Monday, October 06, 2014

Secession Will Not Be Clean

In yesterday's post, I cited the American parallels to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. That disintegration is a guide for how things could go. Secession can be a break up into the 50 state units. Secession could be a break up into five or six entities. That will depend on the behavior of those in charge if, or when, it happens. How much will people value autonomy and specifically cultural and social independence. Free association and the right to exclude matter, and we can see it today. A multicultural empire makes people feel insecure. It was a key problem for the AHE as well, and before people start playing games with secession pieces, one has to keep that in mind. Humans and their irrational emotions will make things messy.

The culture wars are still ongoing and as long as we remain one nation of ever increasing diversity, the culture war moves will get odder. Both sides seek to codify into law that which they fear they are not enforcing with social norms. Gay marriage is a perfect example of that. Both the move to codify gay marriage and the move to codify marriage as between men and women. Insecurity drives that desire. Thirty years ago, no one would have even thought of gays marrying, except for some NYC Jews, but as things become unstable, both sides moved to codify their views into law. The AHE went through this with Germanization or even the Catholic/non-Catholic friction within the Empire. Culture war battles are won by the DC-NYC elites, which is constantly forcing their system on a reluctant flyover population. Just this week, the incredibly idiotic things said by government officials and written by leftist pundits have placed multiculturalism and open borders over the common sense approach of quarantine and stopping inbound flights from ebola infected nations. The social and cultural divisions is what will force a break from a financial and economic crisis. The easy money papers over divisions, but when it is gone, the cultural and social divisions will be laid bare.

If you doubt certain elements in American state governments looking at the possibility, look at the gold and silver legal tender legislation that has popped up in some states. The NY Times repeatedly produces hit pieces on North Dakota's oil boom. While it serves the purpose of smearing domestic oil production on private land (Progs: Damn that independent wealth generation!), North Dakota is also the only state with a state run financial institution that operates like a little central bank, and if not perfectly like a central bank, could be altered wonderfully and quickly to fully fit the purpose. By using Occupy minded idiots on the left, a GOP state treasurer in a red state with an eye on the governorship in the 2020s could get one up in running in his state for eventual exit. Some financial vessel would have to accept the Social Security in and out flows when you jump ship?

When secession maps get made, they look incredibly silly if the person has never stepped foot outside their home region. Illinois is always slipped over to whatever region is a "blue state" region, but the bottom 2/3 of Illinois is much more like Indiana and Missouri than your average Acela corridor location. How do you categorize Florida? How about any state with one major metropolis that throws everything out of whack? County by county voting coloring might be a better reflection of reality. Secession is more city vs. rural, which is something Spengler mentioned with the city human being any piece that was part of the maw. I've written before how California's brand of left is more one party, Latin American style than New England's Western European styled progressivism, and that is mostly demographics. I can envision 50 separate units like our states. I also can envision rump states like Cascadia, California, Texas, North Mexico, Red State America, Acela Corridor-burg and then there is that pesky Upper Midwest.

I focus on Chicago for a reason. The corruption is scandalous with the gangs providing the electoral muscle to the politicians. The asset stripping has begun to pay off short term debts. Per the steady posts of Steve Sailer, the city's civil government, financial and real estate powers, under Rahm Emanuel, are attempting a NYC/DC styled, long term gentrification project. Projects and decisions that have a long term effect on the entire state are all due to the systemic dysfunction and rot within the metropolis. Industry flees down state Illinois for other states because of state government financial decisions that are to support Chicago's political machine, which is patronage to maintain dominance of state wide elections and the presidential electoral votes. How does Illinois act in a secession movement? Who splits from whom and who declares allegiance to what authority? Even if the state is allowed to split intact, if the rabble still call for "one man, one vote" elections, what type of oversight is given to that election? Gangs and fraud might be palatable in our fat empire stage, but possibly not if a new organization is at risk.

That really is the key. Authority, people, and the belief that people are different or people are all the same and no matter the packaging they are a good little Progressive just under the surface. Break up is a longer shot, but the very policies with immigration that move the US closer to Brazil could be the ignition to the secession movement. While assimilation happened to a good degree with pre-1925 immigration, it needed multiple national traumas (World War Two and the Depression) and a leadership group to emulate (WASPs) to succeed. My small town had multiple ethnic festivals that slowly dwindled or disappeared due to assimilation into "American". Post-1965 immigration has been a disaster because of our managerial, Harvard selected elite and the multiculturalism doctrine. Not assimilating feeds into secession by setting up Pakistan on the Mississippi, Mogadishu in the Twin Cities and whatever you want to call Miami. No nationwide problems will be fixed, and battles for codification of cultural mores will become worse. Things can break, but do not expect a result to resemble the 50 different puzzle pieces you see in a grade school classroom.

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Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

How on earth did the U.S. mainstream media (e.g. MSNBC, CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc.) create a baboonish term like "Hispanic"? Isn't Hispanic as derived from Hispania (Spain)? It's a linguistic designation and not a cultural/ethnic one?

Latin American is an inaccurate term since it implies a sole ancestral family tree and doesn't showcase the miscegenation, or the fusion of cultures.

Most people in Central-South America (e.g. Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay), with the exception of Uruguay and Argentina, have diverse levels of Native Amerindian (female) ancestry since the white European ancestry is mostly male (this repeats itself in Brazil as well, but it was mostly white male colonizer/immigrant on black female slave/prostitute).

There's even a caste system for such names.


As time went on, a caste system developed where society was divided based on race, wealth, and where one was born. The main divisions were as follows:

1.Peninsular – a European born in Spain;
2.Criollo (fem. criolla) – a White person with Spanish or European descent born in the Americas;
3.Mestizo (fem. mestiza) – a person of mixed White European and Amerindian ancestry;
4.Pardo (fem. parda) – a person of mixed white European, Native American Indian and African Black ancestry;
5.Indio (fem. India) – a person who is a pure native of, or indigenous to, the Americas;
6.Mulato (fem. mulata) – a person of mixed White European and Black African ancestry;
7.Zambo – a person of mixed Black African and Native American Indian Ancestry;
8.Negro (fem. negra) – a person of African descent.

If Hispanic refers to language then I understand. Most mestizos speak Spanish. If it refers to ethnicity/culture, then it would be slightly inaccurate, since Mestizo = Mixed = Fused.

Central-South American culture (mostly Spanish) is a fusion between Native Amerindian and Spanish customs (it's not solely Spanish).

Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

Break up is a longer shot, but the very policies with immigration that move the US closer to Brazil could be the ignition to the secession movement.

Brazil? Never. Brazil is more stable (favelas are just 6% of the entire population, 12 million out of 200 million) and the only country which speaks Portuguese in South America.

If anything, one should fear in becoming Honduras, Guatemala, Peru or Bolivia. Aztecs and other Native Amerindians in your midst, with their whole rituals of cannibalism and strange sorcery.

I'm fully convinced that it's the higher ups in Spanish-speaking Central-South America, the Euro elite, the highest caste, which are fueling the immigration wave of lower Native Amerindians into the United States of America.

They want to get rid of the dregs in their country, the drunk driving and materialist "Indios", who have made their nations experience some level of poverty.

You can see them in the Spanish-derived Soap Operas, they all look white and speak Castilian style Spanish.

nikcrit said...

I never before knew of your March post referencing chicago gang culture and its political and economic clout in chicago; many don't realize the extent of gang political clout in chicago that you referenced. basically, the south-side land-owning class, in terms of both domestic residences and corporate office space, is held by former gang lords and/friends or family associates... some of the gangs you cite in your march post on the matter are a bit dated, i.e., they've been renamed, but its otherwise on the money. lthat being said, chicago is sort-of a special case; since prohibition and it's gangster-fab hey-day, it's been inextricably bound to underworld finance and machinations ------chi never really had a chance to transcend its roots, and basically it did not and now can not. From Al Capone to the El Rukns and Jeff Fort, the destiny of the rest of the state is as bound to chi follies as you imply but wtf really knows. Perhaps nothing else was ever really possible, given the particulars of its beginnings.

nikcrit said...


btw, i happened to be in your fine city for a night last weekend; i decided to tag along on a family chore; didn't really see much beyond getting in at dusk on Saturday and heading back on Sunday by noon ----- after a good-but-inflated breakfast buffet at Shula's steakhouse.....lolzz..

nikcrit said...

O.T. edit: got back monday, not sunday..... good time; reminds me of home in many ways ------ but wheere's your lake?

Toddy Cat said...

Actually, Nixon created the category "Hispanic", to try to counterbalance Blacks. Nixon often had this way of outsmarting himself, as you can see...

Anti-Democracy Activist said...

Secession will never be complete until the megacities are expelled from the surrounding states. For example, the writer is correct that an Illinois run by Chicago will be one no different than one run by Washington. Force the megacities out - make them independent city states - chase them out at gunpoint or by starvation if you must. But you will never be free as long as they weigh you down.

Your Kakistocracy said...

As Singapore was kicked out of Malaysia in 1965.

Corvinus said...

The problem here is the arm-chair warriors who lament about the likely destruction of the US, that it is inevitable and therefore state “well, can’t do anything about it, so let’s enjoy the decline”, are actually contributing to the acceleration of its downward spiral through their inaction to even slow it down or stop it -and- are promoting their “Fantasy Island” fetish of shooting off their guns at “progs” and “vibrants” when the moment finally arrives.

As an aside, the "pump and dump" mantra by Roissy and his acolytes in particular is the primary factor why young males in their 20's have no compulsion to settle down and raise a family.

However, let us entertain this thought. Liberals are evil. That is a given, right? And Christians have God and morality on their side. So, it stands to reason that we have a duty to murder liberals and their offspring. That is the only way to move in the right direction as a nation.

Are you guys going to be there front and center? Or are you simply going to play "armchair warrior"?

Piroko said...

This is the secession map.

CarpeOro said...

Actually, Brazil had quite a few secessionist movements in their past history (enough that Giuseppe Garibaldi was involved in one. The Red Shirts of the Risorgimento came from that). Considering the barrios around Chicago (where I currently live in exile), where you can go to shops where no one speaks English, I would expect a very bloody breakup. There can be no real trust where there is no communication.

Weary G said...

"As an aside, the "pump and dump" mantra by Roissy and his acolytes in particular is the primary factor why young males in their 20's have no compulsion to settle down and raise a family."

Uh, no.

Young males in their 20's have no compulsion to settle down and raise a family because such arrangements have little to offer nowadays, except liabilities and heartbreak. If you bothered to understand Red Pill Theories beyond the PUA realm, you might understand get it.

The fact that you invert the cause and effect in the face of reality tells me all I need to know about your mindset.

"However, let us entertain this thought. Liberals are evil. That is a given, right?"

Well, as the host of the site shows, liberal policies and mindsets are pushing multi-cultural concerns ahead of public health and safety concerns in regards to Ebola. This increases the possibility for a pandemic to begin here, which could cause potentially thousands of deaths and possibly lead to significant social upheaval.

Now, that is either incredibly stupid and short-sited in its lack of understanding of the threat and potential consequences, or it is action take with full knowledge of the needless and great risks for death and social chaos (more death) which would seem to at least rank as malevolent.

So, take your pick: Evil or stupid?

And to use your "front and center" challenge, if your local community suffers any sort of outbreak of Ebola, are you going to be "front and center" tending to the dead and dying?

If not, STFU.