Thursday, June 12, 2014

Media Finally Discusses the Cartels

Incredible news. The media has broken its silence on the killing cartels and multiple outlets have picked up on the psychopaths that hold rural Mexicans in terror. The media is talking about the head of the cartel hit squad for the Sinaloas. Hold on... wait... Sorry, the media is only reporting on the fact that the Sinaloas have a squad of contact killers because their new boss is a hot chick with an Instagram account. There is a cartel war going on with massive tentacles of corruption in both the US and Mexico, creating a refugee situation in the American Southwest, yet the media cannot be bothered to discuss it. The only thing that gets them to pay attention is a pretty girl with a gun. It's a Tarantino-Whedon wet dream.

Might I add, that she is a good looking mother of three. She can afford cosmetic surgery, but what she has had done is excellent. Of course I have pictures for you to view. Cartel hit squad MILF glorified by the media and celebrated by idiot feminists on Tumblr is my strike zone, maybe not. Maybe it is all a hoax (appears possible). Claudia Ochoa Felix will take care of the rest.

A curvy woman in latex is awesome

Leg into ass tucks really well

Horizontal stripes add to the shelf effect

Da me la leche

Hit madam with Instagram accounts is cyberpunk

Nice hourglass

She works that vampire look. Muy blanco con boca rosa

Future orphans


eah said...

creating a refugee situation in the American Southwest

Is that really a significant factor? Sounds like business as usual in Mexico and parts south.

peterike said...

The world has gotten too absurd for normal humans to contemplate.

nikcrit said...


I'm not quite clear on what you're contending is the media coverup re. cartels. it has been reported on, nationally, for years.

I'm probably just not picking up on some angle or tangent that you say has been omitted.

WAs there some earlier post in which you lay out your specific claim?