Thursday, October 09, 2014

The NFL and Breast Cancer

Ray Rice knocking his wife out is bad. Adrian Peterson whipping his 4 year old son so bad bruising and cuts are still visible a week later is bad. The shortened life span of NFL players and new head injury findings makes the pink breast cancer awareness month a joke. Breast cancer awareness month is upon us. It's a killer. Just about everyone I know has a female family member (immediate or extended) who has either survived or died from breast cancer. Raising awareness of breast cancer is a joke, and a marketing gimmick. Everyone is aware of it. The NFL including a month of pink on the field is a joke (this is after the NFL celebrated Hispanic heritage in September). This is a sport that shortens men's life spans. I'm going to sum up the stupidity of this awareness raising in three sentences.

Over 80% of first time breast cancer diagnoses are in women over 50.
The average age of a former NFL player per a 1994 survey (pre-300 pound lineman expansion) is 55, 52 if you are a lineman.

By the time the average breast cancer diagnosis is made, an NFL lineman has already died.


Anonymous said...

There's this too:

Anonymous said...

My mother is a breast cancer survivor, diagnosed at 56. So far my family has beat the odds, in that there hasn't been a prostate cancer diagnosis yet. Prostate cancer kills nearly as many as breast cancer. My mother, of all people, has come to view the breast cancer awareness campaigns with suspicion. I suppose the tide is turning. Nancy Goodman Brinker will only get paid 390k in 2014 instead of the 675k she has made in prior years.

Portlander said...

None of the women in my or my wife's family has had breast cancer. We both come from large-ish families that don't spend a lot of time or effort on health and doctors. I rather suspect none of them took birth control on any extended basis, I rather suspect none of them had blasts of ionizing radiation aimed at their breast tissue, and all of them have nursed multiple babies.

I don't think that's a coincidence. I think breast cancer is overwhelmingly environmental. How many Mexicans come down with it? I expect they are way under-represented.

As for the "awareness," yeah, it's just a sinecure for those employed by the 501c3's. Breast cancer is right up there with lung cancer and AIDS when it comes to awareness. The awareness is getting old.

Anonymous said...

here is the 1994 study of NFL players.

Everything you have ever heard about it is a lie.

Football players are much healthier than average American man. They have half the death rate of men of the same age.