Thursday, August 14, 2014

Russia, The Isolated Extrovert

Often in the US media there is the word isolated or isolation to refer to Russia or Vlad Putin. Putin is isolated. Russia is facing isolation. It is either wishful thinking or projection by or elite media. All one has to do is take a look at moves and headlines from around the globe to get a feel for reality.

Hungary mentions the
idea of moving towards a Russia or Chinese model. A few months back, I wrote about Hungary, but now the US media is using the phrase "the mask is off". Oh my God, the mask is off. Orban came to power through the ballot. His party engineered some changes to secure power, and now he is straying from the liberal democracy path. Liberal democracy looking authoritarian and dysfunctional now. Maybe this explains the NY Times project of reporting anti-semitism in Hungary.

Russia has expanding bilateral trade agreements and currency usage. They are not alone. China now conducts 20% of all its trade in yuan as opposed to 2% in 2010. Evading the dollar is the game for anyone who sees the future.

Russia and China are setting up a joint university. Cooperation in academia. Maybe they can have an Isolation Studies Department.

As discussed yesterday, Merkel is working directly with Russia for some resolution to the Ukrainian situation. Germany has been very slow to support the US sanctions on Russia. The sanctions hurt Europe significantly.
Economic and political pain is coming.

Russia and Turkey are
discussing trade agreements and the possibility of just using lira and rubles to settle trade. Turkey is a bit of a large country with an economy almost a trillion in size (17th largest worldwide). Turkey is in a special spot for pipeline construction from the heart of oil production to Europe (Caspian Sea prospects, not just the Middle East). Turkey also has a Byzantine internal political situation. Who exactly does the US support? What if Erdogan needs a helping hand or support to stay in power? Either way, the Turks are talking big money with the Russians.

Modi knifed the WTO. This is not the end of globalization, but by golly, it sure does make things look tougher. The agreement went from a sure thing to nope. It also is a push for nationalist ambitions away from the banker-globalist cabal. That is generally the problem here. There are leaders with nationalist leanings and others with globalist leanings. Putin and Modi are two of them. India and China have had beef with the idea of new WTO agreements and global accords that force climate change restrictions on them. The US is still pushing for carbon control. A wounded WTO will wound global attempts at forced climate control. India, kind of a big county (10th largest economy).

Very limited of course, but the vulture fund shakedown going on with Argentina is pushing
Argentina into the arms of Russia and China. Argentina is a basket case economically, and should be careful what it wishes for but is sending diplomats to Russia as I type. Still, all Russia and China have to do is create a plausible alternative to the US $ system.

The Russians countered sanctions with food import bans, and then upped their food imports from Brazil.
Hurt Euros and help BRICs. It is a simple substitution.

Russia keeps buying gold, which is odd... or is it? many other central banks keep buying gold.

Russia also signed a new
$20 billion oil agreement with Iran. That is pretty weird. Russia seems to get somewhere in their negotiations with Iran, while the US just hits a wall. Maybe the US wants to finish the negotiations but AIPAC and the Saudis keep interfering.

The Saudis are talking to Russia as well, but do not forget Egypt. Arms deals and trade rolling on between those two.

Remind me? What is the meaning of the word isolated? Looking at the links above, I cannot help but think the Russians are working feverishly at making friends. Making friends with people who might be disgruntled with Uncle Sam. It is as if Russia realized to hurt the US, they would have to hurt current customers so they secured huge commodities deals with non-European customers to make up for the adverse effects on Russia. A smart play about Russian counter-sanctions is that it hurts the nations who are not instigating these sanctions and just giving the US some bodies behind it for global support. Some countries may crack, some may not and see their economies get dinged and maybe the Western banking vultures move in on them, but either way, if nations' economies slump enough to cause problems or nations stop supporting American sanctions, it will be the US that stands isolated.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry comrade Dear Leader Messiah Hussein the Immaculate will smite the evil Russkie KGB kung fu chessmaster with his magic midas touch.
The Audacity of Hype, yes we can!
All kidding aside if Russia is so isolated then what is up with the French selling them ships, China just approved direct shipments of fruits and vegetables and what of the BRICS nations getting together to cut the dollar out of the picture?

sykes.1 said...

You left out Putin's recent tour of Latin America, the proposed military bases in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela and the Nicaraguan Canal.

Anonymous said...

War is coming with Russia and thankfully our comrades in the rainbow collective have selected Dear Leader Messiah to lead us to glorious victories.
We will emerge victorious against Adolf Hitler Jr. and those dumbass peasant Russians because Dear Leader Messiah is a military genius who makes Sun Zu and Clausewitz look like rookies.

Toddy Cat said...

I never thought that I would say this, but it serves us right. We went from being the good (or at least the better) guys in the Cold War, to being an ignorant, arrogant bunch of hegemonists in about twenty years. When the USSR collapsed, we had a once in a century opportunity to set the world back on course, after the lingering catastrophe of WWI - and we blew it. I wish the Russians, Indians, and Chinese luck, and better and more responsible leadership than we had

Anonymous said...

How dare those untermenschen (subhuman) Russians mock our half breed mongrel maggot messiah who is the greatest human being ever to inahle oxygen: