Tuesday, August 05, 2014

We Legitimately Cannot Discuss Everyone All of the Time

Part of the progressive mind is the idea that everything must be made perfect to count. Hypocrisy is the greatest sin. In the public realm, this does not apply to their side. One maniac shoots up a movie theater, ban all guns these maniacs are loose! You did not mention Sacajawea during a Western Expansion course? Horrible racist sexist system! Not citing every tiny little contribution from every fringe group is a crime, and this applies in reverse to examples of what progressives consider bad. It is impossible to discuss everything. It is impossible to stop everything bad from ever happening again. Our schools have limited time with students of increasingly limited abilities to cram in every person of importance. If we could, children would know Charles Kettering.

A list of great Americans for public consumption sadly would list politicians and whatever feminist and/or minority studies tokens. Thomas Edison would make it with a squint and grimace from the magazine editor. Charles Kettering could and should be on that list. Kettering held almost 200 patents and is part of the reason you live in technological comfort. Freon for air conditioning? Kettering. Electric ignitions for cars to stop hand cranking? Kettering. Two stroke engine efficiency that allowed for the development of diesel trains? Kettering. Leaded gasoline? Kettering, but wait, that one had a massive downside. Kettering founded Delco and touched many other projects that allow modern comforts to exist now. Kettering was a science and technology guy but attuned to practical applications and the consumer market. Capitalism called for a self starting ignition, and Kettering answered the call.

Could American students identify him or even recognize the name? No. Does this make whining about students not knowing some lab assistant who was black or a woman stupid? Yes, but it becomes a weapon for progressives to use against the oppressive white, male system. Does it also make modern educators making a big deal out of gambling aficionado Ada Lovelace's one bit algorithm in her Notes and calling her the world's first computer programmer dumb hyperbole? Yes. This is our education system and the public space the progressives force on us. As far as Kettering, do we have a man like him around now that went blue collar to white collar, got a degree at nearly thirty, and became a driving force for so much innovation? ... No? Surprising considering the many additional millions we have now studying at our universities. To honor him, drive your car with the AC on to a commuter rail for a train ride into a city.


peterike said...

It is impossible to discuss everything.


But it's true how the mass of PC mediocrities has crowded out so many truly great people (e.g. tons of white males). I would be curious to see a current American History textbook geared at like 7th graders. I'm sure they are scrapping the barrel for just one more Hispanic "hero" to cite. Maybe the guy that invented putting salsa on a taco or something.

PA said...

I have no idea what they indoctrinate in public schools today. But I recently went to a local public library. On the "featured books" table in the children's section they had a big hardcover book about 60s sit-ins. The title was something like "They sat down to stand up," and the illustration was a bunch of righteously angry negro faces.

It's wild, how the Civil Rights regime is running on fumes. Nobody is inspired or motivated by it. It's an unspoken joke. Dinosaur-dyke librarians represent the regime, masses of middle class parents who ignored the displayed book are the citizens.

Fucking seriously. Civil Rights, aka the right of blacks to scavange on and destroy White social capital, culminated in Trayvon "Good Ridance" Martin's skittles.

Anonymous said...

Contemporary U.S. College=Marxist indoctrination center.
I love those memes of the hippie college girl with fun captions like your rights end where my feelings begin or gender studies degree, worthless.
Smart people who think for themselves are hard to control and that is the last thing globalist elites want.

nikcrit said...

I have no idea what they indoctrinate in public schools today

No you and much of the alt-right clearly does not have any idea, as you tirelessly build-up leftist strawmen and knock them down again and again and again.

HELLO! the jaded wisecrackers of the left are the most reckless and dubious wisecrackers of leftist rhetorical folly. Your 'peak negro'zeitgesit-racial fantasia was preceded by hipster negro cynicism before it ever had its fleeting mainstream moment.
those white kids gathering in Washington Square Park in
trayvon-solidarity mode are neither 'peak-negro'-weary NOR inclined to indulge empirically clinic examinations of the martin-
zimmerman trial transcript; no, they're ramping up the racial dichotomy and appropriating the underdog energy for whatever cause or vanity they can siphon it off and into in that precise moment.

And that is a abstract social impulse that is meta, widespread and definintely ins't changing anytime soon.

nikcrit said...

whoa, sorry SOBL,

something went wrong, and my 'comment' got garbled; it combined two separate remarks that got stuck in edit mode.

PA said...

Hey, check out Nikcrit's incoherent ejaculation.

nikcrit said...

Hey, check out Nikcrit's incoherent ejaculation.

Hey now, I said it was techno-garble glitch.

I mean, can't a brother get a Mulligan here? lolzz