Wednesday, October 08, 2014

NY Times Tries to Make Pedophiles Victims

The great US culture wars continue, but what is the next front? I was a believer in polygamy being the next push. I still am. It is a bit easier sell tot he masses, and any argument for gay marriage applies to polygamy except for the fact that polygamy has a long historical tradition across multiple ethnicities and religions. Forget why many groups banned it, just move back to polygamy for "progress". The trans* thing is really weird, and I don't think there is any amount of Hollywood conditioning that is going to make Americans tolerate that, forget acceptance. The NY Times decided to dip its talon claws into the culture war front by suggesting in an op-ed that we should consider pedophilia a disorder, not a crime and realize that pedos are suffering from our current mean treatment of them.

This is pretty amazing chutzpah to throw this out there decades after the gay community pressured the American Psychiatric Association to not call homose a mental disorder. Her discussion of pedo being a disorder suddenly opens the door to asking if all the other deviancies are a disorder. Recall that no one in academia calls these behaviors deviant anymore, as everything must be accepted. To suddenly label a sexual behavior a disorder, well why not go the next step and say that trans people have a disorder or even go back to say gays suffer a mental disorder? Are we going to have that talk, Margo? That would be a bad slippery slope, so we will not. This is similar to progressive defense of blank slate, no gender differences, et cetera, because if they concede on one, suddenly the entire gamut of prog beliefs is open to attack as it is the same garbage.

Another interesting bit in her essay is the discussion that 1% of adult men feel pedo attraction (prepubescent). This is despite the fact that recent surveys are putting the gay male percentage of the population around 3%, and this is after decades of saying it was 10%. Kaplan wants us to believe that 3% of men are gay and pedo men are 1/3 that size. I refuse to believe until widespread surveys show it, that there are 4.5 million gay men out there and 1.5 mil pedo men. I can believe the 4.5 million gay guy number, but the idea that for every three gay guys I find I should in a separate realm find a pedo is ridiculous (not calling gays pedos, just using one to reference small population size). We will not see those surveys though because as Kaplan said, the pedos are so horribly oppressed with their feelings they cannot discuss it. Boohoo. Just keep it to yourself pedos. Kaplan wants to roll back provisions that we have in different legislation to loosen things up so pedos can get treatment and work jobs around kids. Kaplan has done this before but with something else: HIV. Kaplan has written and fought against HIV spreading through sex criminal laws. Kaplan also is against HIV shaming. Kaplan obviously is obsessed with fighting for the most wretched human beings that she has no concept of societal safety.

I am nearly certain Kaplan is Jewish, and I am very certain she has no children. I have little nieces. I have small children of my own. If someone said they were attracted to them but was not going to act on it, I'd want them sent to a deserted Pacific Island where we performed nuclear tests. This is why I consider the sub-Saharan African "cure AIDS through sex with a 2 year old" a sign of evil and retardation. I do not care if they are taking their meds. We make alcoholics jump through many hoops to get their driver's license back, so why should we be helpful to pedophiles at all? That type of attraction is a disorder, and the sign of a broken human being. I looks at pedos as people we should be hanging in the town square when caught. Sure, it is a disorder, and a crime, and I do not want your part of the gene pool to pass on your pedo-ness or be free to roam and molest kids. These are not oppressed victims; these are people who are messed up in the head and should be sequestered.

Kaplan states how tough it is to fight for the rights of minorities even when they cause harm. Maybe that is a sign that you should not fight for them. It might be a sign to stop, you the interloper advocate, and realize that if someone advocating for his or her group is so repugnant to humanity that no one wants them around, where even prisoners beat and kill them in prison society, that maybe you should walk away. Not every minority group needs or deserves a white knight. Kaplan probably has a deeper psychological need for this. I cannot imagine what tiny, little minority group with weird customs and deviant behavior that is involved with causing harm to society Ms. Kaplan may have in the back of her mind when she is talking of the oppressed and emotionally tortured pedos in our midst that she eagerly wants to change our laws to empower.


peppermint said...

the trans* thing is transhumanist - I'm not sure why the "outside in" guy isn't on board with it - and it has the advantage of being aggressively counter-intuitive. Socialist propaganda isn't made to persuade anymore, now that the socialists have power their propaganda is made to humiliate.

In retrospect, gay marriage was too easy. It was too easy to make people say the right things. It's harder to make people state or tacitly assent that children in kindergarten must be allowed to choose which bathroom to go to, especially uncool people who have, have had, or take care of kids.

peppermint said...

compassion towards the wicked – is cruelty to all beings -- Maimonedes

And look, Jewish subversion tries to convince Whites to be compassionate towards the wicked.

bruce said...

Decent people who support gay rights naturally want to think gay stuff and ped stuff are totally different, no overlap, nothing to see here move on. W H Auden's view that 'the Lolita personality is common in 14 year old boys', Samuel Delany's NAMBLA support, and chicken rooms in most gay bars are crimefacts.

Anonymous said...

Parents who teach their children to be far too obedient to supposed authorities produce the victims of pedophiles.

At the very least do an investigation to see if the parent is overprotective. If the parent is found to be overprotective charge them instead of the pedophile.

Big Bill said...

Homosexuals are eager to get at little boys. Always have been. I expect the push for pedo normalization is just the next front in WW-G (as Steve Sailer puts it).

dfordoom said...

"Homosexuals are eager to get at little boys. Always have been. I expect the push for pedo normalization is just the next front in WW-G (as Steve Sailer puts it)."

I've been predicting that this would be the next stage. Once homosexuality is accepted as normal then every perversion must eventually be accepted as normal.

nikcrit said...

I'd say it's close to voucher-proof that "Kaplan" is a Jewish name; had two profs or lecturers with that name.

You make your points rhetorical and we all empathize, of course ----- but it is noteworthy to mention that Kaplan's essay did appear as an op-ed column on the editorial page, so it's a bit unfair to literally put it as "NY Times Tries to Make Pedophiles Victims," etc., blah-blah, woof-woof.

Furthermore, in the last graph of her essay, Kaplan more or less spells out the dilemma: for strictly practical purposes and gains, academic inquiry into pedophilia is a separate issue from how to legally and socially deal with its practitioners; everyone I know would agree that total and unrepentant ostracization is the appropriate emotional response.

I'm just saying...

Dan said...

I am a young father of four. If an adult molested one of them, I would spend all the savings I have and my parents would spend all of theirs, in prosecution efforts.

So thats a mil plus right there. And I would probably make it my life's work to put the creep behind bars, so that is another big chunk.

Multiply this my millions of helicopter parents, and I don't think the pedophiles make much headway.

Also, there must be a number of government jobs in place in the FBI and such centered on going after pedophiles. They are probably here to stay.

As for the trans thing, I think that what will derail it are lawsuits from people who had their reproductive function purposefully destroyed while they were minors. Then they will grow up and sue the adults that made it happen because they wanted to have children after all. They will argue that they could not have legally consented because they were minors.

ivvenalis said...

Disagree on polygamy (it will be called "polyamory" when it does take off). The wrong kind of white people engage in polygamy. Trannies are more anathema to traditional whites, so they're next up. Polygamy will come next in the quest to epater led blanches, probably followed by bestiality. Incest if that's a bridge too far but, again, Wrong Kind of White People again.

peterike said...

Surely, we want America to be the kind of place where sexual predators no longer have to live life in the shadows, where they can receive the proper government provided medial care, free housing, and access to schools. If we deny this to pedophiles, we are no better than the Russians.

The really crazy thing? None of what I just wrote would feel too surprising if Obama said it.

As for Kaplan, there is a strain among certain Jews that truly seeks to destroy the societies they live in. Even if that means their own immolation. Their animus is so intense that they will sacrifice themselves in the process of killing the host they live on.

I suspect this is ultimately genetic and not cultural as Jews have done this for centuries, everywhere they show up. Though it is probably more Ashkenazim than Sephardic. Basically, the Jews of Europe and Russia.