Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Documentary Review: Let the Fire Burn

Some documentaries show you the decline of civilization as the subject. Others reveal it indirectly. They do not see how their work will run counter to their goals. The Documentary "Let the Fire Burn" is an anti-system film, but it is not entirely sympathetic to the traditional progressive underdog. This documentary is on a group called MOVE that was a black liberation movement that preached primitivism and rejection of modern technology. No, this was not in Oakland in 2012 but in Philadelphia thirty years ago. It was pretty crazy, and this documentary does a great job at revealing the problem of our modern society and how things are sliding down.

The documentary uses all archived video clips. Nothing new. It was an interesting way to present the subject. While editing and clip selection will reveal creative bias, the use of actual film from the conflict and aftermath created a sense of objectivity to the film. MOVE was founded by John Africa whose Wikipedia page explains is semi-literate at best that was charismatic and founded a cult. How did he speak like a Marxist college kid? Well, he founded MOVE with a white liberal Ivy League educated, college lecturer. Basically, the white liberal found a black guy echoing his sentiments, and then decided to use him to found a movement to make a difference in his naïve mind. They went back to the land yet stayed in the city because John Africa wanted public attention. This was a mixed race group until the firefight with the cops in '77. It became all black (one white woman) after that. Eventually, they piss off the blacks in the neighborhood enough that the police move in and eventually another firefight leads to a burnt down "base" and dead revolutionary movement members (kids included).

This is great to watch for the video of Mayor Rizzo calling out the commies for their hypocrisy as well as saying that only in a democracy would we put up with this garbage. True, hmm, democracy is the problem. It was great to see the black mayor elected to represent "e'erbaaaahday" eventually be the one to send in the cops and burn them out. Video of the militants practicing their courtroom antics and acting was tremendous and straight out of the communist playbook. Use the courtroom as a political stage. It was also fun watching the militant ladies who survived use that wonderfully Hollywood black '60s-'70s militant cadence to their speech even when confronted with them becoming criminal informants when they were threatened with death by the MOVE organization. You know that speaking style "My bru-thas and sis-tahs, do NOT seek that which is NOT the ta-ruth". Is that a class in African-American studies programs? Cliché revolutionary cadence and vocabulary 101. The militant act is like a robe one puts on before hitting the spa.

Signs of decline are evident in seeing the skinny, regular guy cops of yesteryear versus the either fat or muscular and beefy quasi-army cops of today. They were regular joes. Crime has changed and so has our police force. The other immediate sign of decline is heard not seen. The neighborhood MOVE was in was described as a blue collar black neighborhood. If you had closed your eyes when neighbors spoke at the city hearings, you would have heard professional and even eloquent sounding individuals, expressing their frustration at MOVE and the city's pussy-footing for years. The city councilman was shocked that it was blacks angry at MOVE and not whites. In old video, during one standoff you see that it is not blacks giving MOVE food to hold out but a bearded white guy. The blue collar blacks just wanted a quiet neighborhood to raise their families. Pull a handful of blacks from an all black neighborhood in Philadelphia today. Tell me what they sound like and if you can understand them.

This documentary is roughly ninety minutes. The fringe cult that MOVE was as far as abrasiveness to society and the police as well as their primitivism is a bit more common now. SWPLs and leftists embrace all things labeled green and natural. Technology is considered dorky and dumb or even evil unless it gives them more cat gifs and porn. The left's dumb ideas of the '60s are still in place today, and those not in place are still used as examples of what we should be doing. The even worse part is that if you look at how MOVE was handled. It was obviously a group of kooky individuals holding a neighborhood hostage and endangering children, yet an evil, white Mayor (Rizzo) who was "too confrontational" punishing them, did not eradicate them. Years later, the system lost the will to deal with them, and the burn out was an accident that got out of control. If you look at how MOVE was handled, you now know why cities handle gangs the way they do. We have lost the will, and I would argue even the desire, to properly deal with dysfunction.


Portlander said...

black liberation movement that preached primitivism and rejection of modern technology

Never knew that. That's pretty rich irony as every indication is that blacks cannot fend for themselves in any appreciable number, and, in fact, need the productive surplus (read largess) of whites to thrive.

(Duplicating since Blogger kicked me to an error page after I hit Publish. Not sure the first one went through.)

Scott's Bluff said...

Just watched this film after reading your review. Great find. Interesting to know so much footage exists surrounding an event I hadn’t heard of.

That Marxist rhetorical style coming from a few of the speakers is similar to “anchoring” maybe. GLPiggy had a blog entry on that when OWS was kicking off. Some mulatto's ranting was marked with vocal intensity and synchronized hand clapping. Fucking LOL

You ever see the film Defamation? Might be up your alley. An Israeli journalist sets out to present an alternate view of the anti-Semitism industry for once and actually gets access to some ADL insider footage.

While a bit cursory, still good enough material to start with. The silly antics coming from Israeli teens he films on their trip to Poland are kind of excusable, they’re just teens, but overall the film made an impression. Foxman is annoying. :foxmanhandclay:

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. I will watch the doc on your recommendation.

Today's West Philly is shit hole full of abandoned houses, welfare recipients, with periodic robberies/rapes of helpless college kids