Thursday, June 05, 2014

Money and Geopolitical Links

Lots going on in the world. None of it on page one. That is reserved for racist octogenarians, Kardashian weddings, terrible five terrorists for one deserter deals, bloated or dying (your pick) government scandals (pick any: Obamacare, VA wait lists, fraud, etc.), and the stock market's continued rise. All time highs! Buy now! Anything going on that would be worth a read and review? Sure.

In late April, the Treasury made an announcement warning about the student loan crisis. The average student loan load of $30,000 would not be bad in a growing economy full of jobs and if the loans were used for school, but we know better. That the US Treasury is ringing the bell about this means that they are seeing worsening internal numbers and this is years into a supposed recovery.

Interesting theory proposed that the US chose war in Libya over Gadaffy's abdication. Left unsaid is the weird issue of needing to kill off these tin pot dictators now compared to the old days when the dictator would be allowed to leave the country and finish off life in exile. The exile option was a nice one, so why did the leaders of the international order do away with it? Is the need to kill off the oppressive figurehead or administrator so great that we must allow it? Does that conviction, imprisonment and execution allow for a cathartic group experience that helps with moving people along to a new phase in their nation?

Isolating Russia is not going well. Austria signed a Russian gas deal. Russia and China signed the $400 billion gigantic megadeal that has been in the works for years. Russia is diversifying their consumer base, so where does this leave Europe? Might want to rethink things Merkel. Why does the Russia-China deal matter? It has Japan eyeing the Russkis for energy, and the Saudis keep sending guys for meet and greets in China. This is also after Putin said "us" in reference to China and Russia securing their gold and currency reserves. Say it with me and Vlad, "multipolar world".

Assad was re-elected in Syria with 88.7% of the vote. No link because less than a year after ABSOLUTELY HAVING TO GO NOW, the press doesn't want you to think about him.

Yes the poz runs deep in even our military, and yes, the promotion track is carefully PC cultivated. Still, when under 25% of cadets stand for the president at their graduation, their commander-in-chief, that is a horrible sign. I had to find video, so that's why the link is to a conservative US-F-Yeah-A site. Powerline does a compare and contrast between Obama and W, and that was in 2008 with massive Bush fatigue everywhere. Obama followed the SOFA in Iraq, did a small surge in Afghanistan, and has used our Air Force for entanglements. Maybe it is thede signaling, considering the demographics of our officer corps. Maybe there is something else at play. Either way, it's not a good sign.


peterike said...

Indeed, much going on in the world. Things are hanging by a thread.

Paul Craig Roberts has a long but interesting piece on the world sitch:

He goes so far as to suggest that Washington will go nuclear against China and Russia at some point. Who knows? But the depravity and delusion of the D.C. crowd is so far gone that I wouldn't doubt it. I mean, why would Obama care if a dozen American cities go up in atomic flames? He'll be safe in a bunker somewhere (he might want to consider that Moochelle might be there with him).

The issue of "killing the dictators" is, indeed, very interesting. I wonder if the ever increasingly feminization and metro-sexualization (to say nothing of outright homo-ization) of the elites drives their need to "man up" publicly, to show they are tough guys. Recall all of Obama's strutting when "he" "got Bin Laden" or whatever it was he said. Or maybe the whole rotten bunch of them are really psycho-sexually so depraved that they get off on these killings, like those hints we've had of Obama himself personally picking the victims for the next drone assassination. And Hillary getting all giddy about the dead and violated Gadaffi.

Don't forget the woman that -- laughing! -- said "we came, we saw, he died" is likely to be our next President.

Origami said...

As far as killing the dictators, how about a simple theory that it's for war profits? Smedley Butler and all that. All the mercs and DOD budget and so on.

peterike said...

As far as killing the dictators, how about a simple theory that it's for war profits?

I've always been curious about this. With all the billions/trillions spent on these pointless wars, who is making the profits?