Monday, June 02, 2014

Clinton's Stroke, Sorry, Concussion

Eighteen months ago, the GOP was pushing for answers about Benghazi. Hillary Clinton was preparing to leave her post as Secretary of State. She also fell from dehydration and suffered a concussion. This concussion was sued as an excuse to avoid testifying before Congress, but then the old dame showed up and answered questions in an unpolished, non-Clintonian way. This concussion came up recently when Karl Rove brought up slight concerns about Hillary's age and health and set the Democrats on fire for 24 hours. Playing the part of good husband, Bill came out and defended her. Nothing passes the smell test when looking at this as a concussion, but it does pass when looking at this like a stroke.

I am not a doctor, but I am not the first to wonder about this incident. Thanks to the concussion problems in the NFL and NHL, everyday Americans are familiar with concussions now. An impact causes the brain to rattle around and a person may or may not black out. They come too and are woozy and should probably not be active immediately after. Doctors check them, and say if they are cleared to perform again. People who have concussions complain of symptoms like migraine sufferers in the post-concussion syndrome: sensitive to light and sound, foggy mind, and a horrible headache. A lot of athletes and motorcyclists are right back in the thick of things within a week, maybe two.

Read the link above to Bill's defense. Hillary Clinton "required six months of very serious work to get over" her concussion. She was on anti-coagulants, which are used for treating strokes not concussions. Hillary also stepped away from the public life for months to write a book, returning in June when she announced she had a Twitter account. You know who goes through hard work in a recovery? Stroke patients. You know who avoid interviews and the spotlight because motor skills might be off? Stroke patients. You know who might show up to Congress doped up and not like themselves? Stroke patients. Professional athletes get concussions and some get angry at the delay doctor put on them returning to the field. No hard work to get over concussions.

They have to keep this as a concussion. The GOP will lean on Clinton being old like McCain in 2008. Won't matter. She has nothing for a record. Won't matter. Her period as Secretary of State is full of failures and unfulfilled promises. Won't matter. She does not pass the 14 year freshness test. This would not matter once she has the nomination, but before it might. Clinton is a creature of the '90s fake centrist era of the Democrat machine. She would have to walk back a lot of her old statements. This could hurt her in primaries as the party has outwardly drifted left, but once it says D next to her name in November, all will be forgiven. A stroke is another story. It gives the age issue a touch of reality. It also has to worry the Democrat brain trust because Clinton will not inspire the black turnout Obama did, and if enough elastic voting whites in Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada and especially, Florida worry about her health, she loses those states and the general.

The left has Hillary and a bunch of roadkill for 2016, which I will discuss tomorrow. Thankfully because of Obama's secrecy (probably his mental health records) Hillary can keep her health records hidden and skate. The Democrats just have to keep her alive to November of 2016. They will make sure she has to campaign as little as possible, because unlike her husband, she is a terrible campaigner. The GOP idiotically thinks her health will matter, allowing them to capitalize on her elderly status and poor health. Forget that she has no accomplishments or track record exhibiting good executive skills... just like Obama in 2008. She got the call at 3am for Benghazi (just like Obama) and did not answer or may have and it was an awful response, we'll never know. That should be enough to doom her. She is on the left. It does not matter for her. Recall how in 2004, the Democrats said you had to serve in the military to be president? Long forgotten now. The conservatives have to realize the president does not have the power they imagine it has, and that it does not matter if Hillary Clinton has no positive record and PTSD in 2016. She can be the first female president! All that matters is the body count on your side. This is our system, conservatives, so it might be time to build a new one.


Anonymous said...

It'll matter for Hillary about as much as it's mattered for Joe Biden's son Beau, who has been elected Delaware's attorney general twice and is now running for governor, despite having had two strokes in his 40s, being an all-around dope (failed the bar exam three times) and having no record of accomplishment to speak of. 'Sokay, he's a D, and he's got access to lots of cash. Only question is whether he breaks 70% in the general election.

Toddy Cat said...

We'll see if Blacks are as willing to turn out for an old white woman as they were for Obama. Possibly, but the Republicans may have a chance in 2016 in spite of themselves.

great_white said...

"does not pass the 14 year freshness test"

Am I the only one that momentarily thought of feminine hygenie and triggered their own gag reflex completely involuntarily and mentally?

nikcrit said...

the Republicans may have a chance in 2016 in spite of themselves.

I'd be really surprised if a Dem wins the next presidential election; HRC as the Dem would guarantee a loss, imho. The Clinton brand is aging and i don't really believe americans want this royalty president shite with family retreads every generation.
perhaps HRC would pull it out if Jed Bush runs.
I don't agree with peterike's riffs re. Dem demographics guaranteeing presidential elections forevermore; actually, i'd contend that he has it backwards, that the opposite is true ----- the presidency alternates in eight-year cycles, while dems can dominate state and city-wide elections..... that's been cementing for years and the only thing that slowed it down is the GOPs enacting their favorable redistrictings.