Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NCAA Coaches Deserve to be States' Top Paid Public Employees

"Look at me! I'm on a soap box! College coaches of silly sports are the top paid public employees in a vast majority of states! What a sick society! Let me preen in my SWPL righteousness. I care about important things." That is your average non-sports fans whining about college coach pay. None of them think it through as it is just a club to beat people with regardless of facts. It's not the coaches. It is that amateur football and men's basketball are gigantic tax free money making machines for the universities.

Name me another employee in any state government that has as great of a return on investment as Alabama football coach Nick Saban? Alabama's football team is worth +/- $100 million dollars. Each time Alabama has made a BCS bowl game, it has earned his conference over $15 million, $30 for the last championship game they went to. Sell out home games non-stop. Who else is doing that? Governor? DMV division head? What state employee compares? No one creates value in government jobs as they are all a transfer of wealth from taxpayers to tax takers. Hiring Nick Saban boosted Alabama's bottom line, and has been the best invested they ever made. Even mid-tier big conference football programs see good returns like Iowa and Kirk Ferentz. He earns $3.65 million per year, but the last BCS bowl game berth nearly paid for the extension itself.

Forget college professors. A STEM professor could bring in grants, but not the year after year return a successful coach can earn for a school. What do college professors do for their money and tenure? My cousin in a tenure track position teaches two courses and must get at least three articles in a peer reviewed journal in five years. That is eight hours of teaching, with specific books required by the department head, a few office hours, hours grading papers, and then writing her articles. Wow, wicked tough. One of the journals was easy to publish because they had so few people submitting articles. One year down, one article done. Make her a millionaire. Look at that map again. The northeast has non-coaching jobs as the highest paid government employees because their state school sports programs are awful (notice Connecticut with UConn basketball is an exception).

Big time college sports is a sick system. It also earns billions. Those billions keep all the crappy sports in business. I would rather see major sports programs clean up who they recruit (no rapists for starters) and properly deal with criminal athletes rather than cover for them. I am in favor of not paying all players, but only players who have their likeness and number jersey sold (escrow accounts in trust until age 25). Additional hypocrisy is the nation bitching about Marxist professors who do not teach anything useful, state governments being corrupt, inefficient leviathans and the entire university system being a racket yet pointing and shouting about coach salaries. At least these coaches deliver because if they do not, they do not have tenure protecting them. Grandstanding about coaches earning millions might make you feel good with your SWPL friends on social media, but think it through next time before regurgitating the colorful graphic.

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peterike said...

Yeah, once a state cleans up 100% of its Medicaid fraud, Medicare fraud, welfare fraud, food stamp fraud, immigration fraud, school lunch fraud, state worker disability fraud, union employee time slacking and theft, procurement fraud and graft, electoral donation fraud and graft, featherbedding and nepotism jobs, then you can bitch about what the football coach makes.

And I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty on that list.

Son of Brock Landers said...

With our cpu tracking skills, all govt program fraud should be driven to 0. The govt bloat states and the Feds couldve avoided by going the guaranteed min income route in the 70s when programs were new would have been immense looking back in hindsight.

Zhang Xianzhong said...

If we'd put in the unconditional basic income back in the 70s, or in a hypothetical 60s where Nixon is POTUS instead, it would have worked to the right, and in particular both the free market and nationalist right's advantage.

Imagine ATL free marketeers using the UBI being a thing as a stick to attack the great society, social security, attack copyright(hollywood is mostly liberal so...) or more generally the network of regulation/cartelization/"stabilizing" by pointing out that hey, everyone's getting a check so it's only fair to remove the perks that they're getting. Sure, by now it would have gotten to the levels of the swiss proposal but in an economy that's less stagnant, with less spending that's much more affordable.

Fiscal con types would be able to point to inflation and it's impact on people's UBI checks to get support.

Nationalists could use it to attack illegal immigration.

It's a win-win for the right. Of course, 90-95% of US conservatives won't ever support it because of "muh work ethic" or "lazy welfare cheats!!! :( *ignores corporate welfarism*".

eah said...

Depends on the school and the sport, but there is a case to be made there.