Monday, August 25, 2014

Ethnic Cleansing of a Black Stronghold

Oh the fun one can have with newspaper archives. Historians, like the communist Howard Zinn, like to say that the ballot box has been used as a relief valve for social duress. That might work within a civilized society with a proper execution of the rule of law. It might work with rulers aligned to the area they administer. It does not happen in 21st century America. As America's rulers continue to push the multicultural line, it might be best to review an example of ethnic cleansing in the heart of vibrancy: southern California. It might come as a shock to rap historians but the city of Compton (bow wow wow), has switched from a black stronghold to a Hispanic redoubt with wombs, horrible methods and tribal solidarity.

Compton was a black city with national exposure thanks to early '90s rap music. Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and transplant Snoop Dogg rapped often about the mean streets of Compton. From a young G's perspective, it was a place where black boys become men and a veritable school of hard knocks. With Hispanic immigration in the 1990s, the Mexicans creeping north of the border found cheap real estate in Compton. They were fruitful and multiplied in Compton, but as the LA Times pointed out in 1998, they were still on the outside looking in politically. They were being excluded from power. Black leaders told them to go get the votes, and then maybe they could enjoy some of the leadership positions. Reading the Times report, there is a feeling that Southern California communities will find a way to share power and work together, it just needs time. Hispanics and blacks got along for the most part per the Times. This is a bit disingenuous because the Times has to play dumb about how the blacks ran whites out of neighborhoods and ascended to power in certain neighborhoods. Mexicans decided to take a similar route but slightly different.

Flash forward to 2013, the LA Times is running articles on Latino gangs terrorizing black residents in Compton. Hispanics now make up 65% of residents. Yes, the black Compton black rapper Kendrick Lamar raps about is a fantasy. Latinos did not bother to peacefully assemble voters, per the guidance of black leaders. instead, they decided to bring in the numbers and terrorize the other tribe. The Times is very detailed with the official ways the Latinos scare away blacks.

The attackers left, but a half-hour later a crowd of as many as 20 people stood on the lawn yelling threats and epithets. A beer bottle crashed through the living room window as the youngsters watched in horror."They were scared if they called the sheriff they'd be killed," Westin said. "So they called their mom, who called the Sheriff's Department."

I guess "snitches get stitches" is only acceptable when blacks use it to terrorize their own neighborhoods. The Times also thinks they can say the Compton homes were "well maintained" by blacks two decades ago. Not buying it as Snoop and Dre told me Compton was da mean streetz. I dislike anyone being terrorized by neighbors for simply being different, but it is incredibly hard for me to be sympathetic to an extended group (blacks) who have engaged in similar if not worse ways of chasing other people out of neighborhoods. Change black to white and Latino to black, and those instances of terrorizing are the same as in any neighborhood that has experienced white flight. The press and cops were quick to say none of the terrorized were connected to gangs. Yes, same goes for the millions of whites who fled cities after World War Two. The methods are not as organized and overt, but robbing your white neighbors and intimidating them is the same problem as described here.

The tragic part of this is found in statements by a city council member. "We need to address these issues," she said. "Because if they continue to fester like this, then it can spread to the whole city." Sorry, council member, but this is what happens across America when these two groups collide. The Times is silent on the black on brown crime that has gone on for decades combined with blacks freezing out Hispanics in the past. Hispanics now have the numbers, and score slightly better on almost every socioeconomic indicator. LA is ground zero but Hispanics now outnumber blacks in Chicago's public school system. Chicago has seen Mexican gangs move in, chip away at black territory, and then watch as they exhibit greater ethnic solidarity and let the black gangs gun each other down. Blacks have been on the losing end. This is horrible and an example of ethnic cleansing. As I wrote before on this very article, Hispanics move into those areas due to cheap rent or property, have nowhere to economically escape to, and they bring machetes and guns for retaliation.

The problem that blacks face is lack of capital and poor family foundations. When whites flee an area, they move 10 minutes further away and rebuild. On Indianapolis' Northside, one can witness what has happened to Lawrence Townships' schools and the decline creep northward and just drive ten minutes north to Fishers and see the gleaming new developments built after 1995. Blacks are not known for wealth or working capital. Middle class whites have been abandoning California, and the wealthy whites have their financial apartheid set up, so where oh where can they go? There is also another downside to the black community, and that is the moment anyone gets status or money in the community, they bail on their people. Nino Brown gave turkeys out at Thanksgiving, but your average black millionaire is hightailing it out of the hood. The article ends with the sad message that a man was shot for his skin color. This is ethnic cleansing, and only acceptable to discuss in the media because blacks are the victims. This is not the beginning nor is it the end, but it is a small tale in the diversity + proximity = war tale. The "no majority America of 2050" looks scarier by the day. 


Anonymous said...

It's not going to be 2050. It's going to be much sooner. Five or ten years.

PA said...

"When whites flee an area, they move 10 minutes further away and rebuild"

That's harder now with many Whites being underwater on their mortgages.

sykes.1 said...

The Hispanics are Mexicans and some Central Americans and are mostly Indios. Some don't even speak Spanish and weren't assimilated to the Mexican or Central American Ruling Class culture.

However, it appears they are useful in containing the black underclass and they are better workers, so mass immigration might be a net positive.

peterike said...

However, it appears they are useful in containing the black underclass and they are better workers, so mass immigration might be a net positive.

They aren't containing the black underclass. They are shoving them out of their historical ghettos, and given the money pot of government housing, Section 8 and other subsidies, these blacks end up moving into white working class neighborhoods and ruining them. Like Ferguson, Mo.

nikcrit said...

IDK about the coasts, but there is much underclass interaction among blacks and latinos in the upper-midwest, including chicago.

i mean, the two major vice and underwiorld coalitions in my neck of the u.s.-of-a. are the Gangster Disciples and the Latin Kings, and they're very, very 'integrated,' i.e., many kings that we'd here agree are 'black' and many 'hispanics' are disciples, the once-official black gang derived from the ol' chi-town El Rukns, of jeff fort fame.....
We've had this discussion before,but i say with nary an ounce of racial swagger, that i just don't see much enmity between lower-class and lower-middle-class blacks and latinos; the public high-school's certainly don't contain said enmity; fresh-off-the-boat mexicans may stick among their own, but puerto ricans are one and the same with blacks, and that seems consistently true among mexicans within a generation or two, as these youth all---- white, black and brown ------ appropriate ghetto-black pop culture looks, music and lingo into their identities rather quickly n routinely.
I wish there existed more white-euro influence; at some of the 'gifted' white and black high-schools i encounter, i notice not only the white kids, but also the black kids, have incorporated a somewhat alt-pop-ironic-emo-type music preferences, looks and dispositions.

I think the trend sobl cites is pretty much contained to l.a. and in general; perhaps in texas and other southwestern areas, too.

I don't know; the gangs in chi can stand up to just about any part of the country in terms of toughness--- and that insolence has a rainbow coalition definition 'round these here parts, i tell you.
'Black 'burbs" in chi and milwaukee are mainly on the north and south border-suburbs, respectively, and are anywhere from 30 to 50-percent black, perhaps a bit higher-black percentage in chicago.

Toddy Cat said...

Not sure that we're talking about gangs here Nikcrit. This seems to be an example of dislike at the personal level. Gangs can always get together to make money - Hell, back in the old days even the Italians and the Jews cooperated in rum-running. But living in the same neighborhoods is another matter. I mean, someone is running the blacks out of Compton, and I doubt if it's Klan members who happen to have a nice, even tan.

nikccrit said...

Not sure that we're talking about gangs here Nikcrit. This seems to be an example of dislike at the personal level. Gangs can always get together to make money

Perhaps. I do tend to summon a rather young demo when i get anecdotal on this issue; it's just that here in the rustbelt, in my particular town, the non-p.r. hispanics live on the south-side and never really co-existed in black 'hoods. in fact, the replacement demo reality here was in the near south-side: once a city-defining demo of working-class poles and germans, the area is now a total working-to-middle-class barrio; total mexican takeover, with the working-class whites pushed west or south into southern milwaukee suburbs such as cudahy.

I'm going to l.a. in a few weeks for a conference; used to go there routinely for work. i'm going to do a little self-initiated investigating. i have no reason to doubt a thing; just wondering if my circumstances ten and more years ago led me to ignore certain realities. I'm used to a reflexive fusing of black and p.r. culture and identity; i'm often confused for being a p.r., dusky mu-lat-oo that i am!

Toddy Cat said...

Get back to us, Nikcrit. Your unique vantage point might get you some insights the rest of us have little access to. If the media is trying to create a "Blacks victimized by Hispanics" story out of nothing, that's important, too.