Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Whitewashing Seeking Arrangement

The Internet has shown the perfect market that the sex trade is. It's a filthy market, but people can seek what they want and the price is set by supply and demand. Craigslist, Backpages, Chaturbate, escort sites, you name it, it is out there. The media reports on these issues, as well as prostitution in general, and has to wear their progressive blinders. They recently took a stab at reporting on Seeking Arrangement. Seeking Arrangement puts together young women (mostly) with older men (mostly) for a mutually beneficial relationship where money can find hotties for whatever they are looking for. This is the most dressed up, glorified version of Seeking Arrangement possible, and still it is just a website that enables whoring.

The articles kicks off with how it is going to sell you on this site being more than whoring. A man over 60 years old on Wall Street sends a limo to Princeton to call her in for a night cap. That is a 100 mile round trip journey for sex, "apartment decorating" and a send off with some cash. This is to help pay for schooling, as we are clued in on this by the articles title how sugar daddies are financing college.

Things not discussed:
1. Loans doing nothing good for school costs
2. Tuition increases being the problem, yet no politician mentioning this.
3. Loans being pumped out at absurd levels with forced payback.
4. Why do we have a job market that requires degrees when degrees are increasingly useless or unnecessary?

Those are big picture system issues the article cannot touch, and remember this article is to explain how it is NOT simply prostitution. The article's choice of lead example "Princeton senior" is to further push that point. See, even the smart girls are doing it! Let's discuss the problems there. Check out Princeton's incoming freshman profile (could be any year, always the same kids). Everyone is getting 100% of tuition covered if your family makes up to $120,000 annually. If your parents are making over 60K annually, you get less 100% of tuition, room and board as aid, but by that point, do you think they are whoring to cover costs or for something else? Stafford loans, family savings and some budgeting could cover the remainder considering the income needed to not receive aid. This escort money is for other things. Spending money? Use her looks for a quick buck? The media would never entertain that thought.

Their example becomes a symbol. throughout this article, the focus is on intellect. Men want a smart girl who will understand their lives. Men want more than sex. Men constantly bring up a girl being smart. Newsflash media, men will talk about a girl's brains before sex for an envelope of cash so she thinks we respect her for her mind and don't consider her a cheap whore. "I totally respect you even if we get busy" was the theme to many '70s rock ballads. Hold onto that illusion that you're still a smart, good girl. These women get attention because the profile picture. If they were ugly women from Princeton or in a masters program, they would not get hits. Has Tinder taught us nothing? Swipe left. The entry into the lobby is good looks, maybe how high you go depends on smarts, nah, stick to looks. 

Even the guy doing the documentary shills for the brains idea. "Dating a college woman fulfills these guys' wildest dreams. They want someone highly educated who is eager to learn," says Parinda Waniwat. No. They want someone highly attractive who is a sure thing to bang that might not come with normal escort risk. The fantasy is that these guys can have an 18-25 year old beautiful woman in bed, have as wild of a session of sex as they desire, and she'll listen to their life instead of running out for meth, coke or crack. The fantasy is not a smart girl, but Atlantic readers, especially women, want to think these Wall Street rich guys want a smart woman who knows what these rich men are talking about. The article mentions men wanting someone who can come on trips or business dinners with them as if this is something new. Raise your hand if you've been to a banquet or business dinner and were certain someone brought a hooker. I've seen this happen at charity events, and heard a lie about graduating from Vassar get sniffed out by another date who actually went to Vassar.

This is awfully similar to the article on men looking for companionship, not just sex, from their hookers. I went to this site. They claim just under 50% of the women are in college. College or no college, selling your body still makes you a whore. She might just be one that can use a slightly better vocabulary and have fewer tattoos. Even so, the college student number does not specify college student at brick and mortar institution under age 25. How many of these colleges students are online university girls signing up for the free premium account? I browsed Seeking Arrangement and saw a bunch of 25-30 year old women. We can dress this up as men wanting women who they can talk to (somehow it's impossible for rich men to find girlfriends in NYC). We can say that these are college girls trying to pay for school (flimsy evidence as examples of comp include credit cards and gifts). We can end the essay with "it can't really be prostitution". We can say all of these things over and over again, but it doesn't make them true.


Anonymous said...

Carol Kitchener is a young, attractive Princeton grad. Originally from New Canaan. Went to a private catholic school. now trying to make it as a writer.


1) auto-biographical? Hmm.

2) fabricated? for attention.

3) truly indicative of the cluelessness of young feminists?

My guess is 1 or 2.

Your article is great - really sad that this was published in the Atlantic.

Chris said...

Excellent point. Of course, my synapses fired to this specific exchange:

Socialite: "Mr. Churchill, what kind of woman do you think I am?!"

Churchill: "Madam, we've already established that. Now we are haggling about the price.”

nikcrit said...

Trends like this gotta be super-depressing to young men in their late teens/early 20s, those just entering the mating game sweepstakes.

Hypergamy is a bittersweet reality for any blooming entrant; but institutionally digitalized hypergamy has to be a ballbuster.

nikcrit said...

I don't quite get the point your going for, if anything specific, in your essay: are you saying the writer avoids the whoring implications, i.e., 'whitewashing?' No, she clearly equates the site and practice with prostitution, as you yourself seemed to have pointed out.
And she doesn't seem to be moralizing over that fact too much. More than anything, the piece just seems to be pretty much basic reporting, with some commentary on how the site's p.r. aims and self-perception downplays the pure-prostitution aspect of the enterprise, which is of course quite pronounced yet understandably downplayed.

I'm not clear on what you seem to be criticizing, but sense that i'm overlooking something basic or just plain missing something here.

sykes.1 said...

Ever since Griswold v. Conn (which legalized the sale of contraceptives to married couples), there has been no Constitutional warrant for any legislation that seeks to regulate sexual activities between consenting individuals. The courts have been slow to ban such laws but the trend is obvious.

Note that I didn't say adults. The age of consent a generation ago was 16 in most states and 13 in many: i.e., anytime after puberty. NAMBLA is agitating for reducing the age of consent to its historic norms and will likely succeed.

So, it is not merely contraception in the marriage bed that is licit. Nowadays, homosexual relationships are legal everywhere and homosexual marriage is legal in many places. A legal same sex marriage between two heterosexual men recently occurred so that the men could enjoy the various financial and tax benefits of marriage. Polygamy is next on the table and obviously will be legal everywhere soon. Whole groups might get married for financial and tax reasons. Then comes prostitution.

We may be able to hold the line at pedophilia (which is define as prepubescent sex) and bestiallity. But that's it.

Anonymous said...

Well, to be sure, Vassar was a pretty safe bet for the escort to pick.

Son of Brock Landers said...

It was excruciating when she said she was a Sociology major and the other date had been as well and said a Professor's name and she froze. The dress and body that filled it were the giveaways. I can recall it now 10 years later.

Steve Sailer said...

Didn't Woody Allen write a story about "The Whore of Mensa?"

Steve Sailer said...