Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Guardian Thinks Thomas the Train is Hitler Training

How can one parody progressives? They are upset over microaggressions, make up privileges yet want to start World War Three over gays? Wait, is it to boost GDP Professor Krugman? They are now calling Thomas the Tank Engine subversive.

Tracy Van Slyke (man or woman, could be either with the faggy way Brits are with naming boys) takes the quitting of the lead voice actor as an opportunity to slam Thomas for sexism, classism, colonialism, racism and the banquet of progressive shibboleths. All those complaints are retarded yet easily anticipated if one reduces progs to cartoon characters themselves. This is a kids' show, but if you're reading into it this much how about you get some facts straight.

If you're paying attention, you'd not call Sir Toppam Hatt a "Monopoly Dictator" who orders them around regardless of the trains' plans. He OWNS THE RAILWAY. It is his business. He is the CEO. The trains are capital equipment that he owns and can use as he sees fit. They still have human conductors. The man has made a lot of capital investments on that island: search + rescue center, reopening the tunnel to Misty Island, the Steamworks refurbishing but nooooo Tracy sees a dictator. It's called being a long term thinking businessman. Not all of us can write idiotic articles for money from the Guardian. Didnt you pay attention that super parent? Too busy looking for gender stereotypes.

As far as colonialism elements, Sodor is a timeless place because the books were written decades ago and cover the period when steam locomotives were being replaced by diesels. Do you know history? Early 20th Century was when you Brits ran the world instead of being America's province for bad and/or gay guys in action films. Did you notice the plethora of black and Asian faces making up the citizens of Sodor? Nah, forget that anachronism. Diversity = good for fools like Tracy.

This type of writing is terrible. Not just for content but that someone writes it and is not embarrassed by it. Tracy should feel ashamed. Your brain was wasted on looking for the evil, subversive messages in a children's cartoon and THAT IS YOUR JOB. This blog is my fun release. The evil messages are teamwork, following orders, being productive and dependable, being normal and being a good friend. Let's scrap that for toddlers and just teach them to be unreliable selfish genderless fuckwits who don't listen to anyone. They'll be just the perfect type to take care of Tracy in a nursing home.


Toddy Cat said...

Racist, sexist, colonialist? wow, I'm going to have to start watching this thing! Does Thomas call darker trains "Wogs" and stuff? I can't wait...

Seriously, though, modern leftism is simply beyond belief. Even older leftists are embarrassed by it, and will say so, once they think that there are no conservatives around, and you get a couple of drinks in 'em.

Origami said...

You are correct. The brain wasted on this stuff. I am beginning to think about how they're wasting their own time, and the time of their readers, even within the terms of their own beliefs. Some fool reading Van Slyke and saying "yeah, yeah!" is in a pursuit just as empty as someone shaking his fist at Goldstein on the telescreen. A captive life.

Sans substance, it's the lib-prog equivalent of yammering away in a bar over nothing, incoherent emotional effusions blowing on the wind. It's simply nothing.

Anonymous said...

Keep calm and kiss muzzie ass you limey poofters.