Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Reason to Distrust the Feds with Ebola

Ebola finally made it to American shores. Quicker than expected, and it made it here despite Vox stating it only had an 18% chance of doing so. This really was not hard to protect against. Quarantine all travelers who have been to afflicted nations for 21 days. Yes, it messes with their personal life, but we are talking about a deadly disease. Funny how the government is silent on the infected person being a citizen or not. We cannot have this messing up their immigration reform plans. We cannot stop flights because of the economy.  I am a bit cautious and worried for a variety of reasons but one specific reason is Andrew Speaker. Andrew Speaker shows just how faulty and soft our CDC and federal agencies can be.

Andrew Speaker was diagnosed with tuberculosis. It is a bit of he said-she said with what happened, but it also reveals the imperfect nature of humans that our analysts overlook. Speaker was diagnosed with TB and still went forward with his wedding and honeymoon. The CDC say they advised him not to travel, but why could they not just bar him from leaving the nation? The CDC has advisory powers, which is weaker than the EPA that can rain holy hell on anyone they find in violation of their regulations and codes. Maybe that stems from the CDC being created in the '40s vs. the EPA's '70s origins. Speaker pulled an act worthy of "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?". He bounced around several European nations, eventually renting a car and entering the US from Canada, making his way through customs easily despite a warning being out for him that hit when his passport was scanned. He claimed that he made the trek himself because the CDC would not pay for arrangements back to the US.

This was in 2007; post-9/11 changes to security. They failed to scratch together the cash for a flight in an era of bigger government budgets. Our border specifically had a warning for him, but he did not look sick, so the guard let him through. Speaker, a lawyer, also was a bit odd in still going through with his wedding and honeymoon despite the TB diagnosis. He was also a bit odd with his behavior. I guess going to an American embassy never crossed his mind, which is Foreign Travel 101 whenever you have a problem. Humans are odd and oftentimes stupid, and we should freely admit this when life and death matter. Ebola has a 21 day incubation period. This really is not hard. Stop flights from infected nations (sorry 3-6K passengers). Quarantine anyone coming from or through infected nations immediately upon landing in the US. Once anyone shows any signs, lock them down in quarantine. Given our techno-police state tracking capabilities, this is not that hard, but neither was the problem of containing one man with TB. We still failed.


PA said...

O/T: at times I'd say that we -- WN, ant-Right, nationalists, patriots, anti-globalists -- need our own inspiring anthems and ballads. Our own "Imagine".

It seems that in mainstream recorded music, we've got something: Morrissey, "World Peace is None of Your Business."

The lyrics can for the most part be appreciated by us and by Lefties, except that in a few places Morrissey sticks in a few shards of glass. In particular in the first verse when he says "Work hard and sweetly pay your taxes" ... and toward the end where he disses the holy sacrament of liberalism: "Each time you vote you support the process"

Morrissey (a great voice BTW, forgot all about him since my Smiths phase in the early 90s) has been in the news for racisss utterances, posing with skinheads, and criticizing immigration to England.

Good song musically too. Check it out. Was released last year.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I will listen. Morrisey did have a great voice and for some reason despite being melancholy didnt take off like a bird during the downerearly '90s. "How Son is Now" was the soundtrack to a bunch of my teenage hook ups. I hear that song and automatically think of undoing a girl's Wonderbra.

I've also been looking into the austro-hungarian history books i have. The poles were one of the groups the leadership could throw crumbs to for autonomy as long as they supported the germans' wishes. There wwere phony separatists and legit separatists in the AH empire. That set up could not last because the groups were too different and their differences were not as great as our ethnic groups.

PA said...

for some reason despite being melancholy didnt take off like a bird during the downerearly '90s

The Cure was big then. Maybe they covered that niche.

peterike said...

Morrissey was quite brilliant with The Smiths. He even snuck in an ambiguously anti-abortion song with "This Night Has Opened My Eyes." And he wrote the greatest "I'm a miserable teenager" song ever, which is "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want," which sums up the total agonized teen experience in under two minutes.

As for Ebola, we're doomed. You could show up at JFK bleeding from your eyes and they'd let you in because racism. I just really hope a bunch of the children of hedge fund masters get Ebola and bleed out right in front of their eyes.

peterike said...

Speaking of Morrissey...

peterike said...

Five kids exposed to Ebola Patient Zero.

"Duncan — a Monrovia resident who had a layover in Belgium on his way to visit family in Texas — may have also spread the disease to at least one other person he met with before being hospitalized, health officials said Wednesday."

Let 'em all in!

nikcrit said...

From the inimitable "Gawker":

The big white hero to millions of depressed suburbanites let his true feelings about the Chinese come out in the interview, which is due out tomorrow. A longtime animal rights advocate, Morrissey decided to rail on China's treatment of animals:

Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can't help but feel that the Chinese are a subspecies."

"Meeeat is Murrrrrdah!"

eah said...

Tell me about it.

About this guy from Liberia that they for who knows what reason gave a visa to -- from the Center for Immigration Studies:

That is six strikes against his application:



Liberian (5th highest overstay rate of any country in the world)

Living outside country of citizenship

First time traveler to the United States

Sister living in the United States

peterike said...

The handling of all this is so incredibly stupid and duplicitous that you'd almost think it was, I dunno, on purpose or something.

Nah! Our noble leaders would never do such a thing.

sykes.1 said...

The deeper problem is that all of the US science agencies (CDC, EPA, FDA, PHS, NASA, NOAA, etc) and their staffs have been heavily politicized. The staffs in particular are delusional with PC madness and are incapable of making sound scientific judgements even in their own areas of expertise. Freiden is not lying to us about Duncan and Ebola risk. He is delusional and actually believes the nonsense he is spouting.

PA said...

"How Son is Now" was the soundtrack to a bunch of my teenage hook ups.

My bra-unsnapping soundtrack is U2's "Achtung Baby"