Wednesday, August 06, 2014

An Industry Dying for Female Workers

It's not fair that this industry is one of the only growing industries in the US. They are paying great wages above the regional norms for jobs not requiring college degrees. These firms are also not reliant on government grants. Worst of all, they are overwhelmingly male. We should demand that women be forced on the oil and gas industry.

How come oil and gas firms are never a target for feminist groups? They pay great for education required. They are growing and spread in many different regions of the US. They are also enclaves of masculinity. All this bitching about brogrammers, yet it is just coding at a desk in air conditioned rooms. The frac operators, mechanics and cement specialists are doing physical, manly work. Wouldn't that prove gender equality? Come on women's studies majors! This is your big chance.

"We need safe female spaces at oil rigs!"
"It is discrimination to not let 140 lb women haul 70 lb bags of sand!"
"Bubbe, the pay is marvelous, wait, I gotta get dirty and do work. Oh my back aches, I'll pass or do they need a diversity consultant?"

Take Calfrac for example. This is a worldwide firm with 1700 domestic US employees (started with just four). Job opportunities are located all over the nation. Calfrac jobs pay well, and if you are unemployed and looking, stop by their website. What percentage of Calfrac employees are female? Just 7% and most of that 7%, if not all, is in the home office. Maybe the jobs involved are why. Check their job openings, which are numerous. Must work in excessive heat, rain or snow. Must lift up to 70 lbs. Must have mechanical skills. The men who work these jobs are usually beaten up pretty good after twenty years, let alone a lifelong career in the industry.

Good paying jobs not needing a degree are for the taking at a growing firm in a good industry. There will be no feminist push there because it is hard and hazardous work in a commodity industry that does not need diversity consultants and make work outreach jobs. We also need the pil and gas produced as cheaply as possible to keep the economy going, so phony kumbaya expenses must be keptt to a minimum. The same could be said for IT firms but IT firms are progressive and hip and have enough fat to siphon off revenues for garbage departments. If a woman's studies major wants to be a frac operator or roustabout, let her. I won't hold my breath waiting for the Adria Richards of the oil industry.

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peterike said...

Well maybe when fracking comes to Brooklyn. The other thing about these jobs is location, location, location. What self-respecting Comparative Literature major wants to live in some hillbilly town? Though imagine the fabulous alternate points of view they could bring!

I'm waiting for the backlash against the whiteness of the industry. No doubt there are thousands of newly arrived "refugees" who deserve a shot at these good paying jobs.