Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Quick Book Recommendation - The Leipzig Connection

Another very quick book recommendation for the history of school in America is "The Leipzig Connection". This book is more a long pamphlet, going for about 100 pages. With how often Charlotte Iserbyt referred to this work, I decided to pick it up for myself. It is a quick and easy read on the fundamental changes in American education that started in the early 20th century. It traces the changes in American education to the roots in German psychology. 

Wilhelm Wundt to be exact, who is considered the father of psychology. Psychology and philosophy had been mixed previously, but Wundt stressed the need for measurement and analysis that one could define. Like a good German, he wanted to make it a science. His students took this idea and ran with it, influencing American schooling to this day. The researchers do refer to preparing students for a democratic society, and really, why did no one ask, "What does that exactly mean and how does that exactly differ from before". What is interesting is how once again those Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations pumped money into these radical and untested ideas, never removing money when the ideas flopped. These guys are not all communists, but it is ammunition to the thesis that psychology, and the "sciencing" of psychology, has been an amazing tool and weapon for the progressives. You can pick this up cheap from Heron Books on Amazon.


nikcrit said...

"Wilhelm Wundt to be exact, who is considered the father of psychology"

Hmmm... I'd be willing to argue that that distinction belongs to one William James, at least group psychology.

nikcrit said...

RE. peterike's New Yorker-piece link:
"Yet the rhetoric of Netanyahu’s circle has never been more confident. In a recent talk, Dermer argued that Israel is a regional superpower, with much to give in its relationship with the U.S. “America’s most important ally in the twentieth century was Great Britain,” he said. “Your most important ally in the twenty-first century is going to be the State of Israel.”

I had some mid-day downtime today and found myself reading that piece in its entirety. That was something else, man; i wonder how many other such lobby groups hold that kind of sway ------ or how many such groups are 'not officially' PACs but bundle and swoop up more cash than the best 'official' PACs?
Consider the bluster in that above quote; it's almost comical ------ except for the fact that his words will probably prove to be prophetic.

peterike said...


Yeah, I was amazed myself. I figured they had pull, but the street-level organization, the relentless pressure tactics -- threats, really -- placed on Persons of Congress was more than I realized. It really wakes you up when you understand that AIPAC essentially tells people "do what we want or you'll lose your next election because we'll pull money from you and fund your opponent." It's THAT blatant. And yes, how many other organizations are doing this?

It's definitely an eye-opening piece, and I'm still amazed The New Yorker published it. Props to them.

Going back to a few posts ago, you had asked me about any shows I was watching lately. Really, I haven't found much good stuff lately. I bailed on a few series. I liked "True Detective" -- good but not great. I just started watching "Orphan Black" on the rec of a friend. It wasn't bad but not sure it's going to be my cup of tea. I'm not a huge fan of those "what's going on? who is behind this crazy conspiracy?" type of shows (unless it's about AIPAC). And the actress is hot. Also began watching "Copper." Not bad. I'm a sucker for historical drama and New York City based shows (even if it's 1800s NYC).

Still highly recommend "Peep Show" if you want to get some good laughs. It's so unlike American comedy. Very twisted. And it plays up manosphere themes, since it basically could be called "Beta and Alpha Odd Couple." And it's served up in 20-something minute increments.

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