Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Note on ISIS Beheading Videos

The ISIS beheading videos were interesting. No blood. No actual beheadings. One reporters speech was gelded SWPL approved blaming America and wishing he wasn't American. That's the spirit. Way to go out on top! This is the exact opposite of Jeremiah Denton who blinked MORSE code to people back home to reveal the Vietnamese were torturing him. The videos have done their job as public opinion is attuned to ISIS and the problems ISIS might send our way. How did we get those videos? A little group called SITE released the videos.

SITE is an acronym for the Search for International Terrorist Entities as a play on words with the SETI science program (they also now track white supremacist groups). The SITE Institute is a terrorist tracking organization that has provided some scoops like the 2007 video of Osama Bin Laden looking tan, without any greys and kind of CGI-ish. A site with amore critical eye on them is Source Watch, which reveals that this is basically a front for the NatSec Deep State. SITE is a 501c3 which multiple years received over $500,000 from the federal government. The founder of their organization has briefed different security agencies, and they run a subscription service to keep tabs on terrorists. How many dummy accounts are paying for subscriptions in that boondoggle?

It is amazing how they get the videos and information even before big media entities. How do they infiltrate? Looking at tanned and rested founder Rita Katz, an Iraqi Jew and IDF veteran, has gone undercover in the past and has deep contacts within multiple organizations. Please read the Wikipedia entry for Katz to learn the horror story of her father's death (true, false, who knows). In the CNN video I linked two sentences ago she lies that Sotloff was beheaded in the video. No beheadings in these videos. Katz is a bit of a self promoter, and plays well with the national security team. This institute was founded right after September 11th to help track terrorists and gin up support when the powers that be need it. She is at that weird nexus of a "mediapolitics" and power.

ISIS is a group the US and its allies have given support to since 2011. ISIS is a convenient danger to rouse people to more action in the Middle East, more arms spending (haha budget cuts), and more meddling with those designated villains we have not dealt with (Assad and Iran). SITE comes along with videos of beheadings. SITE is a designated non-profit (lay people incorrectly think nonpartisan) that acts as an expert for talking head shows. The talking heads scare just enough of the population and then, bang, we have an urgent need for intervention from just enough people. I am not saying these videos are fake or that the reporters are alive. The links just stink to high heaven.


sykes.1 said...

Have there been any actual beheadings, or are the victims still wandering around the Middle East?

eah said...

Reminds me of that girl and her fake/orchestrated testimony about baby incubators prior to the first gulf/Iraq war. Tom Lantos -- a Jew -- was up to his eyeballs in that scam. Yet he left this earth a hero.

PukeSkywalker said...

I've watched the first two videos. There is always a cut after the speech but before the neck-sawing part.

What is striking after that cut is

1. How suddenly pale the victim is

2. How docile their reaction is

I think it is safe to assume that the captives are heavily dosed with opiates before being decapitated. Maybe they're a little high when they give their speech. They're in heroin country. Not sure about poppy production in Syria and Iraq, but if they're so close to Afghanistan it's not hard to imagine.

If this is true, it makes the videos seem slightly less cruel but a Lot more cynical. Dispassionately cutting off heads like it is was a direct order from the Marketing department.

Weird stuff

Chris said...

Think about the motive: you're ISIS, why the heck would you want to anger the US? It's almost irrational - you're doing great taking over these cities. Why would you want to behead anyone to anger the Great Satan? These groups are not irrational, especially when they are are fighting. Why do this right now?

I agree w/ SOBL1 - the time, the's all a little convenient, isn't it?