Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Skirt Break

It has been a weird summer hasn't it? We don't have shark stories or normal lame-o filler articles that the media spends time on rather than engage in deep dives or investigative reports. This summer is full of Bond villains like ISIS, coups in Thailand, Israelis and Palestinians fighting (again, shocking), blacks rioting over a criminal who attacked a cop, (again, shocking) Russia and China outmaneuvering the US, Germany inching towards Russia, Pakistan a mess, and an eeeeeeee-bola outbreak the Africans cannot control. The summer has also been oddly cool, outside the drought in California, and my lunch breaks have been spent outdoors enjoying the nice 75 degree weather. I have noticed a ton of women wearing skirts and summer dresses. Seems more than normal this summer or maybe it is just cooler so more are eating lunch outdoors. Try as they might, the feminists cannot kill the urge for women to feel sexy.

I'm a people watcher. I'm a girl watcher. The Internet is a cornucopia in that regard. It's the selfie society. For some cheesecake on this Friday (technically tomorrow), I thought I'd showcase two wonderful models (former) that you can easily Google and find a lot of NSFW and SFW pictures. A couple decades ago when glamour models had some cache and could be on those Pay Per View Playboy specials, these two would have been rolling in the dough. If you are old enough to remember, they were 55 minute specials that were made for Scramblevision viewing ("Guys, it gets clear 36 minutes into it for 2 minutes!"). They both do a great sexy, serious look and have great smiles. If a model cannot do the sexy serious look, they just have her smile. Go back to my American Pie post and take note of the four actresses. Happy Friday!

The blond is Ancilla Tilia from the Netherlands. She is one of those women who can wear her hair any color and look great. She did glamour and latex modeling. 

The best way I'd describe her is you know how the media and bros describe how hot Scarlett Johansson is? That is how Ancilla Tilia looks. Curves in the right places and amazing symmetry. Does media stuff now, and still looks awesome.

 The brunette is Katie Fey or Eugenia Diordiychuk. Ukrainian model who Google will return a banquet of NSFW images. She might look familiar if you check our American Apparel advertisements. 
It was very difficult finding any pictures of her in clothing. Phenomenal body. Gorgeous woman.
It's Summer. Get out. Not all is lost, just the broken world around you. Build anew. There are hot women to meet.

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