Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Racism Stories Sportswriters Avoid

The media loves to talk about race. Loves to only talk about it in ways that fits the official narrative. Evil whites, oppressed blacks, nonexistent Asians and Hispanics, and nothing ever changes from 1865 unless it is a good white doing something for an oppressed black (sorry Asians and Hispanics, you don't exist to journalists). Sports writers love a good race story. The great white hope (boxing), the great black hope (quarterback), why aren't there any blacks in baseball, breaking color barriers are constant stories. One story that never gets explored is "why are blacks so racist when it comes to sports".

Just in the last month, two interesting news leaks or quotes have been out there that the media is delicately handling and not taking a moment to analyze or dig deeper. This is in comparison to the deep dive of American racism from leaked Richie Incognito texts that when fully revealed, show Incognito to be not the horrible racist the media portrayed him as and hinted at Jonathan Martin's agent knowing the media would portray it one way. Rookie Nik Stauskas said, "I understand that I'm a rookie and I'm white, so people are going to attack me at all times". After the Percy Harvin trade from the Seattle Seahawks, it has leaked that some players in the Seahawks organization feel Russell Wilson isn't black enough. Keep in mind we have a black president so white he makes Bryant Gumbel look militant.

The Stauskas comments have not created a firestorm of soul searching by NBA writers. The Russell Wilson comment is not putting blacks under the microscope for the concept of black enough. Stauskas is an NBA player voicing the idea that a white will have special focus from other players. I deliberately linked to the NY Daily News article because that writer, in true liberal fashion, managed to avoid the issue of black racism entirely and turn it into a way to talk about white racism. I tip my hat to the mental gymnastics that essay forced him to perform, and the fact that he will have to wake up knowing he is a whore in the service of progressive politics not a sportswriter. How many white kids shy away from basketball due to black behavior? How many American white males over 6'6" as a percentage of population are in the NBA compared to European white males over 6'6"?

Wilson's dilemma is sad. It is partly sad due to the accusation being a slight echo of the "cornball brother" comments about RG3. RG3 was a bit conservative and had a white girlfriend that he married before knocking up. Blacks once again question the blackness of someone, not due to genetic black lineage, but due to not conforming to behavioral norms. Could a single sportswriter connect the two and maybe, just maybe, expand the idea out to the broader cultural problem of black dysfunction? Nature and nurture work to mold people, and if NFL quarterbacks will get the "you are not one of us" treatment for having white friends or being well spoken, what chance does your black friends kid have if he wants to do well in school?

These are simple questions. White kids probably do avoid some sports. It's not all of them, but at the margins. Professional sports like anything elite are a giant funnel. Fewer kids going in means not as many will come out at the end. Let's reverse this. If a liberal is going to tell you that simply the institutional legacy of slavery that ended 150 years ago can affect a modern black kid's SAT scores, why can't tribal aggression on the court influence a white kid to put the ball down? If a million dollar quarterback will get questioned about belonging, any kid can and most kids will want to belong to the crowd. Trayvon and Michael Brown both had dads in their lives, but something happened where they still felt the need to shake down convenience store owners, steal stuff at school, charge cops and/or fat neighborhood watch guys. Let's not talk about that though. Only Southern white coaches can be racist. Everyone knows that.

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nikcrit said...

I was listening to some sports talk radio on the way to work this morning and they were talking about the Wilson story. What struck me first is that the talking heads, who're supposed to be industry insiders, didn't know that Wilson is mixed; this, even though it's been widely established and discussed, especially in Wisconsin because of his UW-madtown tenure, and these radio dudes' show is regional but is locally focused!
They too made the RG3 connection but then just got into the antiracist "what does 'black enough' really mean?" angle, as both their approach and their shield from controversey; to give credit, they did mention aloud that they had some real questions about the approach to this story but were afraid of generating oppressive p.c. repercussions; i mean, most media mainstreamers don't even offer that much disclosure and recusal; they just go into anti-racist pose and gloss and avoid saying substantial from the get-go.

One thing that's curious to me, nad somewhat contradicts what you often here at sites like this and among mainstream chatter: The group I see who are most reflexively accepting of 'white-acting' blacks are young black-and-white proles; they just incorporate that 'white' comportment and verbal cadence in their determining who is a 'white' or a 'black' individual.
I've tried many times, often when discussing stuff with PA, to make that point: prole and even mainstream middle-class blacks don't really get into meta color and ethnicity when making a cultural determination of 'who's black?'
I mean, they probably think of, say, Eric Holder, as more a white man than someone like Shakira, or some other pop vamp who may be white or hispanic but trades black pop-R&B stylings, etc.

nikcrit said...

The story-behind-the-story i'm deciphering is that this whole thing generated via Harvin; he was a problem coming in, while there and now that he's going out, the shite he pulled in Seattle is being aired 'cuz there's less reason now to suppress the truth; furthermore, some local sports reporters I know who dealt with Wilson while he was in college and kept up with him say he and Harvin had problems from the get-go and only now I'm seeing that fact reported in bigtime one-to-many media..
I get the drift of your essay's thesis; black racism is certainly taboo as a msm meme and policy writ large, but I doubt that there's really a big rift among Wilson and more traditional-family black teammates. black guys in their early-to-mid-20s making several million dollars a year after being raised in working-class families have neither the pedigree or inclination to be peeved by mulatto whose affect may be more 'white-acting' than 'black-acting.'
If anything, that difference and the tension it may generate is mild but perhaps is used and amplified when more intense conflict arises amongst teammates, i.e., say the team may resent a coach preferring Wilson over other teammates so they pull the 'white-acting' card on Wilson.
But I'd bet even more that all this is merely the tension that Harvin caused simply coming-to-light now that he's gone. The timing to this story suggests that is very likely.

A general criticism/suggestion FWIW: I agree with your point and polemic, as I said, when applied to msm writ large . But I think you sometimes do what many alt-righters do, however understandable: you don't separate black prole views and positions from mediated middle-class black policy and tactic speech. I mean, I understand why it's often one and teh same in terms of your interests and vantage point. But there's a huge gap within those NAM divides, and often some more basic misperceptions arise from not distinguishing those divides, etc.

eah said...

To me the top sports non-story nowadays is how big-time college sports has been totally corrupted. The two major NCAA sports are football and basketball. Take a look at the tattooed ghetto Blacks out there playing. Does anyone seriously believe they are "student athletes"? That they have any business whatsoever in college? It's disgusting. ESPN made a big deal of the North Carolina shenanigans -- phony classes etc. But the real scandal is a lot bigger and more obvious than that. But don't hold your breath waiting for them to say anything about that.

PA said...

"I mean, they probably think of, say, Eric Holder, as more a white man than someone like Shakira"

Well known exams to the contrary say it ain't so. Every 'oreo' or otherwise non-cultural Black becomes a brotha when: he is charged with a crime; falls out of favor with his White clique; or dies.

Respective examples: OJ Simpson, Colin Powell, Michael Jackson.

Blood > culture

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA - Tiger Woods is prime example. Mofo had said he felt he was more Asian than anything but when he hit rock bottom, blacks took him back.

Nikcrit - I'm not a white nationalist. I dont see a problem with a dominant productive group and culture and a minority that strives to assimilate, be productive and be socially positive. What blacks do now culturally is self segregation combined with massive conformism to keep anyone seeking to better themselves down. The horror stories from my black acquaintances about their kids' friends or former friends are awful.

Eah - There is a reason for the corruption of ncaa being so recent and so complete and I'll get to that. I promise.

nikcrit said...

Mofo had said he felt he was more Asian than anything but when he hit rock bottom, blacks took him back.

Hmmmm. Then I guess that old maxim is true: One man's 'rock bottom' is another man's fantasia de euphoria...

nikcrit said...

Tiger Woods is prime example. Mofo had said he felt he was more Asian than anything but when he hit rock bottom, blacks took him back.

And that would perfectly exemplify the point I made about mediated and tactical views and positions.

Mike said...

Relevant -

Charles Barkley calls out black racism:

Son of Brock Landers said...

Mike - I saw Barkley's words and applauded them. Sad thing is it took him to bring reality into the open. Not a single journalist could say what he could? Come on.

Side note: Met Barkley as a kid, have the pic and autograph to prove it. He said I was the bravest Sixers fan he ever met for wearing Sixers stuff head to toe in Boston Garden.

nikcrit said...

I just a few hours ago caught that Barkley story online.
bit of irony in that Barkley himself has in the past criticized certain black public figures for being 'too white.'
I specifically recall him doing as much to Reggie Miller on the day Miller debuted as a regular NBA broadcaster on TNT. Miller was clearly uncomfortable but he held up and sort-of treated it like a initiation right.
I sorta like Barkley, but fact is he's said a lot of dumb, insulting stuff over the years; for instance, the time he said on the Carson Daly show that he'd kill himself if, as some rumor had it, he was only worth $5 million dollars.
Read the book he 'co-wrote' with Michael Wilbon if you want a glimpse into what a fool Barkley was at times.