Sunday, August 24, 2014

Ferguson + Blacks' Trapped Status

Dear readers (all 50 of you), normally I post Mon-Tues on subjects, themes or ideas that are related, then the rest of the week is a free for all. With the media created circus and fake conversation on race spawned by events in Ferguson, I thought I'd devote a week to American blacks. I've written about blacks randomly, and through my black acquaintances feel they are in a mess partly due to history, partly of their own making, and partly due to elite manipulation and perverse incentive mechanisms. This is post one. I'll hit my normal topics politics, recent history, sports, stupidity in the media and academia, women (Fri-Sat cheesecake), etc. Something different to spice up the Summer.


I have not written about the Ferguson rioting, looting, police reaction, media circus because we all should let the facts come out first. Steve Sailer and Handle have provided good commentary on the media event of the summer. Of course this looks like Trayvon the sequel, because it is just another outrage cycle event. There will be another, and another and another. This is an emotional laxative for blacks  who as a collective are caught in a trap where their only allies (elite leftist whites) use them for votes to gain power but live far away and watch blacks drop further behind. Note some differences this time though in the outrage cycle. Al Sharpton is asking for protesters to avoid violence. He did not do that at Freddie's Fashion Mart. No one is buying this stuff except true believers on the left and those who need this to work the system. Even Obama's reaction is far different. Mike Brown isn't his son like Trayvon was. Do you feel the tightening of black leader sphincters? Why are there even national black leaders? As Jim Brown said, if there were more men in the home being leaders for their families, there would be no need for a national leader. This episode reveals, if anything, the sad trap that blacks find themselves in on a socioeconomic and political level in America.

No one in the media is touching Ferguson's history because it would reveal the black hot potato and locust effect other cities and inner suburbs have experienced. Ferguson was a commuter community even as far back as the 19th century. It was turned into a charter city in 1954 along with some other suburbs of St. Louis as whites fled the city and those communities wanted to protect themselves. St. Louis, and the Federal government, decided to move the poor of St. Louis to the Pruitt-Igoe projects. Those projects were started with high hopes in 1950 and completed in 1954. The idea was that the poor housing stock and decaying old homes enabled and fostered crime. Move those people to clean, new facilities and everything would improve. They were intended to house whites and blacks with a mix of families and young, urban professionals. It did not work out that way. How fast did the projects devolve into ruin? By 1972, the apartment buildings were demolished. The Soviets still have some of their projects up. These lasted less than two decades. The city has recently engaged in gentrification, which pushed poorer residents out to cheaper suburbs. This is why whites dropped from 73% of Ferguson to roughly 30% in just twenty years. Where do those blacks come from, and is it just the same reshuffling of working class-underclass blacks St. Louis has been doing for seventy five years? Shhh, do not bring this up media.

Blacks themselves have caught on to the game and are nervous. Comics have figured out how the gays have taken over for the left's pet group. Just call gay marriage a civil right around a black coworker. The under-reported Hispanic-black race war does not seem to be working out in the blacks' favor. The Obamas are not inspiring a rush to nuptials or lowering of the illegitimacy rate. This Ferguson episode shows some things that no one will discuss. Here is one of the young men going to college, with a father, and he still was robbing stores, pushing around people and attacking police officers. He was sucked into the cultural thug effect. Even our half-black, raised exclusively by whites and Asians president feels the need to blacken up. That is why he was shot. If he had acted like the fairy tale "hands up, don't shoot", he'd be alive. This is not Alabama in 1945 or Boston in 1975. Looking at Officer's situation and Zimmerman's before him, no white wants to be the Mississippi Burning candidate of the year.

Blacks cannot even protest like they used to. Gone are the suits, Sunday dresses and slow but proud singing. Protests turn to riots and peaceful marchers look like looters from the get go. This actually hurts the left as burning cities inspires law and order backlash, and God forbid some whites get nudged out of their carbohydrates and entertainment stupor. Riots are not even what they used to be, as the police are armed and supplied for anything. Did Trayvon mark a turning point? Probably, but the Duke Lacrosse situation might have been the start. Everyone on the left looked like a clown for that, and gave the alternative media some spirit. Did the counterweight media already anticipate the Trayvoning of Mike Brown and move quickly? Yes. No little kiddie pictures released this time. The police were involved here, and smartly gave the Feds the finger. It is one week in, and the jokes about six autopsies, the 300 lb "boy", and other things have started. If not for the Jews and agnostic Protestants in the media taking the protestors' side, no one would care but since only 25% of whites are, can the apathy get worse (Hispanics care less so than even whites)?

Here's the secret behind this sad state of affairs. They took the handouts first, just as LBJ expected, and were bought cheaper and earlier (don't worry, "they" buy us all eventually). Blacks did not think long term and slid right to voting 90% for Democrats. Every incentive, every policy initiative, and every media project is to maintain that blind obedience. You can believe they vote or not, because just by registering they get into the "vote reservoir" and participation can be geared up or down as the Democrats' need per state or nationally for POTUS. Had the blacks stayed at say 70% and oscillated 15% per election, they would see much more action from either side (ex: 85% in high year like '08 Obama, maybe 55% in a high GOP year like '02). Democrats know they are a sure thing, so they only need to keep welfare flowing and make work jobs alive. No cares about social dysfunction or crime victimization in the community. Just show up for a photo-op with shirt sleeves rolled up to the elbow. The GOP can write them off because they are not getting traction. No core problems will get addressed since the dysfunction creates more need for government programs (education & social work) or law & order (construction & prison contracts), helping either side.

The blacks are caught in a bind, and politically the left still needs that 90%. With control of the media, the GOP will never chip it down to 66%. Look at exit poll data (even in Obama years). If 90% turns to 66% in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and in some years Minnesota and Wisconsin, they have a huge problem (2004 becomes a W landslide). It has turned out good for blacks, right? Any socioeconomic measure improved since 1964? Any measure, compared to fifty years ago, that is improving or anyone is truly addressing? No, and no one will care. Eventually Jim Crow and apartheid will find a way into daily life, using progressive word cloaking and real estate pricing to make it happen. I'm sorry blacks. Not for anything I or my people are accused of doing today, but for your state of affairs. Hispanics outnumber you by 10 million, Asians flex their political muscles in California, and your buddies in Congress still want more of them to come here and compete against you. What privilege do "English as a foreign language" immigrants have over blacks? It may be a struggle now, but it will get worse.


Chris said...

Harsh but true. As we become tribalized, if I were a senior black leader, I'd have had this talk with my cohorts back in 2000. Alas, there's no there there.

For some background, in Roger Stone's new book on Nixon, Nixon and his senior campaign staff thought after '68 that middle class blacks were a target audience to go along with the conservative south and ethnic whites.

How far we have fallen, reminds me of Christie's comment to Booker when driving through Newark planning how to spend Faceborg's blackmail money - "I think 6 people voted for me here." I'd take the under there, CC.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Might have to pick up the Stone book.

It's a combo of the cultural watchdogs spurring the worst in them, welfare killing their already matriarchal societal set up and the crack epidemic. Crack destroyedman neighborhoods and the backlash that changed law enforcement hurt them. Having that "talk" in 2000 makes sense but everyday blacks did not grok Hispanic numbers and total fertility rate then. If you tell them Hispanic population stats, their face is a combination of surprise and horror.

PA said...

Blacks live in high density black areas and they see themselves overrepresented in pop culture, advertising and sports -- all of which makes them overestimate their own numbers.

Portlander said...

I hadn't come across Handle's Haus before. He's pretty sharp, and thorough.

Since you've listed Sailer & HH, are you familiar with Conservative Tree House? As if the name wasn't a dead give-away, they tilt strongly Conservative/O’Tayle, but they cover every last detail of the event. The lead blogger there is very sharp, very thorough, and not a self-parodying ideologue, which makes it great for cutting through the propaganda the cathedral serves as the "news."

Chris said...

Portlander, if there's a big story (benghazi, trayvon, etc.) CTH has it covered like no one else. Well worth going down the rabbit holes over there imho.

I have some thoughts on the Stone's terribly written and edited w/ multiple spelling errors throughout (at 704 pages, and a good editor could've lopped off 150 easy). My guess it was rushed to meet the 40 year anniversary date. In a nutshell, Roger's modus operandi is to quote the best from the, say 20 best books on Nixon and his closest cohorts, add his own experiences and interviews/research and then publish. Not bad idea, especially for those us who don't want to read Agnew's/Deans'/Ehrlichman's biographies, you know? But as I said, there are numerous annoying spelling and grammar errors (and repeated thoughts). So 4*s for content, 2*s for readability (out of 5) so far. About halfway through.

Toddy Cat said...

Funny, there are actually a few issues where the GOP might gain some traction among Blacks - gay marriage and immigration. And of course, these are the issues that mainstream Republicans can't run away from fast enough, because it might piss off Sheldon Adelson or something. No wonder they call them "the Stupid Party).

Portlander said...

If there's a big story getting buried (benghazi, trayvon, etc.) CTH has it covered.

Agreed. :)

Anonymous said...

Great analysis. It's such a shame how badly they're getting played.

I watched "Let The Fire Burn" last week and it was wild seeing how black people spoke in the 70s vs now.

Let's compound this with the fact that many successful black men marrying non-black wives. The community is slowly loosing its best men.

I'd love to hear some hypothetical solutions

Son of Brock Landers said...

Anon - Of course I have a fix. Come back later this week.

nikcrit said...

Blacks live in high density black areas and they see themselves overrepresented in pop culture, advertising and sports -- all of which makes them overestimate their own numbers.

I think that's true for many neutral whites as well. A mutual friend of me and mine were talking, he's white, lower-middle-class roots; a showband drummer who also drives semis coast-to-coast ----- all-in-all, your non-college-educated middle-class dude, about 70k per-year (i.e, he peppers his casual political views with terms like 'Red China' and 'the Jew network', etc.

Anyhow, I told him how many black kids I deal with believe blacks are the majority race in America, simply because they're self-absorbed and extrapolate their personal experience and demographics onto the world-at-large,etc.
And this white friend of ours, he said: "Oh, blacks aren't the majority, but they're at least 40% of the U.S. population, etc."
We went on to argue for a minute; he conceded it might be less than 40%, but he was absolutely resolute that it was nowhere-near as low as 13%, which is the figure I cited offhand....I think many Americans, of many race and class demos, are greatly off in their casual assumptions about population breakdown in America.

Toddy Cat said...

"he peppers his casual political views with terms like 'Red China' and 'the Jew network', etc."

Get this guy a blog!

Curia Regis said...

"they're self-absorbed and extrapolate their personal experience and demographics onto the world-at-large"

Whites do exactly the same thing, they look around their lily white suburbs and think "hey, we need some diversity here".

Meanwhile whites (as in all combined European ethnics) are about 12% of the global population. Diversity my arse.