Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Blank Slatism + Race Hustlers Force School Anarcho-tyranny

The media reports on some student being suspended for dumb things every week. Little Jimmy chewed his pop tart into the shape of a gun. Suspended! Joanie brought unapproved sunscreen for a field trip. Suspended! Mikey used his fingers in the shape of a gun to go "pew-pew" at a passing airplane. Suspended! There is common sense outrage from the masses who read those news reports. This is completely idiotic and reveals the lack of nuance and the issue of intent. Intent has virtually vanished from our legal system with corrupt anarcho-tyrannical practices. It now has permeated down to our schools. Race hustlers and growing diversity is why.

This will be a small defense of the administrators and teachers while a condemnation of the system. These teachers and principals could easily brush these small little things away. Sadly, they have rules and codes of conduct. They could let Jimmy or Mikey off the hook. A sitdown with them to explain why they should not do this or that would be constructive. When a 6 year old brings a toy gun to school accidentally and turns himself in to still get suspended, there has to be something deeper going on for the school to immediately follow the book. They could have seen that and given him the toy gun at the end of the day to bring home and told him "never again". They cannot because the new focus on school suspensions' disparate impact.

The suspension pipeline to prison is a phrase NPR used once to describe it. Because we cannot admit that groups commit crimes or are aggressive in school more than others, we need to say it is racism. Black Boys Report used to be a great resource for real minority drop out rates. Now they have shifted their focus to also report suspension rates. This is right on cue with the government and media's focus also shifting (hmmm, coordinated, but how?). A school has to suspend white toy gun boy because it helps the suspension numbers look better. A school has to suspend white toy gun boy because if they do not, what happens when D'brick'a'crass brings a toy gun in on purpose and horses around with it earning a suspension? His momma and the local Al Sharpton will come down saying "das rayciss. Ju let dat white boy bring one. D'brick only brought it by accident!". Next stop would be a lawsuit and possibly settlement.

Nuance is gone when the vague cries of racism and disparate impact are in effect. This is partly due to the feminization of our education space (just look at grade school reading lists), but this is more due to the melting pot. Because intent and nuance are erased due to the cry of racism that wins in government courts and the media space, we get ridiculous suspensions of any tiny infraction. This is the system we are in, and education employees are caught in it. We all will probably look back on this in 50 years and wonder what kid of sick bastards could say they were "just doing their jobs per the rules". On the bright side, America's children can grow disgusted by anarcho-tyranny at a young age. All system overthrows need a young vanguard.


nikcrit said...

This is partly due to the feminization of our education space (just look at grade school reading lists),

yes, this is a huge, huge problem in public ed; pretty much in private schools too though...

Way too much estrogen at both the teaching and administrative end.. I call it 'the pussification of the emerging prep class'----- and truth be told, those femme teachers and administrators 'pussify' their troops in a racially imbalanced way; i.e., the white kids get the full and even somewhat spiteful indocrination treatment, while black boys get the most relief from that approach; i think this is only because those white, mainly female teachers and administrators know the cultural detail and nuance of pre-prep white boys and girls while not-so-much re. black girls and especially black boys, etc.

I readily concede that is a problem. but i'd also point out that, re. the inane suspension policies and how they break down racially, there's still a lot of room for teacher and administrator personal discretion; as silly as a lot of these reported incidents are, there'd be a lot more of 'em if there wasn't still some sane and reasonable personal intervention taking place thwarting certain nonsense.

Mike said...

The feminization of schools is something that concerns me a great deal. It's basically a hostile environment for a man with any amount of testosterone to work. Women tend to me much more totalitarian, not allowing dissenting opinions and that makes it only ok for weak, supplicating men to work in that environment.

I'd almost feel like I'd be abusing my kids by sending them to that type of institution, particularly boys. Other than homeschooling, what are some ways to counteract that?

nikcrit said...

Other than homeschooling, what are some ways to counteract that?

A lot of pub-ed schools now feature 'speacialty' schools, as sort of a way to compete with charters; they're a mixed-bag in terms of success, alongside a few real travesties ------ but they do manage to offer some variety and, in regard to what you fear and mention, 'relief' from some of the less-desirable features of the regular pub-ed schools. for instance, some of them go for a military academy approach, which features dress code and a predominantly male staff and student body. so they somewhat get around that standard pussification element we mentioned.
Also, said pussification may not be quite as dire as you put it; well, it is, where it's really evident ---- but what i might not have made clear is that there are ways to circumvent it, a la those specialty schools and, more basically, just being real diligent about familiarizing yourself with your kids teachers and administrators. a lot of times, personal intervention and calling out of certain staff and administrative actions incident-by-incident can bring more preferred treatment.