Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cold Summer

I'm in the Midwest so maybe this is a local bias, but it has been a cold summer.

Indianapolis had a record cold July. Fluke, fluke fluke.

One of the coldest Julys in Cleveland. Weather, not climate.

Record cold July is changing the leaves in the Pittsburgh area. Whocoodanode?

That is a summer after the Global Warming expedition was stuck in the ice in Antarctica. Shhh, miles further out to sea than the Scott expedition in the footsteps they were following.

This summer Antarctic ice set a new record for square miles. Global warming to blame of course.

Must be why they sent in the clowns for the Climate Justice March.

"And where are the clowns? There ought to be clowns..."


Anonymous said...

the latest liberal spin is that global warming is in the water, and water temps were at record highs. so even if we're freezing our asses off on land, we should still be worried because the seas are warmer.

in the meanwhile - arctic ice sheet was thickest in 100+ years - September 2014.

PA said...

If global warming were real, I'd be very afraid of it. If there is a new ice age coming, not so much.

nickbsteves said...

Certainly was cooler than average in NJ... marvelously pleasant. Come to think of it, we had boatloads of snow last winter too...