Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How They Keep Enterovirus 68 Numbers Down

"You know your child might have that enterovirus that is going around. Wellllllll the test for it takes time and there is no antibiotic or special treatment for it. It just has to run its course. Just check for wet diapers and make sure your baby is hydrated. Thanks, buh-bye."

That is the gist of how the doctor talked to my wife when she brought our daughter in for a really weird emergency a few weekends ago. My daughter had an eye irritation. Wife brought her to the clinic. She was around plenty of sick kids there. She developed what seemed like a cold, which my wife caught as well. A few days later, my daughter was acting funny. Her breathing was off. We put her down for a nap, then she woke up crying, shaking and running a fever. She felt cold to the touch and her lips and hands were purple. I run warm, so I held her, but she quivered away. Her temperature got to 102 at the hospital, but it eventually came down. She came home, and the worst had passed. She slowly got better. My wife kept coughing for a few weeks.

That weekend doctor speech flew under our radar until that little boy died from enterovirus 68. I share this just to say, whatever the case count is for enterovirus 68, it is a massive undercount. They are probably getting away with this because there is no cure, it is a lot like the flu and rarely does it kill. They can keep official numbers down to the high risk kids; those with asthma or bronchial problems. It would be incredibly bad optics for our CDC if the enterovirus was running rampant through the nation while they are suppose to be the knights in medical suits to protect us from ebola.

People might also ask about how this virus that rarely happens has had a massive outbreak in the US this fall. People might also wonder about the tales from doctors and nurses that tell of government officials criticizing them for publicizing any medical problems with the little kids who somehow made it up from central America through Mexico to the US completely without the aid of adults. People might also find that those types of viruses are common in Latin American countries that are the source of these parentless immigrant children. At least one politician noticed it, but he's just a xenophobic right winger. Nothing to see here, move along.


peterike said...

The Obama administration has gone into hyper-drive to flood the nation with illegals, for whom they will soon spring the amnesty surprise. Dems will be locked in forever as the ruling class as a result.

What, disease? Social impact? Economic impact? None of this affects the Dem hierarchy, their K Street enablers, the media elites, etc. The fact that it crushes Joe The Plumber is a feature, not a bug. In fact, it's the key feature, since Joe is the real enemy here, the goy peasant that has to be destroyed because pogroms, or something.

America is being annihilated in real-time, right in front of our eyes. The Republican vermin just let it happen, with a few exceptions who speak truth to power. But you know, power always wins against truth.

Meanwhile, the media goes batshit crazy over the latest voter ID ruling, because that's the biggest threat to the Dems lock on votes: the massive, MASSIVE, unchecked voter fraud in cities controlled by Dem machines.

Look kids, it's over. The oligarchs have won. The only way out is massive, systemic societal collapse, and I don't think that's coming. It will be a slow, miserable grind. Just suck it up, pretend you're a Progressive, and go get a federal government job in some agency that supports the power structure because those will be the last jobs left in America.

eah said...

The Obama administration has gone into hyper-drive to flood the nation with illegals,...

People who oppose this nation-destroying immigration -- as any reasonable person should, especially any right-thinking white person -- have to address one important point that is, at least in part, behind the push for immigrants, legal or illegal: the coming tsunami of unpayable entitlements, ie medicare and social security for the retiring baby-boomers. Here is a table on the SSA web site. There you see eg that in 1950 there were 16 workers for every retiree, now less than 3. There are several causes for this, decades-long reduced baby-having by white women in particular among them (it's more important that they do shit jobs I guess).

Without QE-infinity, which is rightly seen as a real threat to US economic hegemony and stability, they have to boost this ratio. And, barring significant tax increases which would damage the economy, the most obvious way to do that is to massively import more workers, all the while seemingly paying little attention to who they are, what kinds of jobs they will be able to do, ie how much taxable wealth they can create, where those jobs will come from, etc etc.

My solution: default on the debt. Might as well, as the interest payments alone will become gigantic in a couple of generations. What's going on now -- the present generation taking on massive debt to be paid down by future generations -- is positively immoral.

You know the old saying: if I owe you a hundred bucks I have a problem; if I owe you $10k then you have a problem.

Well people who foolishly loaned and are continuing to loan the US all that money will soon have a problem.

nikcrit said...


Hmmm... If that's how you sound on a sunny and clear autumn Wednesday I wonder how glum are ye visions on a rainy and gray Monday morning? lol..

Try to remember what we talked about a few weeks ago: it was only fifteen years ago when Forbes, Inc. and other financial rags were forecasting that mass 'millionaire middle-class' in the new-millenium recession-free America...we need 'the next' IT boom: a boom that's average-consumer-driven rather than industrial-insider and heavily regulated, a la 'alternative energy.'

Portlander said...

Sorry to read about your daughter. Glad to hear she's come out of it OK. I know for myself, every time our kids catch a bug from school or whatever I can't help but wonder if this is the one that's going to kick them in the arse. I've never before had to so much as give a second thought about my kids health and infectious diseases. Thanks Obama.