polish foreign minister alleged. American media has, once again, revealed that nearly everything they claimed and trumpeted in the past is false, and that which they called lies is truth. There will be no consequences. There never are. The better question is why is this happening?

Europe's economy is a mess and sanctions actually hurt them. It does not hurt the entire realm, but it hurts the heavy hitters doing the pulling to keep their whole system afloat. Russian gas fuels German industry, and the Germans, idiotically after Fukushima, decided to shut down their nuclear reactors. Where's the cheap electricity now, frau? Russia also made a big move that turned the natgas game in their favor. Russia inked that huge natgas deal with China, diversifying their consumer base. Providing China and possibly other Asian manufacturing centers with natgas makes Europe less important. It is not just foreign moves that matter, as this is the USG's show. If Putin starts strutting again, the situation can be restarted anytime Soros and company wants. The War Party now has their military industrial complex expenditures in the Middle East. Billions can be spent on the rapidly expanding, long slog to beat back ISIS. Ukraine itself is to blame. The Ukrainian military was so inept and terrible that they were losing to rebels on the ground and starting to look bad in the media war. Once people start seeing the neo-nazi side of the new leaders in Ukraine, it will scare them off since the media will say "Shoah", and no one wants a Shoah. Never again. It is also late October. Winter is coming. It will be cold in Ukraine without Russian gas. New governments with tentative holds on their nation fighting the perception of Washington puppets want to keep their people warm.

This might not go away though because of one man. George Soros is desperate. He fired off an op-ed calling Russia an existential threat, begging asking for $20 billion towards the war effort. Females in the lion pride do the hunting and fighting, but when the pride is in mortal danger, the big poppa lion comes out to fight. Soros showing his teeth in January was enough to tip off people that he was worried. This letter, demanding $20 billion from the IMF, is an angry man that knows he is losing. His word choice is closer to a despot extracting money for his war, "immediate cash injection of at least $20 billion, with a promise of more when needed. Ukraine’s partners should provide additional financing conditional on implementation of the IMF-supported program, at their own risk, in line with standard practice". Like so many other things progressives want or believe, Soros thinks if he says it enough, it will come true. It may still happen, but not fast enough for old George. One correction to the Soros letter is that Europe is broke, taking in too many toxic immigrants and drunk on hedonism facing a self-inflicted crisis.

The media is laying the groundwork for the eventual sabotaging of the current Ukraine regime and an arrangement that conforms to Russia's desires. The bad publicity right now for Ukrainian efforts combined with the positive leaks and revelations for Russia bolsters Putin's side. The rebels were reckless, the Ukrainians are using dirty weapons, Putin never made secret deals. These are all items intended to portray the eventual resolution that fits Putin's checklist as something the international community wants, too. Soros sees this and is angry. Americans will not pay attention though because they are barely registering that ISIS has been supported by our Gulf allies for years and received aid from the US when it was an anti-Assad force yet now we must bomb them. If Soros and company want to restart a fight in Ukraine once the Middle East military expenditures drop off, the stove can be turned back to high. Some fake military convoys, a shot down plane that was the only plane sent on that flight path over disputed territory, and Putin = Hitler comparisons should be enough to make the American public forget all about the systemic Ukrainian lies of 2014.


Anonymous said...

The Germans just cleared the Russians of downing MH 17.

I think you need to check that again. The rebels (ie Russians) shot it down according to the German intelligence report. The evidence of that has been clear since they bragged about it in the minutes afterwards. If you are trying to claim it has been part of the Western narrative that the Kremlin itself ordered the shoot down then you must be assuming ignorance on the part of your readers. The Russians did it by mistake then earned the contempt of virtually every aviation observer on earth (no matter their politics) by promulgating via state media some of the dumbest theories in the history of aviation.

Russia inked that huge natgas deal with China, diversifying their consumer base.

The deal is bad for Russia in the long term. The Chinese are rubbing their hands with glee. They probably can't believe how stupid all these white countries are. There is a reason the Kremlin never signed such deals with China in the past.

a shot down plane that was the only plane sent on that flight path over disputed territory

Oh boy.

Russia seems to be the Alt Right version of what Israel is to neocons and fundies or what Obama or the Noble Savage is to progressives. To disagree with an official Russian narrative is heresy!

sykes.1 said...

The Russians most certainly did not shoot down MH17, and it is not proven that the rebels did.

In fact, the most likely culprits are the nazi militias aligned with the Kiev junta. They are true monsters in the 1930's tradition. They murdered over 40 pro-Russian demonstrators in Odessa by fire-bombing a building the demonstrators sought refuge in. They murdered wounded rebels in the east in their hospital beds. And they were involved in the cluster bombing and artillery bombardment of civil homes.

The old principle of "cui bono" suggests that the militias did the shoot-down. They and their junta allies were the only beneficiaries of that outrage.

Throughout this entire crisis, Putin has been the voice of reason. If the US/EU/NATO accedes to his plans for Ukraine (nonaligned, intact borders and a federal system) Europe will be much safer.

Toddy Cat said...

Hi, Mr. Soros, how ya doin?

Anonymous said...

Well, since comment above has already written about the plane incident, I won't cover it, but there are a few questionable things (at least to me) in your post.

Firstly, what are those neo-nazi qualities of Ukrainian politicians? The only thing you could qualify as fascistic (and that would be really, REALLY interesting) was cancellation of Russian language as regional language in Eastern Ukraine's regions with predominant Russian population. That card has been played by Russian news agencies as prime indication of new governments neo-nazi ways, even though it was rolled back pretty soon (when Poroshenko was elected or probably even sooner if I am not mistaken), but I have yet to see any real qualities they showcase.

About European economy and sanctions - I am not really sure they are hurting us (Europeans) that much - I am from a country you could clasify as a transit country, a lot of money we collect to our budget come from re-exportation of goods from Western Europe to Russia and after Russia's sanctions nothing really changed - we are mostly exporting them to Belorussia (which exports them to Russia as "quality Belorussian products") or other CIS countries. Sure, it hurt us, but not that significantly. And Russia is even beginning to cancel some of those sanctions, like lactose free milk products.

About winter - Russia could cut gas to Ukraine, but in theory European countries could resell some of their gas to Ukraine, probably for the most rudimentary needs and for a high price (since that would mean stopping some factories and other things), but even if they don't, they would win more - after all this, to stop selling gas to Ukraine would put a nail to Russia's image in Ukraine. Either way, when your neighbor threatens you with a gun and a cold winter you will not crawl back to them and ask for forgiveness, you will try to search for different sources (like biomass). That would take time and willpower to carry out, but EU would gladly help, since it would mean their biomass companies would get huge free market. Ukrainians are really pissed off at Russia and government could play some historic cards (Holodomor etc.) to solidify this view of Russia.

I really think you are giving too much credit to USA and it's role in Euromaidan and the beginning of this. I've been an avid reader of your blog for more than a year and while I mainly agree with you on most things, this is not one of them - these kinds of things happen because people can freely travel to better living countries, see their economical advance and act, when their country is moving away from it (while welfare system of the West is certainly not the best possible system, it is certainly better than what Ukraine or Russia has to offer). USA got involved, but the revolution (or however you may call it) itself was not sparked by it.
And I kinda think that EU won more than Russia in this incident - while Russia got Crimea and other parts of Ukraine, it lost Ukraine itself.

(sorry for the grammar :) )

Big Bill said...

I highly recommend this documentary of the dismemberment and debt-subjugation of Yugoslavia. The bankstas very effectively used "freedom" and "human rights" rhetoric to shatter the country via CIA/Cultural/Democacy NGOs.

The Ukraine is following the same path. It is currently in the early stages. Once racial/ethnic strife has shattered the local economy, the bankstas will move in with their easy (unrepayable) loans, then follow with austerity policies and a complete takeover of their industries, banks and major manufacturers.

It really doesn't matter what US President is nominally in charge (pace your article above on no "Hope and Change").

The IMF/WTO/Goldman-Sachs money power will win, their domestic economy will evaporate, and they will be ladled unrepayable debt that will be turned into ownership of everything.

The Author said...

Like most places the comments here are full of BS. Three points:

First, there is no solid evidence of who shot down MH17. There isn't now, there wasn't three months ago, and there may never be. Simplest explanation is that rebels shot it down by mistake. But anyone here who says they know who did it (or has a conspiracy theory) is ignorant or a liar.

Second, rebels aren't automatically Russians. See any first hand account in the western media from any point in this conflict. The notion that all the rebels are Russians (or even that a large majority are) is a Ukrainian propaganda fiction and nothing more. Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant or a liar.

Third, denying the neo-nazi element at play in current events is as wrong as calling the Kiev government neo-nazi. There are neo-nazi politicians playing prominent roles, neo-nazi militias fighting on the frontlines, but the top leaders in Ukraine aren't nazis - what they are are nationalists or oligarchs (or the tools of oligarchs).

To finish with an opinion: the main blame for this conflict lies with Washington and allies for giving Kiev the green light to launch a stupid and immoral war in the East of the country.