Friday, May 09, 2014

When Did Kim Kardashian Peak?

All seriousness and no play makes for a downer blog or a blog where the writer takes him or herself too seriously. At some point, you might envision what type of bar patron a blogger is and categorize bloggers that way (I do). I'd never want to be the guy staring into the glass of whiskey with a tie undone, shaking his head and muttering about the woes of the world. My life is good. I have a three month old and three year old who are wicked easy children, moving from one to two kids is easy when the first is not in diapers (note if you're planning on kids). My wife is doing great and treats me awesome. We now both have gym routines to accommodate having two kids. Like all gyms, my gym has a magazine rack, which is mostly chick magazines with the extremely thin Sports Illustrated and GOLF magazine added. I do not count Men's Health or GQ as those are for the gays who go there (has to be one). The chick mags usually have one Kardashian on the cover at a minimum. It got me thinking... when did Kim Kardashian's looks peak?

We all peak. Roosh said a man's player peak is 43. I'll disagree on the basis of common male pattern baldness or greying hair, but I do not have access to his audience's demographics so I do not know what reader worries he has to alleviate. Men do have a later peak than women. I like to look for the absolute peak of a model, actress, singer et cetera to use that as their entry when debating beauty of public figure females. Grace Kelly in 1953 is a pretty hard one to top. From the 1:25 minute mark onward in the "Hips Don't Lie" video for Shakira is her peak. The great thing about Kim Kardashian being such a camera whore is that we've seen a steady progression to her look. Keep in mind, I am white, so on her "ass size" spectrum, I like the lean end because there is a point where it expands to just a fat ass and is no longer attractive. Side note: my theory on this is black men may have liked a little extra jit but started lying about liking large, even enormous, asses because black women (their dating pool) hit high obesity levels before everyone else.

Analysis: Early Kim was not really peak Kim despite being much younger. Sex tape "leak" is not peak so scratch 2007. A nice constant she has is great hair. It's processed and well styled with her squad, but she has great looking hair. Her breasts have also become larger, which just might be due to natural growth since she is an hourglass or could be well done work by Dr. Li (I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say natural). There is also a point where the plastic surgery she had performed on her face moved her from attractive woman to the cat eyed, interchangeable celebrity look. That cat eye look definitely hit by 2011. Pregnancy Kim is 2012, which she was smart to have a kid as she learned from Paris Hilton that you need to have a kid and continue the saga if you still want attention and to build your brand. The window is 2008 to 2011. Some good photos that represent that window.






Hard to pick from. Her weight did fluctuate even in that window. We could refine her peak as Summer 2008 to mid-2011. She had slimmed down and had some work done to her facial features but not too much. She looked good before and after that '08 to mid-'11 window, but not her absolute best. I am going to pinpoint her peak even within that window: late October 2009, specifically, when she wore her Princess Jasmine Halloween costume.

Very Good

How many curvy brunettes with dark eyes copied her idea after that photo was released? Over/Under is set at 5 million.


peterike said...

Meh. I don't find her especially attractive at all. Too crude looking, too Mediterranean for me. There's no there there. Give me a skinny German, Nordic or UK gal any day of the week (if there are any skinny UK gals left). Or even a good Frenchie of the lighter type. Deborah Francois who was in the French rom-com "Populaire" is a million times more attractive than Kimmy.

So, for that matter, is Greta Gerwig.

Toddy cat said...

Personally, I like them both, but I was never know for being picky when it came to hot chicks.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad Robert Kardashian died of throat cancer in 2003, after what he did for human rights in the OJ Simpson trial he should have seen his daughter get married.

Son of Brock Landers said...

@peterike - Don't let Kardashian's repellant behavior and mother skew view of her looks. She's a pretty woman, but she's putting on weight now. The women you cited are attractive. Hollyood types should be.

@Anon- Jesus I laughed at my desktop at that!

PA said...

Don't let Kardashian's repellant behavior and mother skew view of her looks

I can not separate the two. She looks radioactive to me. If you saw a hot chick and she told you she has gonorrhea, wouldn't that skew your view of her?

I'm with Peterike. Northern Euro girls with that fair skin and je nai sais quoi about their faces have tha something.

Son of Brock Landers said...

@PA - STDs are different. Just being a bitch or whatever, doesn't skew my simple "is she attractive or not". I will say that in comparing two women I do let personality sway me. I was at a biz lunch on Friday and about 6 women were there. There were two who had different good physical attributes, but the friendlier, nicer and more decent human being blows the other away.

peterike said...

Don't let Kardashian's repellant behavior and mother skew view of her looks.

That's not it (and her mother? really I have no idea about that). She's just not my type.

Don't get me wrong, if she showed up at my door I'd invite her in, but in the context of celebrity types I put her far down on the list, personality aside.

Like if another famously dumb and obnoxious "celebrity," one Paris Hilton, showed up at my door along with Kim and I had to pick one, I wouldn't hesitate for a second picking Paris.

Steve Sailer said...

She's had a lot of work done over the years -- her first of three husbands, a black record producer, paid for much of it a long time ago.

I saw the model who makes a living as Not Kim Kardashian in parody TV commercials come out of the gym once. She looked nice.

E. Rekshun said...

SS: She's had a lot of work done over the years -- her first black husband of three black husbands husbands...

There, fixed it.

Oh, and don't forget, Ray J and Reggie Bush.

PA said...

Glad that Paris Hilton was mentioned, as she makes a good "control group" comparison. Hilton is a bad girl but she's hot as fuck. With the Kardashians its their mudsharking that makes them radioactive, not their behavior in general.

chandrakala said...

good collection
Kim Kardashian Hot Booty at LAX Airport, October 2014