Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Antony Sutton's Books on the Funding of Communism

The communists are never aligned with capitalists. They hate capitalism, and capitalists hate them. The Soviets industrialized on their own with amazing five year plans that failed, yet still did enough to stave off Hitler when needed. FDR was a traitor to his class. These are clichés we can hear on the news, in classrooms and even amongst cocktail chatter of the educated. They are also all wrong. These lies are pushed probably because the media functions in the United States are aligned with the interests of the progressive-communist crew. We would all write wonderful resumes for ourselves if we controlled the access to source material and deemed what is an appropriate source or not. There is one writer who researched and wrote about many of these lies decades ago: Antony Sutton. I recommend you read just a few specific books of his.

Before I link to them, a comment on book availability. I have noticed on Amazon.com that books that tell a cathedral unapproved message or the other side (even if affirmed as accurate and are good sellers) seem to be out of print, expensive or under legal battles. In yesterday's post, I mentioned Deb Davis' book on the Washington Post being suppressed. It was a sign she was telling the truth, and a truth the progressives did not like. Solzhenitsyn's last book has never been translated to English. Weird. Sutton's books are not in print and expensive. Anne Williamson's epic on 1990s Russian looting remains unpublished. Holocaust survivor Paul Rassinier's books are expensive and hard to find even on Amazon. Rassinier is called the father of Holocaust denial, yet the man is a minimizer not a denier, but that does not stop the mandarins. Solzhenitsyn knew why, and was marginalized for it. It can be meaningless politically yet still be suppressed like Tim Donaghy's NBA book that David Stern had squashed despite a signed deal.

Sutton wrote a trilogy on the Soviet economy, and discovered that American industry built it. Do not buy the books, just read the three parts here. It is like the American establishment wanted to treat the Soviets like a sociopolitical experiment. Hmmm. Sutton followed this trilogy up with another trio of books that are pretty interesting. The best of these three is the book on Wall Street's funding of the Bolsheviks. It was not just the Jews, even if Jacob Schiff did send millions, but good old JP Morgan and the Rockefellers. Sutton is good but not as strong with his book on Wall Street funding Hitler's rise. His conclusions in chapter twelve are hard to refute, and seem even stronger now. The book on Wall Street and FDR reveal that odd cast of players that supported the Bolsheviks and FDR's rise. It is almost as if this 20th century communist thing had an New York origin. Sutton's book on FDR feels like it could be written today with him following campaign donations and mentioning how the big power players crafted the policy years in advance like we see today. I highly recommend the Wall Street trio, and only use the Soviet economy ones for reference. There had to be some positive to focusing on international trade and finance as an economics major.


deconstructingleftism said...

My theory is that progressives aren't communists, contrary to Moldbug's conclusion, but that they are capitalists who found communism a useful tool to wipe out culturally distasteful opposition in areas they couldn't control.

Anglophone progressive capitalists controlled North America, western Europe, much of the Middle East and much of Africa. There were never serious communist insurgencies in any Protestant country or in any of their former colonies.

Where communism was a useful phenomenon for them, and where they supported it, was eastern Europe and Russia, east Asia, Latin America, and to some extent southern Europe. Why would they do this? Because these areas were controlled by traditional non-Protestant elites not necessarily interested in the kind of social and economic development they wanted.

Communists in the short term would be happy to sell them resources-as Orwell showed in "Animal Farm"- and in the longer term traditionalists in those areas would be exterminated and they would eventually become capitalist.

Russia is now a capitalist hellhole. China and east Asia are capitalist hellholes. The village had to be burned in order to save it- for progressivism and progressive capitalism- and so it was burned. You can burn something without lighting the match yourself, just encourage somebody else and block the fire truck.

The story in southern Europe and Latin America was more mixed, since the elites there resisted more effectively and aggressively.

peterike said...

And in other news...

Methodical Germans devastating overly passionate Brazil, who came out over-amped and lost all control.

Nice to see one of the last Western nations taking it to the brown hordes (even if there are browns on their team).

eah said...

Nice to see one of the last Western nations taking it to the brown hordes

If you like that sort of thing dig up a copy of Denmark v Nigeria at the 1998 World Cup. The Nigerians grabbed some attention back then in the group phase, but in the knockout round the Danes gave them a lesson in how to play.