Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blacks, Let's Make a Deal

Sometimes a problem gets so big that people stop trying to address it. Sometimes a problem is so thorny that even to touch it is to inflict pain. Sometimes you have to cut the Gordian knot. There are rumblings of secession. There are calls for black cops for black neighborhoods. There is always a search for black educators to teach black students. I read earlier in the year a gentleman call for reparations for blacks. We need to right a historical wrong that keeps getting further and further in the rear view mirror. Let's Make a Deal!!!

Before we make a deal, let me mention that reparations of any amount are rather horrible to bring up in our vibrant and diverse nation. What do the 15% of Americans who are Hispanic owe? What do the 5% of Americans who are Asian owe? What does anyone who immigrated after 1865 owe? What do descendants of those who fought and died wearing blue in the Civil War owe? Setting that aside, can we look at the ledger. Smart guys wrote about welfare and what not for why reparations are a bad idea, but let me bring up crime. What are the costs of crime?
Oh what if we just focused on black-white crime gaps? What of the differential in interracial rape that is in the tens of thousands? If each rape has a cost of $110K, that is $1.6 billion a year eating into your request. If the cost of rape is $448K like these researchers believe, then you're running into a $6 bil hit each year. What of murder? At $17 mil per murder and a couple hundred  murders differential per year, that is a couple billion each year. Multiply this over the statistics for the last forty years, and we've wiped away Mr. Coates request. Let's call it even.

The Deal

Money can be spent, and we all know the white devils would somehow find a way to get it back if it were purely greenbacks. Let us concentrate on land like Abe's deal would have been. First we need to locate all 1st and 2nd generation immigrants that identify as black and return them to their homelands. I include 2nd gen immigrants because they should help their homelands. After all, when an immigrant is raised in Maine and nurtured in the sweet, sea breeze all their life and still identifies as a Jamaican for public exposure, we might have a loyalty problem. That will knock the black population number down from 38 million to 33 million. We'd leave prisoners in prison, so that removes another million (we'll return them to you after release). Second, you are Americans, so there's a couple ways we could go about this. Repatriation to African is open, and we'd gladly set up an emigration program to a bribed welcoming nation in West Africa. If the call of Africa is not inviting, we can focus on keeping Americans who have been here centuries in America. We can use the Georgia Plan.

Georgia will be set up as your state. You can rename it as it was named after a white King of England. You can either remain in the union or create your own nation (might want to go "own nation" route to free up economic development). Because evil, racist whites live in Georgia, we will have to redistribute them to different US states (shut up, white Georgians, I know what I am doing). We also want to spare you from evil, racist whites, so we will set up strict border guards and fence around the border so that no white is allowed to stray in and potentially accost or kill your people. Evil whites, stay out. We will also make strict immigration rules to make sure no blacks stray and put themselves in the evil lands outside the state of Georgia. Finally, black businesses employing blacks. Black cops patrolling black neighborhoods. Black politicians everywhere. Black doctors, black nurses, black newscasters, black reporters, black teachers, black accountants, etc. No more white meddling. Think of how awesome that is.

Now I know some liberals might not want this state to happen. They are doubting you and you better show them! They are just scared because by placing 30 million blacks in one state only, they would lose every national election going forward. Why? Well all blacks would be concentrated in one state removing the swing difference in many states, plus we'd now have millions of whites to distribute to swing states. How many non-swing states could we make securely rightist? That could make continuing your favorite federal government programs untenable in the future. Better to not leave your destiny and your community in the hands of evil, white America (forget Hispanics and Asians). Make Georgia a separate nation. The world will be so proud. Freedom from evil, white privilege. Freedom from evil, white systemic racism. Freedom to make a nation of your own. The chance to create and control your destiny.

I have seen the racial dot map. Blacks generally live in major metropolitan areas and the South. Blacks should be angling for secession and emigration into blue states with those nice, progressive whites to avoid scary, racist whites. It would be better than competing with the Hispanics and suffering tribal warfare non-stop. No money to compete with the Asians and whites, and a lower, working class foe who exhibits tribal solidarity, family formation and lower rates of social dysfunction does not make a happy future. If secession does not come, this Georgia Plan is going to look fantastic in hindsight.


peterike said...

I have a dream! And this is it.

Well, it's a good dream.

And maybe in order to keep the 50 stars on the flag, we could make, say, Puerto Rico a state, to fob off the Progressives a bit. Not that I want that, otherwise. But I'll happily take it in exchange for this plan.

And what do we do with the mixed types, like our good friend Nikcrit? Do they stay or do they go?

We still need to stop the Hispanic and Asian invasions, aside from this. But one step at a time.

Portlander said...

I'm not sure Florida would go for it. Or any of the snowbirds in the mid-west and NE.

I think Mississippi is more tenable. Might have to sweeten the deal with a chunk of Tennessee. East Tennesseans would appreciate the karma.

But really, the interesting question is what's the over-under line on New Mississippi going Zimbabwe?

Finally, to your reparations balance, I think you need to add that hereditary African-Americans are the richest Africans on the planet. They can complain all they want about the raw deal they receive from white America, but it's still better than they get anywhere else their diaspora has taken up residence. All because their ancestors 5 generations removed were unlucky enough to be sold into slavery. Irony!

F* Puerto Rico. To keep 50 stars we split CA into N & S.

Anonymous said...

Blacks would not go along with this idea. It looks good on the surface, but blacks know -- and it drives them mad with rage -- that they cannot survive without whites. Or, at the very least, that their culture would slip back into grass-roofed mud huts.

At that point, they'd want to sell slaves to us all over again.

peppermint said...

The Georgia gambit is something to suggest if there was a way to pin leftist leaders down and force them to accept their decision. That's why leftist leaders can not be pinned down and forced to acknowledge today what they decided, said, heard, or were in the general vicinity of yesterday.

After hearing about the rape careers of Eldridge Clever and Nathan McCall, I do not care what happens to the Blacks. I think the consensus is to lock them in their cities to rot.

Things happen in God's universe because they are possible. Some day what is unsustainable will stop happening.

The non-Whites and queers will continue to vote Democrat because democracy means two parties. Relative influence in the Democrat coalition will change, of course.

nikcrit said...

Do they stay or do they go?

Well, if you go by a casually reflexive sense of phenotype and corresponding allegiance, I'm afraid I'll soon be humming 'Georgia on my Mind.'

Because, while i wouldn't cause as much as a raised brow if you saw me on the protest lines in Ferguson, there's no way yours truly could crash a covert Stormfront meeting successfully! lolzz!

PA said...

No worries Nickit, you would be in Georgia (renamed M'Bonga or something?), not in North Korea. We could still clash on blog comments sections; or in more amicable moments, exchange thoughts on indie bands or craft beers.

Besides, all the cute Mulattas would join you there, so it's not like you would be stuck with women below your station!

nikcrit said...

exchange thoughts on indie bands

O.T., but speaking of, I always meant to ask your thoughts about the following going back to our music discussions at gl piggy and even OneSTDV; by my lights, Alice in Chains epitomized white grungy angst, as did its city's musical image. So i thought it was very strange that DuVall would be chosen to carry that mantle. i didn't investigate, but i don't get the vibe that there was a heavy-handed p.c. element in play; he does sound incredibly like Staley, and his own vibe is very 'oddly unique' is how i'd put it...all-in-all, i don't have a thumbs-up or thumbs-down feeling toward the move; just a impression that screams 'unusual.'

PA said...

Nikcrit, I don't know a whole lot about Alice in Chains.

SOBL, Georgia would be a border-control nightmare. How about Florida minus panhandle?

nikcrit said...

Besides, all the cute Mulattas would join you there, so it's not like you would be stuck with women below your station!

Hey now! Doesn't the ol' saying go: "Ultimately, a man wants and needs a woman that reminds him of his Mom"?
Surely, you fellas wouldn't deny me the wisdom of that old saw, right? lolz.

Actually, since a few here are responding to this bit of humorous r.r. fantasia with serious comments, I would propose some sorta biracial rendition of your conceptual 'Georgia.' In fact, I somewhat lived in such a mileiu while in grad school ----- as Hyde Park is sort-of a biracial mecca, replete with reflexive p.c.-prog social manners and protocols.

True story: I think i mentioned this once at gl piggy or onestdv, but i recall doing some volunteer tutoring for grade-school kids while in grad school; the address for the study group was in some converted industrial warehouse; somehow, i ventured into the wrong room in that building ---- and happened upon a 12-step-like recovery group meeting; but rather than shared controlled-substance vice, this support group ---- consisting of 'pure' whites, blacks and asians ----- were lamenting and consoling over the fact that they were NOT multiracial and therefore not blessed with the multiculti prerequisites that were all the rage during this time (early-to-mid '90s).

They were literally commiserating over their mono-ethnic heritages while extolling the Brave New World that was coming into being in their very neighborhood.

Ahh, school days; stranger than fiction but still good times, indeed!

Barnabas said...

"Are you receiving a structured settlement and NEED CASH NOW?"

PA said...

"Ultimately, a man wants and needs a woman that reminds him of his Mom"

Some moms forfeit their and their descendants' claim on their heritage (which includes 'ol sayings') by effectively rejecting it, and embracing another heritage.

nikcrit said...

Some moms forfeit their and their descendants' claim on their heritage (which includes 'ol sayings') by effectively rejecting it, and embracing another heritage.

Some perhaps do----- but this one's certainly didn't. And FWIW, this particular 'heritage splitter' couldn't have been more fiercely loved and accepted by my maternity and her extended family.

Some people have an honest, un-politicized, more naturally expanded definition of 'heritage' simply because of the particulars of their formative experience. Not everyone grew up from birth in a 99% white country that (i'm presuming; correct me if i'm wrong)contained nary a trace of non-whte races in the media, pop culture or commercial advertising. Given those circumstances, or even something fairly close, it's not surprising that racial 'others' would feel so alien, to the point of seeming biologically so, no?

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA - I used Georgia because of Atlanta being modern black mecca now. This is a bit tongue in cheek but Malcolm X and enough black leaders pushed separatism for the drive to build their own nation and stop the status competition and jealousy with whites. American blacks are also distinct from foreign blacks and Africans due to their culture. African acquaintances have described the split plenty to me. I also think with no chance of escape by their competent class (talented tenth), this nation would do better than African nations. Their own nation will be a better future for them than their future in America.

Phil Moskowitz said...

Seconded, but with one change:

We keep Savannah.

Anonymous said...

The first paragraph sounds like *gasp* Apartheid comrade.

vandiver49 said...

Negative Ghost Rider. There's no way I'd sign up for that deal and I'm black and live in GA right now.

And the reason way isn't so much the absence of white people but more the fact that leadership wouldn't be merit or results based. I don't know if you've ever read Ralph Peters article called Spotting the Losers: Seven Signs of Non-Competitive States but your imagined black state would be a concentration of the failure factors that he lists. No thanks.