Monday, June 23, 2014

Of Course Common Core Does Not Educate Kids

Everyone hates Common Core. Everyone but the progressive mandarins. David Coleman, Jewish Ivy Leaguer, has since moved on to be in charge of the SAT. Jeez, wonder what changes are in store for the College Board tests. People are fired up, well the people who care about their kids education. Not people who answer yes on phone surveys that they value education, but people who are engaged in their children's schooling. They post links on Faceborg about Common Core idiocy. Teachers rip it as more dumb educating to testing and bemoan how it takes away from real teaching. They all miss the point. Common Core is not about educating students. Common Core is about social indoctrination and passing the dumber and dumber students through system.

Of course, Common Core has civics and other lessons that push the current progressive thought. Is this any different than the last seventy years of education? The overt nature of the brainwashing is what is different, whereas in the past they tried to be a bit more subtle and still celebrated dead white men. That is weird though, because even in the '80s my teachers were telling me the Marxist or Zinn line that history was about the little people and others, not just the great men of history. The progressives need to brainwash consistently because the channels for distribution (Internet) and possible exit (homeschooling and private schools) have loosened their ability to control the masses. Why else would a 20 year old black male rape a white woman over 80 during a robbery? It's not sexual attraction. It's taught hate. He needs an education and media system to tell him to hate those with white privilege.

The subject everyone mentions is math. Yes, the math is taught incredibly dumb, frustrating parents. Here is an example.

Solve for 211 x 3
The kid then is suppose to write it out like so: 200 + 200 + 200 + 10  + 10 + 10 + 1 + 1 + 1

There are also simple subtraction problems that involve having kids set up a grid:

Solve for 42 - 11
The kid is suppose to do this: (Imagine squares for the Xs)

11 + X = 15
15 + X = 20
20 + X = 30
30 + X = 40
40 + X = 42

The kid adds up all of the X spots to get the number.

"OMG that is so dumb!", "Herr derr, how dumb is that!?!!?", and "It takes 3 seconds to do it the normal way", are often seen when people mock this math. Step outside your k-selection bubble, outside the middle to upper class bubble, outside being someone who can do math. Think about Mayson the trailer park white kid, La'un'dry in the ghetto or Jesus in the barrio. Those methods above just saved their ass. Now all they have to do is COUNT for multiplication. For subtraction, all they have to do is get to the 5s and 10s and everyone knows how to count by 5s and tens. Sesame Street does it from day one. I specifically used these examples because I have seen them mocked. Look at them again. Notice anything. No carrying a number on that multiplication. No "take away" model on that subtraction problem. That is where dumb kids often make mistakes. These new methods are time consuming but golly, they'll get it right.

These methods are dumb, but they are intended to help a disadvantaged kid just get a right answer. Keep that kid in school. Not your kid, that kid. Is that kid becoming an engineer or doctor? No. These false self esteem boosts will hit reality when algebra, geometry and trigonometry shows up. "But I was so good at math at 8!?!?" will be the lament. Your kid or an Asian immigrant's kid will take care of that. The goal is to shepherd them through school with enough positives that they do not drop out. They are giving grade schoolers high honors for attendance now in ghetto school districts. Once a high school graduate, they can go to college and get credentialed. Do not worry about their SAT scores stopping them from going to university. Good old David Coleman will dumb that down enough, and the system will have all new debt slaves. We may eventually reach a point of 100% of high school students going to college while we get lapped by every OECD country in scholastic aptitude.


PA said...

It's interesting how plain obvious it is that we are living under a hostile regime.

In retrospect, the Warsaw Pact communist governments were less hostile to the citizens. Their faults included shitty economic theory, closed borders so that nobody could leave, bureaucratic piggishness, as well as the official lies regarding the Soviet Union and historic events of immediate visceral impact to many people.

But in retrospect, those regimes didn't actually HATE their people. The US regime does.

Back in communist Poland, and by many measures even in the USSR itself, they actually wanted things to be good. Education (outside of things of direct political sensitivity) was first rate. Television programming, especially for children, was intelligent, caring even. It emphasized moral and intellectual excellence.

I fucking miss it, in some ways.

One little example from contemporary Amerikwa: children's books.

They are unusable.

Older books like DrSeuss and such are good. New ones: it's IMPOSSIBLE to find one without a black boy being paired with a white girl.

I wonder, what kind of a country in the past has hated its own core historic population so much.

peterike said...

The Chinese must be kvelling with delight when they see what we're doing in our education system.

The addition method is slightly reasonable, but of course breaks down as the numbers get bigger. And what do you do with decimals? How do you do 211 x 3.2? The subtraction is even stupider, because to add up the X's you have to carry the one. Isn't that what we're trying to avoid? Or do they just count it out on their fingers? (Thus discriminating against the digitally challenged.)

The most fascinating thing about all the "advances" in education over the decades is that anybody, anywhere accepts them as reasonable and effective. And millions upon millions of teachers buy into them. I guess that's partly a "benefit" of having such a predominantly female teaching cohort. Women are much more easily led, much more likely to follow the herd thinking. And much more likely to get their hackles up at challenges to what they're doing, however obvious the now decades-long failure.

Where else but education could people get away with dismal, disgraceful, ludicrous failure for years on end, while spending ever more dollars achieving nothing?

Desdichado said...

S'fucked up. I'm glad I'm old enough to have avoided all these scheming educational mandates when I was in school. Then again, I grew up in an extraordinarily white, middlingly wealthy suburb. Perhaps there's some sort of "arrangement" between school administrators and the feds in areas where a child's education actually matters to them? In fact I can't imagine that my school isn't still teaching "Integrated Math" - that is, the same type of math taught internationally, where topics like algebra, geometry, and statistics aren't taught as separate courses in sequential order. They'd fight tooth and nail against this "Common Core" mandate - or weasel their way out of it.

Mind you, I never got anything useful out of my math classes. Anything beyond algebra was a bit dense to me. I much preferred social studies. But I feel badly for any bright young people going to school today and are forced to the same level as kids who need to be learning a trade instead of continuing their "education." I wonder what their parents will do, and how long this new legislation will last...

nikcrit said...

gotta say: not denying any contention made here, but i'm unfamiliar with that supposed math-multiplication teaching technique you cited and criticized at the start of your post.
It could very well be the case in my district, as that's not something that touches upon my job duties or even my job's field of activity; i'm more in polcy and directives at a administrative end and nearly all my personalized work deals with h.s.-level issues, etc.
But as for the technique itself; i don't know why it would be pushed. is there possibly some roundabout benefit to such techniques? perhaps if taught beside a more traditional simple-arithmetic methods?
Theoretical views of elementary teaching techniques is a area i haven't ever thought about in a specific way only until very recently; it's interesting ground though, and possibly ties to many other areas of childhood development.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Nikcrit - you date fellow teachers? Im serious. The women i know who teach are usually looking to get out so if you hit it off well she can always leave the school. Seems easy pickings and types inclined to form families vs. Corporate/Law/Govt types.

nikcrit said...

yeah, i have a few times..... i'm not a teacher; i'm a administrator who occasionally teaches or 'implements,' so i'm not at one school; i go to about three or four per-wk. so, yeah, i have gone out with teachers and administrqtors---- -but i'd be real hesitant if i was t one school or admin locale. fuk no.... i'd say you're right about many teachers, but there's enough to include those of all types; i see difference between public and private-sec job females; this is my first pub sect gig..