Friday, July 04, 2014

American Flag Women

The mythical past

The mythical golden era (Mid-20th Century)

The mythical diabetic future



ive seen evil and it's said...

fuck. it the fourth not Halloween. you shouldn't scare people like that.

PA said...

Girl One: it takes good husbandry to cultivate a woman like that.

Girl Two: The supernova before the collapse.

Girl Three: Well, at least she's smiling.

A big secret: Girl One still exists. The other big secret: she is the default White woman, given liberty among White men. All the perversions we see today, from bronies to mudsharking, are symptoms of an enslaved race. We will have a new independence day, I hope that I will live to see it.

PA said...

LINKED HERE is an example of Girl One. A haunting photo, isn't it? It's a US Marshalls surveillance image of the Weaver ranch ahead of the Ruby Ridge massacre. The woman in the photo is Vicki Weaver, who would soon be killed by an Asian-American FBI sniper, while holding her baby.

peterike said...

Speaker of 'Murica, I went to Robert Moses Beach on Long Island this weekend. That used to be pretty much a de facto white beach, but not no more it's not. The fat little Mexicans were everywhere, with their fat little children. There were hordes of other Hispanics. Higher-caste ones, if you will, and more white. I'm guessing there were Colombians, Brazilians among them, though it's hard to specify. One large group of young non-Mexican Hispanics -- possibly Brazilians as there were a lot of very good looking ones -- were blaring their hoochy-koochy music and doing grindy dances until finally the cops came by and told them to turn it down. I don't really care if these are well off, higher IQ Hispanics - I find their loud and tacky culture sickening.

There was a fair mixing of Asians. A few blacks (still very limited which is why the place is still pretty safe). And even many of the whites were not native. You could hear Russians and tell that many people were some Eastern Euro type or other (again, I can't really peg a Romanian from a Hungarian or whatever).

But overall, the place was down to maybe 30% American white people. It's really disconcerting to be in the midst of a massive -- it was packed blanket to blanket -- swarm of the multi-cult.

Anyway... PA that photo really is haunting. And I guess we might be getting more of this, as the Feds apparently are now planning to use force to shove illegals down the throat of Murrieta. So in effect, the American government is going to use official force against U.S. citizens to support the "cause" of illegal immigrants. The worst part of this? It doesn't surprise me at all.

PA said...

If I understand the timeline if events correctly, Vicki Weaver in this photo is mourning the death of her 14- year old son Sammy, killed by US Marshals. If that's the case, the photo is an American Pieta.