Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Remember Philip Chism?

Who is Philip Chism? Sounds like a gay porn performer name. Opposed to the continuous pushing of St. Trayvon, black teenager Chism has been hushed up. Chism is the teen who raped and murdered, sorry accused of, his teacher in Massachusetts. The police and media sat on the rape detail, only to release that well after the original shocking reports. Chism is back at it, attacking a woman in his institution.

With the original murder, which the police have video of him disposing the body in a trash can, the media wrote glowing reports of how he was a normal, happy mixed race kid. He came from a decent home. All pictures of him showed aa young boy smiling. It must have been something just weird that made him snap. Feel bad for the little boy. He played soccer!!! The Massachusetts media was probably afraid that residents they mocked for rioting over busing decades ago might be right about something. What am I thinking, those busing protestors were on the wrong aide of history. I'm sure the progressives of Massachusetts would all gladly send their kids to Boston city schools if only they spent more money on them and had good test scores.

Chism should never see the light of day, and in a sane world, would have been executed for his original crimes. Sure he was underage, but he was old enough to want to rape, murder and then manhandle and dispose an adult body by himself. He was old enough to know right from wrong. We will never know what happened in that classroom that made him rape and murder his teacher, but we should never consider him a victim of society. Seeing someone like Chism in the news is a form of counterprogramming of the steady Hollywood beat that all half black girls grow into Halle Berry ("Half black is God's Photoshop " - Happy Endings) and boys become men like our smart, docile president.


PA said...

Are libs still on the whole Trayvon on kick? I haven't seen any indication of it. The only related news item I've seen of late is some headline about a woman (presumably White) getting arrested for invoking Trayvon's killing as she confronted at loud black youths near her house.

That was s Yahoo News item. It's a typical piece of liberal Daily Outrage headline, designed to get you outraged at some racist injustice (ie the classic "African Americans less likely to get life saving CPR")

Of course, such a headline has an opposite effect on me. I pictured a normal middle class woman infuriated by the nigger-noise outside her house, and then the grinning monkeys as she's led off in handcuffs.

Is this how most Whites respond to such stories? Does anyone, even libs, get emotionally worked up on behalf of blacks?

As "Ferdinand Bardamu" wrote, Trayvon Martin is peak-negro.

As to Phil Chism, that murder happened around the same time as the gunning down of an Australian baseballer who was jogging in Texas. A common theme of the two victims was their strikingly healthy, wholesome appearance. I had a good comment at GLPiggy that explored the theme of good and evil, and how wholesomeness plats into that.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I think Ferd was onto something with PN and Trayvon. Zim got off so maybe PN was really Obama's election.

eah said...

The colors were all wrong. Simple as that. So the media had to bury the story, lest maybe some stats re black on white (rather common) vs white on black (statistically non-existent) rape be discussed.

Anonymous said...

When I was Philip Chism's age, I didn't even know that a person could do what he did to another person.

Anonymous said...


I think the "Australian baseballer" (i.e., Chris Lane) was murdered in Duncan, Oklahoma USA. See:

I have know Black guys who were 100% middle class but when they became teenagers thought they had to "go ghetto" to be "authentically" Black in the USA. The whole Black ghetto culture is the product of a covert operation by the CIA through Hollywood and the media to get young Black males to see themselves as worthless garbage and only "authentically" Black when they are "gang-banging." The negative stereotypes of Black males are promoted by the white media and "Uncle Tom" Black entertainers (i.e. Black rappers, hiphopsters, thuggers, pants saggers, etc.).

Sacramento, California

Son of Brock Landers said...

Jdh - somewhere along history, blacks went from trying to show whites they could be their equal and achievers to wanting to be the worst of their tribe. Right after black liberation. Not the CIA.

nikcrit said...

Too bad you had to include CIA attribution to your cultural observation, because that made an otherwise sage and focused observation quite ridiculous.

Rather, I think it's commerce and an indifferent pop culture, beside tamer but equally insidious mainstream advertising depictions of black men, that forges that young black male as being base and oversexualized (and not so coincidentally) over-exalted sexually .

At GL Piggy, we had discussed center-left media elites in this country indulging at times a concerted rage and humiliation impulse that at once manages to be both anti-fellow-white and anti-NAM when they do absurd things like put Jay Z and Beyonce and, say, Chuck D, from Public Enemey, on television to opine on, say, Rodeny King or Trayveon Martin, or OJ Simpson or whwatever au courant black cause celebre outrage.
Conversely, of course, you DON"T see Justin Bieber or Lindsay Lohan furrowing their brows on the Charlie Rose show while punditizing on the state of White America.

But JDH is right in that there exist enormous pressures on black males, via media portrayls and projections that are both overly-negative and overly idealistic and subordinate more to commerce then healthy self-image.

It's my anecdotal view that there's been a lot extended media coverage on the Chism case, and not just in the Boston DMA; i forget the show names and forums, but there was a bunch of coverage on the some of the crime-oriented programming that runs on the cable-news stations was all over that case when it wsa current and developing.....

That link that SOBL included in his post ot the Boston Globe coverage of Chism was unnerving to me; add a bit more tone and sub-saharan cheekbone to that pic and you got a adolescent visage of you-know-who...... he also, btw, looks like a young Barry Obama....

But I'm afriad you and other race realists are the only ones who make racial cause out of the fact that murderers and other notorious actors often look like someone familiar your own perosnal life.
All this lcan only add problems to whatever genetic lack or burden that is already on said group.

Chris said...

Black liberation ironically occurred around the same time as LBJ's disastrous Great Society.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: LBJ was our worst president. What a murderous, evil, sociopath.

Anonymous said...

He bee a goot boi an din do nuffins.

nikcrit said...

one quick question,if someone happens to return to this thread: What does the phrase in the post 'half-black is God's Photoshop' supposed to mean, though i'm wondering if i should be afraid to ask? lol.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Nikcrit - it was a line from the show Happy Endings where a white character referred to the possible half black child of the mixed race couple as automatically good looking. Half black was like photoshopping for God on the original product, implying good. I know you're mixed nikcrit but jeez, Hoppywood's glorification of the hybrid vigor is horrendously one sided.