Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Brazil Avoids Bad Press

Brazil is skating free this World Cup. Russia hosted the Winter Olympics, and we heard many times about the uber oppressive, gay hating nation of slavs headed up by a cold hearted son of a bitch. Every moment NBC could, it shoehorned something about gay bashing. There was even talk of the immense cost of building the Sochi area up and oligarchs. Somehow South Africa missed this same treatment. Hmmm, must be something on the surface, skin deep if you will. Brazil has had a bit of press on the wealth and income inequality issue.

Brazil has a Gini Coefficient of nearly 55. This is much higher than America and Russia, yet I have not heard about oligarchs. Brazil is one of the BRICS that have been rising in the globalization era. If wealth and income are that much more concentrated, who are these elites sucking in the dollars? Brazil has 79 billionaires. For such a diverse country, most of those guys look like they would fit in at a GOP convention. Weird that we're not getting that pushed more. The income inequality message is a powerful one now, and with favelas to display in sweeping camera pans, this would be a winner. Must be something skin deep.

It is interesting the media has not made a bigger deal about Brazil's murder and violence problem. With progressive hand wringing over shootings in America, one would think the media might mention the astronomical murder rate in Brazil. Brazil is pushing for a bigger seat at the global table, including plans to build an aircraft carrier. In South America, they are trying to position themselves as the alternative to the US hegemon. An investigative reporter could dig into these global aspirations as the nation cannot contain its violence problem. The nation's most successful film franchise is focused on corruption, the elites, drug lords and violent gangs. How are they going to step up the regional hegemon if they cannot clean up favelas? Must be something skin deep.

There is one thing in every press blurb on this World Cup; the word diverse. Brazil is oh so diverse. Brazil has tons of diversity. Oh gosh it is so diverse! Diversity creates "problems" the media can report (like Sailer mentioning how the never-ending tide of Hispanic immigrants become media talking points for US problems). Whites can only go to the games while the blacks stay outside! Grrr! Look at the media twist a fact and say over half the nation identified as "black or of mixed race". The one drop rule lives on in the media and claiming affirmative action perks. This reminds me of black American women ranting at the Brazilians online who run Brazilian model blogs saying how many blacks there are there, when in reality, they are less than 10% of Brazil. The Brazilians usually smack them back in good fashion. Ronaldo is not black, so ABC, are you calling him black? Would you do it to his face? I doubt it. Thanks to diversity we solved the mystery as to why Brazil's been shielded this World Cup.

In summary, we have a nation that is 48% white, 42% beige, 8% black, 1% Indio and 1% Asian. It has massive income inequality that is the worst in the G-20. It has a murder rate that is five times the US murder rate. The slums are world renowned for their lawlessness and poverty, but they are aligned with some elites in a democracy headed up by a female who was once an urban Marxist guerilla. They also have socialized medicine. If we think of progressive talking points, this is their dream for America's future. Enjoy the United States of Brazil.

Even the Japanese in Brazil have asses (Carol Nakamura)


peterike said...

You get to the crux of it all at the end of your post. Indeed, Brazil is precisely the model the Uber Class has in mind for the United States. A permanent, entrenched plutocracy, a thin slice of middle-class Mandarins to do the real work of managing the plutocracy, and swarming brown and black masses underneath.

Of course, this only works where there are wealthy white nations to sell stuff to, so eventually the whole shebang will unravel. Brazil can't be Brazil if everywhere else is Brazil too. But the elites aren't thinking that far ahead because they've got many, many prosperous decades ahead of them before it all melts away. So what, me worry? Life is good for the elites. Life has NEVER been this good.

Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

I'm a mixed-raced girl who speaks Portuguese and has some affiliations with Brazil, so I'm constantly ashamed at the lies that the average American believes about Brazil.

Black ancestry in Brazil typically came from Angola (Southwest Africa, very near Namibia and South Africa) and Mozambique (East Africa), so it’s more Southern and Eastern black, it’s rarely West African.

They wouldn't know that the average Brazilian has excessive Y-Chromosome white male lead
miscegenation (90-95%), making the average mixed raced person about 70-80% White Caucasian and the average white person (who looks white) to be around 90-100% white Caucasian in ancestry (lots of descendants from immigrants).

I have compared pictures of Brazilians to their autosomal results on various Human Biodiversity websites. The thing is that for a Brazilian person to look “white”, that person has to cross the 90% white line and be at least consistently 95% white because Sub-Saharan African mixture is that stubborn.

Brazil generally speaks Portuguese with little holdover from distinctive linguistic tribal languages and it’s ethnic demographics vary by region. Brazil is mostly Roman Catholic with 65% of the population (22% Protestant, 8% irreligious/non-religious).

As a whole Brazil is 45% white Caucasian/Branco (white immigrants from Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon), 45% mixed-raced/Pardo (children from male colonial conquistadores and their Amerindian/Black female slaves), 2% Asian (Japanese and Taiwanese Chinese immigrants) and 7.5% Black African (Negro) and 0.5% Amerindian.

In general, Brazil is a 2nd world country with a working class to lower-middle class atmosphere, and it’s not the 3rd world as some would imagine it. Remember that there is a huge difference between the North and the North-East.

Favelas are only 12 million, or 6% of the Brazilian population. They're the most violently crime-ridden.

The poor favela people you see in major Southeastern cities such as Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo were all originally from the Northeast. They moved from the Northeast to the Southeast and started ruining the place thanks to international leftist NGOs.

Since Brazilian population is estimated to be 200 million, 16 million (North) is just about 8% of the country (lowest density population), so the infamous notoriety should be with the North-East (50 million) in reality.

The rest of the population is into non-violent crime such as stealing, or trafficking, and prostitution. Prostitution whitens the populace further and that explains why Brazil has a 66% illegitimacy (cohabitation rate).

By living standards and Human Development Index (HDI):

Northeast – HDI 0.653 or Medium
North – HDI 0.683 or Medium
Center-West – HDI 0.753 or High
Southeast – HDI 0.753 or High
South – HDI 0.756 or High

Socialism/Welfare transfers don’t work in Brazil because it’s a caste society with different ethnic and SES groups, so most people tend to be more local/regional and look out for their own. In addition, despite the 66% Brazilian illegitimacy rates, most practice cohabitation and live with their biological fathers/mothers, as well as the extended family such as uncles, aunts, cousins and others.

The legalization of abortion in Brazil was because of “women right’s” in law, but the truth on the ground is that it will be mostly used for eugenic reasons (poverty, skin color, caste, economics), or the occasional relationship reasons such as infidelity/adultery.

Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

Prostitution in Brazil involves mostly the mixed-raced middle-class and a lot of white male (and to a lesser extent Asian) clients. This increases the illegitimacy rate somewhat (remember there's no social/wealth transfers in Brazil and idiocy such as child support enforced nor widely believed).

Prostitution is a middle-class practice in Brazil and present in all regions, but it affects the lowly populated areas first, meaning the North (16 million) and Center-West (14 million) regions suffer the most impact.

Anonymous said...

The average mixed-raced girl tends to look anything between actresses such as Ildi Silva (70% European), Juliana Paes (80% European) and Adriana Lima (90% European).

The average white girl in Brazil is as white as Ana Hickmann and Gisele Bunchden (90 to 100% European).

A lot of European predominance in the Brazilian population thanks to white males (both colonizers and immigrants) mostly having sex.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Thanks Alcestis for the debriefing. I befriended some Brazilians in Massachusetts. They were disgusted by the way their nation was portrayed in american media. They were all Italian looking to me and explained the color spectrum. Lot whiter than US media says, but they said the same about the us. They came to the US and expected it to be half black due to Hollywood portrayals.

nickbsteves said...

Do you suppose Carol Nakamura's ass is real?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Looks real on Tumblr when you search for her

nikcrit said...

They wouldn't know that the average Brazilian has excessive Y-Chromosome white male lead
miscegenation (90-95%), making the average mixed raced person about 70-80% White Caucasian and the average white person (who looks white) to be around 90-100% white Caucasian in ancestry (lots of descendants from immigrants).

Why would someone not obsessed on the matter know as much? Why would it be compelling?

FWIW, i believe the reason you mainly see very fair-skinned exemplars when it comes to celebrated and iconic 'mulattos' in the U.S. is because of white admixture average among 'regular' african-americans; i.e., you point out that the most commmon mulatto in your part of the world is of medium-brown skin and mixed-race facial features ------ but such a combination also aptly describes a great chunk of plain ol' African-Americans, period.So perhaps you see Alicia-Keys-types held up as examples because there's not that much visual distinction between the more numerically common mulattos and typically admixtured US blacks; as i mentioned once before, if your concern is how to distinguish yourself from regular black Americans, your lack of American black dialect (i'm presuming, based on bio bits you've mentioned)would most likely be the facet that would make that clear to others.)
(if i may, i'd like to extend a bit of personal advice, based upon your persistent concerns stated here and at GL Piggy over hte last year: the body is a shell; it has its limited and definining look, size and hue. But how it combines with your personality and other external features, i.e., voice, disposition, etc., is what determines the overall impression and character that is 'you.'; racial designation, identity and wish for transfiguration is a temporary and transitional condition -=--- not a consignment or any other kind of conventional fate.There's no 'transcending' one's human form; there's only the result of that 'conflict' ----- be it physical, mental or some ineffable combination of both.

I mean, Michael Jackson found a way to convincingly change his outward physical appearance; his skin became that of the kind of alabaster hue that you seem to value or exalt yourself ----- but do you think that his self-identity at that point was free of the burden that likely led him to take such transfigurative steps in the first place; i.e., that he at that point seemed to be a happy, secure and contented individual? I would bet that his tortured racial identity and perspecetive was more burdensome near the end of his life than it was when he was a pre-teen performing clubs in Gary, Indiana.

Consider reading the following link about a prominent light-skinned black while keeping in mind what i said; i think you could really get some value from his own troubled insights ------ and i mean that with all sincerity.

here's the link:

PA said...

I find those "booty" asses viscerally repellent.

PA said...

Why would someone not obsessed on the matter know as much?

To go back to GLPiggy discussions: this is a perfect example of the influence of the Frankfurt School. One of FS's ideas is to apply Freudian psychoanalysis to ideology. Formally, that project culminated with the publication of Adorno's "The Authoritarian Personality," which softened Western societies to Leftist infiltration.

Informally, you see Frankfurt School whenever a vapid girl (who has never heard of Adorno) or a lib of some stripe throws the word "obsess" at someone he's losing an argument with.

Son of Brock Landers said...

PA - I can tell when a smut blog is run by a white guy vs hispanic vs black. The size of asses they find attractive. Duskiness positively correlated to loving massiveness.

nikcrit said...


I'm not sure what precisely you were referencing in your 'obsessed' comment; i wasn't really 'arguing' with Alces, if that what you were referring to.
Surely, based upon here posts at Chuck's and the few here, you can understand me referring to her racial concerns and fastidious details as a 'obsession.' I've never before encountered someone who takes notice with such painstaking detail.

Speaking of Freud, there is sorta a bit of 'shadow-self' projection in my comments directed at Alces; i.e., part of my disdain and condescension is really aimed at my younger self----- as i too went to a spell of biracial angst, being called 'white' by blacks and then being a nigger among whites, etc., ad infinitum, in that all-American way.

So, yeah, there's that tension in the exchanges; but i'm not really arguing with her. Moreso, I feel like a fellow-traveler, but someone who's twice as old and that much more seasoned and 'wise' than would be a early-twenty-something year-old biracial girl in Brazil.
(All of that is nullified, of course, if Alces turns out to be more in the mode of my other, lesser-confident hunches: That she's really a 40-something-year-old black transvestitute!)

ps-----PA, I also was curious what you might make of that piece on former book critic Anatole Broyard, which i put at the end of my comment to Alces..... just try to ignore the author. lol!

PA said...

Nikcrit, I can understand the personal dimension to our engagement with Alcestis.

That article was very long! I tried skimming in good faith, but i's long and I can't relate to the subject matter, at least at its face value.

Hard to say what Alcestis really is. There is a consistent feminine voice in her writing, but the detailed systematization is more a masculine thing. Of course, some women do systematize. I'm inclined to giving her the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway, you, her, some mixed people I know... the Tragic Mulatto is not a theme (or even a word) that is acceptable in PC ideology, but as long as there are hybrid-race children, there will be the no-man's-land questions and sadness about them.

"Who am I?" the basic question of human existence.

eah said...

Do you suppose Carol Nakamura's ass is real?

Here's another foto to help you judge for yourself.

Alcestis Eshtemoa said...

Click on my name and visit the blog I gave to Nikcrit. He doesn't seem to know what 50/50 mulatta biracial girls look like, and needs to learn.

nikcrit said...

Son of Brock Landers said...
PA - I can tell when a smut blog is run by a white guy vs hispanic vs black.

Hmmmm. Now there is a new-millenium skill that you could surely figure out how to monetize in some way, eh? lolzz